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Miscellaneous Dawnguard Fixes
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Mar 30, 2013 @ 12:08am
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After buying Dawnguard DLC and playing through the questline, I found myself getting more and more dissapointed, with the only good part being the vampire lord if you're a low level. This mod aims to improve some of the rewards in Dawnguard, and provide work-arounds for inconviniences and annoyances in Dawngaurd.

Things Improved:
-- Auriel's bow now has a base damage similar to dragonbone - its a god's weapon, but its worse than something made by mortals?
-- Auriel's Bow and Arrows now do twice as much sun damage, including to undead.
-- A small armor-piercing weapon, the Aetherial Dagger was added as an aetherial forge option, considering that all the choices are terrible.
-- The ability to craft Blessed and Blooded arrows at forges with the Elven Smithing perk, instead of having to go all the way back to the forgotten vale, or have Serana as a constant follower.
-- Conversion of filled souls at a smelter - I never liked the way I had 40ish filled petty soulgems most of the time, but if I tried to use them to enchant, I got a dragonbone sword of 2 fire damage or a daedric helmet of 4 magicka, and if I wanted to sell one i would get 13 Septims.
-- Gives a use to soul gem shards - the building of empty soul gems.
-- Adds Light Dragonbone weapons - same stats as original dragonbone, but half weight so the can be carried easier.
-- Increases the base damage and the vampiric aspect of Harkon's Sword
-- Vampiric Drain now deals more damage, as should reflect a f***ing VAMPIRE.
-- Vampire Lord's Vampiric Grip now costs less: I always like the grip spells like that but hated the way it drained all your magicka by your second bandit.
-- Makes diseases like diseases: I went through the whole main questline as a warrior character with bone break fever and rattles and I never noticed until I went to check what an active effect did after I got it in a lighthouse.
-- Reduces enchantment disease resistance: I thought the disease aspect of skyrim had real potential, but it was cancelled by weak effects and easy complete immunity.
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