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Combine Mortar Tool
Created by Froman
Добавляет инструмент, благодаря которому Вы сможете создавать Устройство Подавления (Combine Mortar) бывшее когда-то на здании "Нексуса Патруля" в Half-Life 2. Раздел "Оружие" -> Категория "Other". Создайте Устройство Подавления, подойдите к нему и нажмите...
Combine Shotgunner Player Models
Created by MonkeysInRavenholm
Someone recently brought to my attention that garry didn't include the combine shotgun soldiers as an option for player models, so here they are!
Includes: Combine shotgun soldier
Prison guard shotgun soldier
Ep2 Dirty sho...
Dr. Matt's Cores - Music
Created by Dr. Matt
ALERT: is required for this to work!

Welcome back, to Dr. Matt's Cores. Today we have the music edition.

Currently in this pack we have:

• Nyan Core
• Boom Core (Boom Boom Pow, Got...
Advanced Ball Socket Tool (Adv. Ballsocket)
Created by nrlulz
An essential tool for any builder, previously included with gmod but was for some reason removed in the latest update. Allows you to limit the rotation of props.

An excellent video by 13igAdam2040 explaining how it works:
Advanced Combine For Garry's Mod 13
Created by ~aXe~
Add Old and New (Sniper, Nova Elite) Combine with enchanced AI. Author of the mod is The Kernol. I did only port. Overwatch can drop grenades. Overwatch elite can shot combine ball....
Air Vehicles
Created by Sakarias88
Air Vehicles 1.5
This addon includes one helicopter and two jet fighters.
Each air vehicle has two versions. One with weapons (admin only) and one without.

[KEY] = Default Key

Jump [Spa...
All WWII DOD Weapons For Gmod 13
Created by Simi

To reload the Machine guns, you must deploy them first by crouching or on a ledge.

To use a bazooka, you must deploy it first.

To use weapons, you must spawn the corresponding ammo for the selected weapon, or it wi...
Amnesia: TDD Lantern
Created by Buu342
reuploaded because i broke it with an update XD

The lantern is your primary tool in Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It is, of course, used to light up dark spaces in the game and can be found in the Old Archives. When seeing or encountering a Gatherer, the b...
Its a rabitz
Created by Gonzo
Just another model...
Created by 毛子操你妈2号
BF3 MP US vehicles(Except M142 GrowlerATV)
M1114 was ripped by Salva,I just converted it.
Change log:
+Now includes AC130
All the credit goes to DICE/EA
(Sorry for my bad English,it's not my first language D:)
BF3 walking sounds
Created by Wilbur Cobb
walking sounds from BF3 (restart game to apply new sounds)...
Bail Out
Created by Sakarias88
Bail Out 1.4

This addon unlocks some new features for seats and vehicles.

You can eject from any vehicle or seat.
The ejection seat will deploy a parachute soon after ejection.

You can jump out from vehicles as a ragdoll.

If you hit something ...
Black Ops 2 Seal
Created by Sun
convert: minson97
rip: luxox_18

-changelog 1-

fixed cap material

added playermodel / npc

-changelog 2-

fixed normalmaps

if player models are t-pose, you need to de-sub this
Buoyancy Tool
Created by 『_』
Buoyancy Tool for gmod13...
Counter Strike: Source - Realistic Weapons
Created by OLD SOH
==== END OF SUPPORT ====
I am no longer putting time into this addon.
Feel free to pick up development on your own.
Link to source: http:// /va1P
==== END OF SUPPORT ====

Version: 4.0 (fixed for gmod 13, by me)
Not originally my wo...
CSS Weapons on M9K Base
This addon was not designed for TTT. DarkRP works with minor changes to settings, such as default clips, weapon stripping. See the description for info on how to adjust these settings to fit your needs.
Casual Citizens Hexed v2
Created by Denz
Hexed Casual Citizens....
Created by Sam
Watch videos with friends.

HAVE A QUESTION? Click to read the FAQ

Remember sitting down on a lazy afternoon with your friends, drinking...
Extended Properties
Created by Rubat
This addon adds a lot of properties to Half-Life 2 and Garry's Mod entites such as turrets, rollermines, suit chargers, flashlights, dynamites, NPCs and anti-antlion thumpers. There are over 72 different actions for different entites and NPCs.

