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How To Micspam In TF2 And Other Games (Does Not Require HLDJ!)
By Nata Taishi
A quick and easy guide on how to micspam in Team Fortress 2 and other games. This simply requires Virtual Audio Cable, Winamp, and some time to set up.
What You Need
  • Virtual Audio Cable
  • A Music Player, such as Winamp or Foobar3000
  • A place to download mp3s, or a site to convert them from Youtube
Getting Started
Before you start micspamming, you'll need these 3 things.

1. Virtual Audio Cable
You can either download the trial from their Official Website[software.muzychenko.net] or purchase it for $25-50. You can also get it just pirate it, there are quite a few good torrents floating around. (Arr!)

2. A Music Player
Any music player can work, I personally use Winamp. Winamp can be downloaded from here[www.winamp.com].

3. A Youtube-To-Mp3 Converter
http://www.clipconverter.cc/ is the best, in my opinion. It requires no downloads or anything else, just put your youtube URL there and convert it into mp3. You can also download the songs from some random mp3 site instead of converting them from youtube. The latter is preferable, as the mp3s will be of higher quality.

Also, doing these two things will make your life much easier:

Writing voice_loopback 1 into autoexec.cfg
Go to Computer -> Local Disk C: -> Program Files -> Steam -> SteamApps -> YourUserNameGoesHere -> Team Fortress 2 -> tf -> cfg. Make a new text document (if you don't have it already) called autoexec.cfg, and write voice_loopback 1. This allows you to hear what you are playing.

Setting Launch Options
Open Steam, go to your Library, right click on Team Fortress 2, click on Properties, and then click on "Set Launch Options". Write -w YOURWIDTH h- YOURHEIGHT -window -noborder. This will make Alt+Tabbing out of the game much easier, because you need to access your media player frequently to change music. To find out what your resolution is, go to this site[www.whatismyscreenresolution.com].

Setting Up
Now that you have all of the above, let's get started!

First of all, you'll want to go to Control Panel, then click on Sound. After you're in the Sound window, click on the Recording tab. Set "Mic 1, Virtual Audio Cable" as your default device. (If Mic 1 appears as disconnected or simply isn't there, use Line 1 Virtual Audio Cable instead. They both work the same.)

Next up, open Steam and go to Settings. Then click on the Voice tab. From there, you need to click on "Change Device..." and then select Mic 1, Virtual Audio Cable. (Or Line 1, Virtual Audio Cable if Mic 1 appeared as disconnected)

Lastly, you have to open up Winamp, right click on your Media Library window, click on Options, and then click on Preferences. Below the Plug-ins tab, click on Output, click on Nullsoft DirectSound Output, and change it from Speakers to Line 1, Virtual Audio Cable. Click on Apply, OK, and you're all set! To confirm if this worked, play any mp3. If you hear any sounds, then you have done something wrong. Either you have set "Line 1" to your default speakers, or you did something wrong in the Speakers-to-Line 1 process in Winamp.

You can now put any mp3s you want in Winamp, and play them on TF2. Enjoy! And be wary, not all servers take kindly to micspamming, and they might kick or even ban you for micspamming, so try to limit it to trade and micspam servers and reserve the annoying stuff for terrible servers like Saigns.de and NighTeam!
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Once I'm in TF2, how do I start micspamming?

Open up your media player, select the song you want to play, go back to TF2, and hold V!

2. Can this work for any game?

Yes, probably. The only game I have tried besides TF2 is Garry's Mod, and micspam was the same as it was in TF2, so it should work for any other game with voice chat.

3. Do I need a real mic for this?

Nope, not at all.

4. Do you have an IP for a good micspam server?

Yes! Visit Aliento's Micspam Kingdom. The IP of the server is...

The Desuroom is personally my favorite fun/ruleless server. Give it a visit too!

5. Why can't I hear anything at all after setting this up? (Youtube, games, computer sounds, etc.)
You have your default playback device set to Line 1, Virtual Audio Cable. Change it to your normal speakers by right clicking on the speakers icon in your taskbar, selecting "playback devices", and then choosing "Speakers" instead of "Line 1, Virtual Audio Cable".

6. Why do I hear "trial"/have bad quality when playing something?
You're using the trial version of VAC. You can either just pirate it or buy the program itself.
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the_Doctor Feb 11 @ 4:24am 
Oh, and Arr!
the_Doctor Feb 11 @ 4:23am 
Also, works great! As long as you know what you're doing, this program is lightyears better than hldj because you dont need to convert everything you play!
the_Doctor Feb 11 @ 2:51am 
I'd like to point out the additional launch options are unneeded if you run the game at the same resolution as the rest of your computer.
|WCG|TK_SKY☾(Goodnight) Feb 7 @ 7:45pm 
i'd rather use hldj cuz this looks really complicated
Donald O'Brien Jan 30 @ 8:09am 
Set open mic by putting this in "autoexec.cfg":

alias voiceon "+voicerecord; alias voicetoggle voiceoff"
alias voiceoff "-voicerecord; alias voicetoggle voiceon"
alias voicetoggle "voiceon"
bind v voicetoggle
Floopiez Jan 28 @ 8:58pm 
i'm really feeling it!
maymoo yamyams Jan 24 @ 3:32pm 
Vindelphunny Dec 28, 2014 @ 11:47am 
I need help
So, how do i start it that it, like directly also starts in tf2? because when i double click it, 15% of the Micspam is already gone, and when i click it once, and hold v, nothing happens.
Super Cereal Dec 28, 2014 @ 9:28am 
Cheers mate!
Pyroshark Dec 24, 2014 @ 2:08pm 
i can't hear what im playing someone help