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Mod ID: 812f004

This mod (previously known as Custom HUD, or CHUD) aims to improve, fix and expand NS2 in order to bring players a better experience. It contains extra customization options and quality of life improvements. This mod needs to be installed on the server.

You can check current and future progress through the NS2+ Trello[trello.com] or the NS2+ GitHub[github.com] page.

Main Menu Mods:
- The server browser will highlight other servers running this mod. If the server requires a map change because of any mod update, the player count will show up in red. If the server has disabled settings that conflict with your own the "ns2+" text will show up red. This can't be seen with the vanilla server browser.
- You can check and change the NS2+ Options menu before joining a server.

- You can customize your HUD and visuals with a new menu entry with tons of options such as multiple alien visions, hitsounds, etc.
- Weapon autopickup option for empty weapon slots.
- Personal stats when you die and at the end of the round. You can check your last life stats by pressing the voiceover menu button (X by default).
- You can see parasited marines through parasited buildings.
- Commanders can disable click selecting for marine units (so marines don't get selected when medspamming).
- Commanders can marquee select enemy units when there's no friendly units in the marquee.
- Scoreboard displays the number of connecting players.
- Makes the outline color yellow for parasited players and purple when they have received a catpack in Insight spectator.
- You can customize the size of the killfeed text/icons and the color of the border highlight to your liking.
- Shotgun lights in the model reflect ammo count.
- Weapon displays flash red when low on ammo.
- Added unsocketed and blueprint states for Power Nodes in the minimap. You can now see all Power Node states.
- Alien Commanders can see the energy for their teammates.
- High contrast colors for health/armor in Insight spectator.
- Players can make the ragdolls dissolve instantly.
- Marine players and the Marine Commander can see the time until the weapon disappears when it's been dropped.
- Grenade collision radius is more representative of the visual model (proximity detonation radius is unchanged).
- You can click on the player frames on the sides to autofollow a player. Click again to stop following.

Server specific features:
- The mod will check for updates for all server mods every 15 minutes and will notify the players if there's been updates. If the server is empty it will cycle the map.
- Ability to disable certain client NS2+ features.
- Server operators can check and configure features by typing "sv_plus" in console or editing NS2PlusServerConfig.json.

Currently included fixes:
- Fixed bug where the Commander would log out attacking.
- Fixed bug that made trigger volumes bigger than their representation in the editor. This affected some map locations (power node issues).

Private training improvements (included in vanilla NS2 since build 267):
- Respawn cheat commands always spawn the player with their previous equipment and upgrades in first person view. It's also no longer needed to type "switch" to go between teams, you can type "skulk" as a marine and it will switch you automatically.
- New cheat command "respawn" that spawns you as your last class, with your last equipment, at your last position before you died. Use "respawn_clear" to clear all the remembered settings.
- New cheat command "jetpack" that makes you respawn as a jetpack marine.

Past NS2+ features now included in vanilla NS2:
- [267] Added bonewall icon to map.
- [267] Items that disappear after some time on the ground now display an expiration bar for all Marine players (including the Marine Commander).
- [267] Server-confirmed hitsounds.
- [267] The armory and infantry portal arms don’t block bullets anymore.
- [267] Lerks can see damage numbers for the poison bite's damage over time.
- [267] When a structure bleeds out the killfeed will show the killer as whoever hit it last.
- [267] You can see the class of your evolving teammates.
- [267] The kill feed highlights your player kills. Icons in the killfeed are properly scaled too.
- [267] Dropped weapons outlines are color coded for improved readability.
- [267] Infantry Portals will show the name and progress of the player that is about to spawn.
- [267] Evolving alien players will show their evolution progress for their teammates.
- [267] Scoreboard keeps the time of the previous round until the next one starts.
- [267] Dropped marine weapons are outlined for the marine commander and spectators.
- [267] Spectators can see deployed mines highlighted with a blue outline, and the outline will turn yellow if the mine has been parasited.
- [267] Added slight impulse to dropped weapons.
- [267] Enabled weapon specific ammo models for dropped weapons.
- [266] Marine commanders can see the marine ammo bar with the color that's used in the overview spectator mode to easily identify the weapon the marine is carrying.
- [266] Commanders can see building ranges before dropping them.
- [266] Adds player upgrades to the Insight player frames.
- [266] Adds Lerk deaths to Insight alerts.
- [266] Alltalk displays the correct team color/background for voice chat.
- [266] Mods list is sorted automatically as Active > Subscribed > Alphabetically. You can also sort by column.
- [266] Connections between Phase Gates or Gorge Tunnels are now colored depending on the team. If there’s more than 2 PGs it will switch to lines with animated arrows.
- [265] Parasited players display their name yellow for teammates and spectators.