Fallout 3 Player Models
Created by Knuckle
This is just Fallout 3 player models, for those interested.

All credit goes to Mr. Charles of, posted here:

I only take credit in uploading it to Garry's Mod 13 and the workshop.
Fallout New Vegas Npcs
Created by Innocentz
not made by meNOT CREDITS: EverlastingDoom- Creating Npcs and Icons Maxib123- Getting New Vegas Files RatDaSinner- porting, rigging, soothing ...
(Model Only)Blacklight Spider Tank(Model Only)
Created by [ADI] MattiasC.N.
"Not a Entity or a pilotable Vehicle. Please read the description before commenting."

Another addon, ported by 1bHC to Gmod from Zombie Studios' game, Blacklight: Retribution. Features posable legs, feet, APC cannon, tank turret, and Tank ...
Bowser Baddies Pack
Created by Karasz
A collection of Bowser's minions from the Super Mario series. All of them are ripped from the game and they are fully posable for your heart's content.

This pack contains the following:

= Ported From Mario Party 9 =
- Birdo (Bodygroupable eyelids a...
Black Mesa: Source Enemy Model
This Model is Created by Black Mesa Modification Team and Imported to GMod 13 by Eris77.

Model List:
----- Xen -----
- Alien Grunt (Armored & Unarmored)
- Barnacle‎ (Coming Soon)
- Bullsquid‎
- Controller
- Gargantua
- Headcrab
- Hivehand (Weapo...
Better Water Effects
Created by Landy

I got sick of the old water effects, so I made my own from some modified blood particle te...
Call of Duty Zombies
Created by Half-Dead
Zombies from CoD. Includes Nazi and normal variants. They have some faceposing and bodygroups to change the clothes.

How to change body and skin groups
- Hold C
- Right click model
- Select Body or Skin tab
Cinematic Mod 12 Replacement【OUT OF DATE】
Created by Shell
↑A new version of this addon,this one is broken,and pls try that.

Hey guys,this is Shell again!
First of all,if you need to download the light eff...
Climb SWEP 2
Created by Jon a scone
My own reiteration of the original climb swep (I wrote it from scratch).
Using this SWEP you can parkour!

It comes with some cool stuff like:
Falling Effects
Wall Jumping
Prop Riding - You can grab onto props and move with them!
Ability to swit...
Clockwork: New Vegas Content
Created by Mr. Brightside
This is a content pack ONLY. For use with Clockwork New Vegas....
CoD like Hitmarker
Created by BlackElvis
There are lots of CoD like Hitmarker scripts on the internet but they all do not work. So I decided to make my own by merging two Codes together. I take no credit for the original codes wich can be found here:
ColorMater Tool
Created by nrlulz
A simple tool that allows you to change both the color and material of a prop at once. Can also copy color/material from another prop and has the option to apply it to every prop you spawn.

Originally by tad2020...
Combine APC
Created by Zaubermuffin
If you have issues with your view/controls, please read the FAQ! Who could forget the famous APCs from Half-Life 2? Being loud, shooting rockets, powering forcefields and on the whole just being a huge annoyance to the one free man.

So why not tu...
Combustible Lemon
Created by TheFreeman193
Development of a new version[] will be underway soon.

The combustible lemon, featured in Cave Johnson's famous speech in Portal 2, now combatible with Garry's Mod 13, with a couple of impr...
Connor Kenway
Created by Nikout
Assassin's Creed 3 Ratonhnhakéton Connor Kenway

-2 props:
-A tomahawk with jiggleboned feathers.
-A bow with extendable rope (use joint tool)

Connor Kenway:
- 1 model with npc animations
- Flexible physics
- Face posing (Than...
Creeper dangerous NPC
Created by Crash Can
Its not your friend...
Cry of Fear Lantern
Created by LordiAnders
Another ported weapon! However... This isnt a "weapon" its the lantern seen in Cry of Fear!
Yes i decided to create this because i thought that all the other weapons that emits light didnt fit dark atmospheres too well...

