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In The End
The puzzle is 100 % by Dreamer. Difficulty is somewhere between challenging and tough. Some dexterity is required but mainly just brains.

Dreamer released the test a short while ago and I loved the puzzle and the way it is executed. We then had a coordinated effort to streamline the map and to update the visuals. That's why the version here exists. We agreed on the main issues, so the maps look now almost identical and the solutions play 100 % the same on both. Some minor differences come down to personal taste.

If you like the puzzle then head over to Dreamer and let him know:

In The End by Dreamer

If you play both versions then you're welcome to give your opinion about the design choices.
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toncica  [author] Nov 27 @ 4:47am 
Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. I'm afraid that repetition is unavoidable when you have four cubes to put to use (this puzzle is related to an earlier map from Dreamer "Fantastic Four"). At least I learned from this map and "Prison Break Remake" that it's generally not wise to use more than two cubes in a puzzle. Two criticisms refer to the reset button and the noise from the franken cube being fizzled all the time. Unfortunately the reset button has to be there unless you want the player to get stuck in an unsolvable situation and force him to kill himself, which is unacceptable of course.

I'm sure Requiemsoul was recommending the newer (silent) version. This one didn't get the latest fixes because sadly Dreamer can't update his maps anymore.
Ganymede Nov 27 @ 12:09am 

At this point, I have pretty much memorized the entire map and could walk through every solution I tried and why it failed. In fact, as I was playing, I could almost see the puzzle itself being built around all my failed attempts: a laser grill here, a fizzler there, each one perfectly getting in the way of my latest attempt. I literally solved it one obstacle at a time.

I'll end this my saying that I'm very grateful that there were no "special" moves involved: no cube stacking, no ninja-flinging moves, and nothing that could be considered a pseudo-bug-exploit in the engine. Too many maps (of which I am sad to say I myself am guilty of making) rely on such things to add artificial difficulty. This one is pure logic with campaign-simple execution: just as a great puzzle should be.
Ganymede Nov 27 @ 12:09am 

In terms of the map itself, my main problem is repetition. It reminds me a lot of Requiemsoul's "Converso" in that regard. The player spends much of their time (too much for my taste) repeating tasks over and over again, both in terms of the intended solution, as well as resetting things in the occurance of a mistake. As a result, much of the map (as nice as it is) started to get old after a while as I performed the same moves again, and again, and again.

That's not to say the map as a whole is bad. Every time I made a mistake, I was rewarded with the pleasure of thinking through another ingenious way of countering whatever obstacle I was faced with. Every (new) move had to be carefully calculated, lest I be faced with the evil "reset" pedestal button and its associated "reset" faith plate.

Ganymede Nov 27 @ 12:08am 
This is quite an ingenious bit of clockwork. I can tell that both you can Dreamer spent quite a bit of time tweaking everything to be just right.

I was recommended to this map be Requiemsoul, who has largely been the one responsible for introducing me to the top talents around this community. I have heard good things from you, but up until now I have not actually played anything from your workshop (and perhaps I still haven't, if you consider this more Dreamer's work than your own). I hope to change this soon.

I will admit, I have not played the original map, so I can't speak to the changes made. However, I certainly recognize talent when I see it.

toncica  [author] Oct 12 @ 6:49pm 
Map updated, fixed unintended solution and some conceptional improvements.
toncica  [author] Sep 28 @ 4:52am 
Thanks pal! It was fun to watch the map again (apart from the Glados lines, no quite version back then apparently). It got a bit weird when you got the sphere - too early. So I guess this needs an update indeed. The intended way would be a bit shorter than yours.
Talisac Sep 27 @ 11:51am 
Here you are![]

This time I've done it the right way (for the cubes), so didn't need to throw them (throwing at my first attempt was a "longcut"). Sorry for hesitations and mistakes in the demo, that was my second run ^^' Was a bit lost in the end!
toncica  [author] Sep 26 @ 7:29am 
Thanks for the feedback. To be honest I have trouble remembering all details, it has been a long time since I worked on this map. The last fix was done in a quick way. Throwing is something I definitely don't want to see on my maps. If you could provide a demo playthrough I would look at the map again and consider updates.
Talisac Sep 25 @ 3:33am 
Great map, hard and long, lots of steps, I hope I've done it it the right way!

I know I've broken a small part, but that wasn't that important (the first cube I brang into the exit room was the companion-one, so it was a little hard to bring the normal-cube to light bridge button.. Had to throw it 2 times.)
toncica  [author] Aug 7, 2013 @ 5:50am 
You're very considerate, thank you. :)
Yes, it's never nice to add more elements just to prevent unintended solutions. In this case it might not be so terrible. As an emergency fix it's fine.

Awesome to hear that you finished intense cake. I hope it was the intended way. Everybody who goes the full way is my hero. :D
I consider that map to be my personal favorite, intense but hopefully it doesn't go too far. It's definitely not getting crazier than that. ;)