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Natural Selection 2

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Mar 30, 2013 @ 10:53am
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Mod ID: 812f004

This mod (previously known as Custom HUD, or CHUD) aims to improve, fix and expand NS2 in order to bring players a better experience. It contains extra customization options and quality of life improvements. This mod needs to be installed on the server.

For server operators or modders that want to access the stats gathered by NS2+, you can read about it here[].

You can check current and future progress through the NS2+ GitHub[] page.

You can check some of the recommended settings here.

Main Menu Mods:
- The server browser will highlight other servers running this mod. If the server requires a map change because of any mod update, the player count will show up in red. If the server has disabled settings that conflict with your own the "ns2+" text will show up red. This can't be seen with the vanilla server browser.
- You can check and change the NS2+ Options menu before joining a server.

- You can customize your HUD and visuals with a new menu entry with tons of options such as multiple alien visions, hitsounds, etc.
- Weapon autopickup option for empty weapon slots.
- You can choose from a list of Alien Visions, one of them being completely customizable.
- Personal stats when you die and detailed team stats at the end of the round. You can check your last life stats by pressing the voiceover menu button (X by default).
- You can see parasited marines through parasited buildings.
- Commanders can disable click selecting for marine units (so marines don't get selected when medspamming).
- You can customize the size of the killfeed text/icons and the color of the border highlight to your liking.
- Players can make the ragdolls dissolve instantly.
- You can hide the viewmodels per-team if the server allows it.
- Commanders can always see if a Marine has a welder equipped.
- And many more options!

Server specific features:
- The mod will check for updates for all server mods every 15 minutes and will notify the players if there's been updates. If the server is empty it will cycle the map.
- Ability to disable certain client NS2+ features.
- Display average team skill on the scoreboard.
- Display player skill on the scoreboard pre-game (useful for captain games).
- Ability to export stats data gathered during the round.
- Server operators can check and configure features by typing "sv_plus" in console or editing NS2PlusServerConfig.json.

Private training improvements (included in vanilla NS2 since build 267):
- Respawn cheat commands always spawn the player with their previous equipment and upgrades in first person view. It's also no longer needed to type "switch" to go between teams, you can type "skulk" as a marine and it will switch you automatically.
- New cheat command "respawn" that spawns you as your last class, with your last equipment, at your last position before you died. Use "respawn_clear" to clear all the remembered settings.
- New cheat command "jetpack" that makes you respawn as a jetpack marine.
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qbit Apr 25 @ 8:25pm 
Crosshair scaling not working anymore
Mendasp  [author] Apr 22 @ 12:41pm 
NS2+ lets you choose hitsounds, but the volume slider for them is in the normal Options menu, you probably have it set to 0.
DukeGamma Apr 22 @ 12:10pm 
Is there a trick to getting hitsounds to work? I've tried hitsounds with NS2+ and other mods and none of them work.
zycar Mar 25 @ 1:01pm 
Thank you, will report all known issues on provided link.
Mendasp  [author] Mar 25 @ 12:00pm 
Yeah, it was indeed meant to be doer:GetDeathIconIndex(), looks like I copy pasted it to check if it had the method to avoid potential script errors and forgot to switch the dot.

I just published an update with this corrected.

If you find other stuff like this, I think it'd be easier if you used the issues [] option from github, as I get an email notification and communication would be less messy, I guess. But thanks for letting me know.
zycar Mar 25 @ 11:15am 
I found an possible bug , which was reported when ns2+ runs together with gungame mod.

Can you please look at it and confirm if it's a bug or not ?
file: CHUD_ServerStats.lua; line: 422; code snippet: doer.GetDeathIconIndex()

it should have parameter 'doer' as it's reference call, or should be written as lua method call with double-dot ':' instead of single dot.

... thank you for all your hard work, and hoping for fast reply .. ZycaR
qbit Mar 12 @ 10:32pm 
@Mendasp Just so you know the crazyAV Tint colour doesnt work properly,
it will display red, green or blue but mix of colors dont work.

Oh and just another quick request, can you make an UI option that toggle the current location name (top left) and the buildID next to it and also the personal ressource / RT count.
Douwle Mar 6 @ 9:37am 
and i thought my game was broken...
Resistor Mar 5 @ 3:08pm 
Is it dead?