Use + Primary = Drop lantern (...
Created by thatotherguy3.14159
This is a minecraft themed Team Fortress 2 map centered around a bridge crossing between two areas in the center of the map.

Please leave a comment about how you think this map should be improved in the next update...
Dead Space Security Suit
Created by Mother Theresa
Security Suit from DS2
Also a playermodel :)

Made by Diolator so all credit goes to him.

I just uploaded it to workshop.
I will gladly delete this after the author will upload it by himself....
Destructible House
Created by TNS-Otacon
To reset map: Q-Menu - Utilities - Admin - Clean Up - Clean Up Everything. This will reset map without reloading it.

I will not give anyone the vmf for my addons. Please stop asking.

Stop posting Bob.

The map is named phys_dmm_house in the menus a...
Directional Gravity
Created by Foohy
Put the force of gravity into your own hands! Alter the direction of the gravitational pull based on the angles of a comedically enlarged arrow!

Hint: type arrow_affectplayers in the server console for arrows to affect players as well....
Doom 3 Sweps
Created by Buu342
May require CSS for the particle effects.

This pack gives you working doom 3 sweps for garry's mod 13. The pack does not include the fists and flashlight yet....
Dr. Matt's Cores - Personnel
Created by Dr. Matt
ALERT: is required for this to work!

Welcome to the Personnel core group. This group includes my personal friends, and requests.

Each core group will be limited to probably fo...
Dr. Matt's Cores - Tourettes
Created by Dr. Matt
Introducing, once again the Tourettes core. This is currently standalone, but it may in the future become a pack containing such cores as MS Sam.

This addon requires the very small base addon needed for all cores, you can find it here:

Dragon Deagle [SWEP]
Created by Rocko
This is a powerful, stylish, weapon that will truly pack a punch. Primary fire is a single power-packed bullet. Secondary fire is a whole bunch of power-packed bullets. See for yourself.

Explosive version can be found here:
Drako2k's SFX Pack
Created by Cougarmint
This is a Special Effects pack originally created by a user named Drako2k. The only thing I did was convert it to Gmod 13's lua format so that it can function properly. Effects included in this pack: energy ball, fire, glow, smoke, smoke trail, sparks, st...
Drivable yacht
Created by manul
Lara's boat from Tomb raider Underworld. Two versions: one controlled from primary cockpit and one via flybridge.

- Go to vehicles tab > TRU yacht

Things changed since previous version on [url=
Easy Animation Tool
Created by Rubat
A tool that allows easy animation preview for all entities that have animations.

Information / Usage notes
A lot of useless NPC animations, like gestures, postures and all those T-pose animations, are excluded by default. There is an opti...
Created by VIOLATION
Mr. X's majestic cruise ship the Cotopoxi is brought to life in a new exciting way, designed for the Trouble in Terrorist Town Gamemode.
The Terrorists embark on a journey they soon won't forget- The cruise of a lifetime on a top of the line ship, ...
Created by n00b
SpaceBuild Maps sb_new_worlds_2 and gm_new_worlds by Bynari, all credits go to him.
(Just uploaded it here until he wishs to do so himself or take it down)

Descriptions from ( )
"A revamp of N...
Created by gangleider
Salvation 2 Stalker - Snow Version
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Roleplay map made for Taco 'N' Banana by Dave Brown.
Textures packed by Bizzclaw.
Frequently used on our server, so be sure to get this.

Find our S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Roleplay server at 76...
Created by Doug Dimmadome
A large roleplay map made with zombie/infection RP in mind. Contains a large cornfield, forests, farmhouses, manors, a military/CDC outpost, camping areas, a church, a bunker, a safehouse, and more. Contains custom Left 4 Dead textures.

As far as I kno...
Created by Trex911
A new version of rp_downtown_v4c, some of you might need this map for modified dark rp.

Requires Counter Strike: Source or else you're going to end up with a lot of missing textures.

You must Subscribe to download....
Created by ⊰𝕁𝕋⊱
Credits go to CaptSuperCow for map construction, testing and design; Tiki for input, main testing and design consideration. Looking for someone to help bring this map up-to-date!
Last updated 1-16-2007

Created by gangleider
City 8 District 9
A map by Dave Brown, created for Taco 'N' Banana's Half-Life 2 Roleplay server.

