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A Dragon's Respect
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Feb 23, 2012 @ 3:34pm
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A Dragon's Respect

Ever wondered what kind of attitude a female dragon might have? In this questline you might just find out. With the chance to earn the right to call her at will, and the opportunity for laughs at a young mage's expense, it's sure to be amusing :)


I know the voices aren't working at present. For some reason my CK doesn't want to compile them in the bsa archive. but rest assured I'll be seeing about fixing that when I have time to next weekend :)

#I've tried fixing the voice over problem, but even when I drag the files into the archive the esm isn't using them. If someone knows a fix for this, could you put it in the comments below?#


A Dragon's Respect

'When Allissa Tarn went on her sight-seeing trip, she had no idea what she was in for... Of course, it would never have happened if it weren't for her typical "college-mage's" lack of common sense.'

This is just the start of this mod, the first quest, and it will be expanded to around about 8+ quests over time. The story it will tell revolves mostly around my two fully voiced NPCs: Allissa Tarn, an apprentice mage who got more than she bargained for, and Ziivahshul, a proud and haughty dragon who sees no point in attacking anything that won't be a worthy fight (Unless they're random-spawned NPC weaklings, which she happily squishes if they attack her first, hee hee)

It all starts with Allissa, who you will find in rather a predicament atop the Throat of the World. Want to know how she ended up there? Well... you'll just have to ask her.

Bearing in mind all her diologue assumes you're there on your first visit. Just look at the fact that Paarthurnax's comment about you being his first visitor now sounds odd(I wasn't going to touch the MQ quest files just to correct that, especially since I can't record replacement lines for him), to instead be him acknowledging that the mountain-stranded woman is not there to see him and would much rather get down if only the weather would permit it :)

As you can probably tell by now, any diologue related to Allissa is going to involve amusement at her expense hehehehe.


The aim of this first quest was originally to earn the right to call Ziivahshul the way the player can call Odahviing, giving players a dragon they can earn as an ally without having to complete the main quest first. That's not to say getting the Shout will be easy, not when you have to face three boss-type dragons before Ziivahshul will even take you seriously. But at this point comes me asking for some advice with some Papyrus/Scripting problems.

I've managed to script Ziivah so she will fight you then yield at the correct quest stage(Couldn't get her to start the fight, but slapping her in the face with Mr Pointy gets her going), but I can't get the yield to advance the queststage forward. So she yields for a few seconds then resumes trying to rip the player to pieces >.>; (For this reason, the quest currently skips the fight and goes straight to her defeat diologue until I can fix it.)

I'm also struggling to get the Game.Teachword and Game.Unlockword commands to work with my copies of Zii, Vah, and Shul(Which work when added ingame with the console). Players will get the Shout later in the questline now, to give me time to work this out, so any advice/help on this would be much appreciated so I can add that side-branch in as soon as possible. I'm also having trouble getting my duplicate of Call Dragon (Call Ziivahshul) to summon Ziivahshul instead. The shout works, I just keep getting Odahviing depite all the new scripts I've added to replace the old ones, with the new refences and keyword, so I'm clearly missing something somewhere :S

Another thing I'm having trouble figuring out is how to assign a unique NPC to appear in a new location away from their editor location. I need to stick Allissa in the Vilemyr Inn at Ivarstead after she talks to you on the mountain, but I'm not having much luck with my attempts at guessing how to do it. This is a function I'm going to need for other quests in the storyline as well, so if anyone could point me in the right direction?

But anyway, enough about that. Those are my main problems with getting this working as I want it to work. All other bugs are either cosmetic or ones inherent in the way the game loads the NPCs.


Known bugs:

Ziivahshul occationally decides she wants to walk through rocks near where she hangs out, and flickers up and down since she can't stand on them either. She also refuses to use perch spots for some reason as well, even though she's close to three of them and used to sit on her perch at the first location I had her at. (From which I was forced to move her as the terrain made landing again impossible for her AI if she took flight. A pity, I liked that ledge *sighs*)

Allissa, despite being placed well away from that spot, occationally spawns at the Throat of the World right where Paarthurnax drops down and lands when you first meet him... So yeah, it looks like he sits on her XD

The three boss-type dragons do not give you Dragon Souls. I'm assuming this is the same bug that effects dragons spawned by the radiant Dragon Hunts. Just ignore this when Ziivahshul makes the comment about sensing that you've taken their souls.

Ziivahshul doesn't return to her hangout spot if she goes after the mage foes nearby (I'm not sure how to make a script that would force her to return to it after combat). Instead she finds a place to land once everything is dead and just sits there like she's sulking. She's also stopped Shouting for some reason, despite having Shouts in her Spell List and her combat style set to Dragon. She just slaps and mauls everything to death, where previously she'd use both melee and Shouts. I've no idea why she's stopped using them.
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