Past NS2+ fixes now included in vanilla NS2:
- [267] Made location text for marines left aligned so long location names can fit in the UI
- [267] Fixed Bonewall not having pre-drop range.
- [267] Fixed bug where Shotguns and Exo Minigun didn't shoot through soft targets.
- [267] Fixed drifters trying to build structures they can't and fake-building them forever.
- [266] Fixed sentries not being able to be dropped until the first sentry battery is finished.
- [266] Fixed scoreboard not showing Spectators to players on teams.
- [266] Fixed commander selection bug that made buildings selected with hotgroups not respond properly sometimes.
- [266] Fixed lights staying red if the power node was under attack (infestation).
- [266] Fixed bug where damage numbers wouldn't show the damage done in the killing blow.
- [265] Fixed skulk jump sound loudness (50% reduced).
- [265] Fixed skulk growl sound when walking.
- [265] Fixed inactive/unbuilt structures not blinking red when under attack.
- [265] Fixed alien structures not blinking red when uncysted.
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LyDDa Aug 16 @ 2:45pm 
first, thank you for the mod :)
could you do me a favor? plz make an option to disable shadow skins and so on, if its not on your list. It would help me a lot :)

dL - DefaultError Aug 6 @ 6:18am 
Just wanted to say the new HL2 style HUD is AMAZING!
Mendasp  [author] Jul 20 @ 1:25pm 
I've wanted to add the options to the main menu for a while (if you have the mod mounted, of course), so I'll add that to my to-do.
Michael [zkxs] Jul 20 @ 1:16pm 
Is it possible to access the NS2+ options without being in a NS2+ server? You've got so many features I find myself wanting to take time to look at all the options, but if I do it in a server I end up getting idle-kicked. Thanks!
Mendasp  [author] Jul 6 @ 5:19am 
Those messages are hardcoded engine-side.
ᵡᴳḽᴰ >>Stickz<< Jul 5 @ 8:06pm 
would it be possible for clients with the ns2+ mod active who are banned from a server to display a reason why apon dropping instead of just "kicked"?
Mendasp  [author] Jun 26 @ 7:14am 
Yeah, it's normal, it's just that the workshop has the CHUD folder in lowercase when it should be uppercase, this only happens in Linux, obviously. I've released an update, it shouldn't give any warnings now.
ᵡᴳḽᴰ >>Stickz<< Jun 25 @ 8:58pm 
is it normal for my server console to spit out all these warnings about ns2+?
rkfg Jun 23 @ 5:15pm 
I asked some people and they said it was NS2+. I guess they (and me) either misunderstood each other or they're really misguided. Anyway, Mendasp, may I politely ask you confirming this issue at the said thread? You know the NS2 internals way better than me, that's for sure, and team members believe this bug is long fixed. A competent opinion on this would be of use! CDT seems to be importing lots of features from NS2+ to the vanilla version and they're active overall. These old pesky bugs can be obliterated at last!
ᵡᴳḽᴰ >>Stickz<< Jun 23 @ 3:26pm 
theres a bug with the research screen where it doesn't show multiple biomasses researching at once. any chance it could possibly do that?