Originally posted by
The final release of the City 8 District 9 map. I started work on this the day D9
Created by LOL DUDE
Large, post-apocalyptic-themed roleplay map.

I didn't make this. All credit goes to Hazard24 and the people who helped them.
This add-on will be removed if Hazard24 decides to upload it themself.

There are fi...
minecraft NPC cow
Created by Crash Can
She is angry .
She can fly ....
mc invasion
Created by epicplayer40
Oviously you need Minecraft SWEP,hope you like it...
jurassic park
Created by TheSourSprite
this mod requires dinosaur ragdolls (primal carnage)...
Created by Rev_deaddiet
This map features one Moon crater , with a racetrack around it.

Comments are always greatly appreciated. If you hate this map - please be constructive and clear about why you do.

This map has a 3D skybox and the map itself is pretty small for thin...
Created by Norton
Original Creator: "demazure!"

I don't take any credit for this map. I'm just uploading it because the map wasn't already on the workshop.

Similar to gm_excess_waters....
Created by Grocel
A map with a long train rail system, NPC nodes for ground, striders and birds, HDR lighting and with a wire interface to control the rail switches and the color room. This workshop file contains a NAV file too.

There is no train in the map and I will NO...
Created by Bigwig
A post-nuclear gmod map.

Fully noded for AI

If you are seeing checkered shadows on the ground it's because you don't have Episode 2 installed.

Created by SuspiciouslyAwesome


- A lake
- A dam
- A 3D-skybox
- 2 wind turbines
- A long road
- Train tracks
- Several bridges
- Tunnels
- A shooting range
- A radio mast
- Massive amounts ...
Created by SuspiciouslyAwesome


4 different Islands
All Buildings detailed & enterable
Big watersurface & airspace
AI- Noding optimal NPC-Pathfinding
HDR- compiled
Created by SuspiciouslyAwesome

!!To remove the overbright bloom, open the "post-processing"-tab, enable bloom and set the multiply amount to 0
If the reflections are too bright, you can disable them in the consol...
Created by SuspiciouslyAwesome


Open, varied areal: cliffs, roads, beach, water & houses
Lots of enterable buildings
great watersurface
high skybox
lots of ai-nodes
RP – ...
[Swep] Combine Sniper
Created by KatBuggie
This was made for Vengence-Gaming RP.
Vengence-Gaming RP:

If you re-upload this I will send the Royal Canterlot army after you

Q: How do I turn on the laser?

A: There is no way to turn the laser ...
Created by Asherack
for use with the deathrun gamemode, my first map, made about 2 years ago, use at your own risk, i didnt know what i was doing with mapping back then, so i know theres a few ways to exploit

*if venturiantales sent you, then i already know by now, thanks ...
A mod that seeks to mimic the abilities of the Devil himself, Alex Mercer.

Simply spawn the Red Needle from your weapons menu, use it, and go nuts.


All of Mercer's original powers, such as Whipfist, Blade, Muscle Mass, Claws, and Hammerf...
[F:NV] Riot Gear
Created by Nikout
Game: Fallout: New Vegas
Riot Gear with 3 variations from the game.
6 Bodygroups (3 helmets, 3 armors)
Better physics, now you can pose the coat.

Special thanks to Ninja Nub again for the advices....
Zergs MassEffect SWeapons
Created by Zirog
----!!NOT A MODELS!!----
I address to all.
I understand. You all dont have much time to read all the description. You dont have much time to look in FAQ. You dont have much time to read other comments or search in Google or same. But why you spending you...
Weight STool
Created by OLD SOH
==== END OF SUPPORT ====
I am no longer putting time into this addon.
Feel free to pick up development on your own.
Link to source: http:// /va16
==== END OF SUPPORT ====

EDIT: Here's a link to the original author's version of the S...
Created by Rantis
Support me on
If you have any outdated versions of the portal 2 cores, either the ones from or the old toybox ones ...
Wario Ware (Beta)
Created by FreezeBug
===========ANY FORM OF UPDATE============
WAC Community 4
Created by Dr. Matt
Welcome to my fourth community aircraft pack for WAC. Of course, this being an extension of WAC itself requires the core WAC to function. You can find it here: - You may need to be ...
WAC Community 2
Created by Dr. Matt
Welcome to my second community aircraft pack for WAC. Of course, this being an extension of WAC itself requires the core WAC to function. You can find it here: - You may need to be ...
WAC Community 3
Created by Dr. Matt
Welcome to my third community aircraft pack for WAC. Of course, this being an extension of WAC itself requires the core WAC to function. You can find it here: - You may need to be s...
WAC Community 1
Created by Dr. Matt
Welcome to my community aircraft pack for WAC. Of course, this being an extension of WAC itself requires the core WAC to function. You can find it here: - You may need to be signed ...
Valley Safehouse
Created by ChristOnline
A safehouse used for my Zombie Survival Collection. Includes massive valley area and a small safehouse located under a bridge....
Vortigaunt Beam Swep
Created by Nightmare Ω
Uploaded from gmod 10 is this really old swep that I'm surprised hasn't had it's lua broken yet. I think it was originally made by Jvs

Video coutesy of The Glavie

Known bugs:

-Fire sounds sometimes mute if you don't have Episode 2
-Doesn't work ...
WAC Aircraft
Created by weltensturm
A collection of several aircraft (mostly helicopters) that can be flown with keyboard and mouse.

Created by Bigwig
A big open desert at night.

Fully noded for AI...
Created by Bigwig
A big open city map.

Fully noded for AI...
Created by SuspiciouslyAwesome

Only HalfLife 2 content required


- Night (duh...)
- Modern, clean setting
- Tons of custom content
- All buildings are highly detailed and enterable
- Lots of roo...
Created by ghor

gmDoom is a partial source port of DOOM for Garry's Mod.

Please do not share download links for commercial WAD files in the comments or discussions. If you are experiencing a problem with ...
Zs Obj Vertigo
Created by Modestyiswimpy
A HUGE map, perfect for zombie survival or intense roleplaying. Made by me, enjoy!

Note, doors are based on the Zombie Survival gamemode. There are more up-to-date versions on line specifically for Zombie Survival, this version is kindof just for buildi...
Zworld-Afterlife© Content
/!\ This is not a Gamemode, but Zworld-Afterlife© servers content. (sounds+models+materials)
/!\ Do not re-upload the old versions without my permission. (Work for a version Demo In Progress, but priority for the original project.)
/!\ Zworld-Afterlife i...
Working Tanks!

W, A, S, D to move
F to fire the turret
Press E on the seat on top of the tank to ride!

++Requirments for Dup++

-If you having a Working Error! and not a Tank you will need Day of Defeat: Source Installed and mounted into Garry's Mo...
Created by Mr. Apple ☕
This gamemode is OFFICIALLY outdated. Please use this version here ->

- - -

This gamemode is from a skelton gamemode, and was a very basic Team Deathmatch. Now it's quite complex, and mo...
Unbreakable Tool
Created by XxWestKillzXx
Ever want to build something out of boxes with out them breaking? Or want to use wood furniture from HL2 and not have it break? Well now you can! With this simple tool. Just left click on a prop and it will make any prop unbreakable :D

It works on multi...
Ultra Effects Pack V2
Created by Shell
Weapons in the preview images:

Well,this is my first addon upload on GM13,thank you for browsing this page!

As a matter of fact,this addon is a replacement which takes the place of the...
Turret Tool
Created by nrlulz
Throws bullets at things...
Turbo Constraint Multi
Created by Ludsoe
This tool allows you to weld and parent contraptions easily and quickly.

AutoMaticly nocollides when you parent.
Can Remove shadows to prevent client lag.
Parents Npcs, Vehicles, props without crashs.
Marked Incompatible ]  Trolling Gun
Created by Dasknut
For those who whant to piss off their mate!
Press Left to start singing.
Press Right to mute.
Press R to stop.

Made this shit for my stepson. So don't get disappointed.

Trollpride Worldwide!...
Created by MacDGuy
Jump around all crazy like!

The original Toybox trampoline entity, now for GMod 13.

Made by MacDGuy and Voided.
From GMod Tower,
Torture Machine
Created by SickdeathxXx
you need Minecraft Swep. use 6 to burn the bottom people use 3 to burn the top...
Throwing Knife
Created by Casternaut
It's a knife that you can throw.

Instructions: Found under "Kalashnikov's Weapons" in the weapons tab
M1 to throw, USE to pick up if its on the ground
you can carry multiple throwing knives by spawning them under you with the toolgun

3D2D Textscreens
Created by James
Textscreens - Construction

This addon is now open source! Contribute to development of this addon on GitHub[]. All pull requests are welcomed!
This tool can be found under "Constr...
Created by TDM
This is the official release of TDMSCars. The pack will include all SCars made by me and will be updated over time with more cars added.

BMW M3 E92 (With working tacho and speedo)
Bugatti Veyron SS (With working tacho, speedo, fuel gauge an...
TDMCars - Base Pack
Created by TDM
This is the required base pack for TDMSCars and TDMCars. This is a collection of textures that is shared by all of the vehicles.

Note that this is already a part of the SVN and you should not download it if you use the SVN!

Forza Motorsport © Mic...
Sword Swep Pack
Created by chowder908
These wern't made by me
there some old add-ons i had laying around from gmod12
enjoy these :D
Super Mario ragdolls pack
Created by Apoc Hedgie
Type of addon: Ragdolls and props

(Extract to your Steam's SteamApps/common/SourceFilmmaker/game/usermod/ folder)

Mario ragdolls pack...
Stacker STool
Created by OLD SOH
==== END OF SUPPORT ====
I am no longer putting time into this addon.
Feel free to pick up development on your own.
Link to source: http:// /va1g
==== END OF SUPPORT ====

Fixed for GM13, with other minor tweaks, by me.
Not original...
Star Fox Trio
Created by Chrysaetos
Fox, Falco, Wolf, weapons, reflector, Great Fox, and arwing from Smash Brothers Brawl, bridge from Star Fox Adventure.


Minor face posing
Eye posing
Finger posing
Toe posing
Bodygrouped headsets, holsters, and reflectors for all 3
Spit Shooter
Created by ghor
Emancipated head of a poison-lobbing antlion worker. Requires Half-Life 2: Episode 2....
Spiderman's Swep!
Created by Dorpz
I have added 2 new versions of the swep, use these if the gun isn't lifting you up properly, alt version 1 lifts you 50% more and alt version 2 lifts you 100% more.
These versions will seem weird on a 'normal' server, so only use them if your ser...
Spartan Kick
Created by Shot846

Primary Attack: THIS Is SPARTAAAA!
Secondary Attack: Instant Kick!
Reload: MADNESS!

Ported to GMOD 13

Helper: uacnix

REMEMBER to turn on sv_cheats 1 to get slow motion!...
Soda Mod
Created by IcEmAn911
Soda Mod

Spawn various real-life sodas and beer in Garry's Mod.
27 Cans included.

Can Skins: SmokeDef
Models Hexed by: ReCkLeSs_KiLLa
Lua Script: ROCKZ...
Created by
Credit goes to Syanide!

This is a client-side tool for building contraptions with extreme precision, aligning objects for either aesthetic or functional perfection. To accomplish this task a grid is projected onto the object you are pointing at and by p...
SligWolf's Bus and BendyBus
Created by SligWolf
►►► Please read the description for all informations about the addon!
►►► This addon is not perfect!
►►► Click For The Terms Of Use If You Want To Rework This Addon.

Created by Sam
Slap your friends or foe with this weapon. Features actual slapping animations seen in first and third person. You can also slap with your hand of choice using left click and right click respectively.

Slap-able Objects
- Players
- Friendly NP...
Space Core
Created by Rantis
Support me on
If you have any outdated versions of the portal 2 cores, either the ones from or the old toybox ones ...
Skyrim Dragon Shouts
Created by j2b2
Skyrim Dragon Shouts In Garrysmod



Enable developer console by going to Options>...
Skeleton cyborg soldier
Created by Metrocopter
Got bored so i made this!

Things you'll need:

HL2 Episode 2,

Use common sense when working with skeleton cyborg soldiers like this.

And finally: This guy would also like to have a nice hat...

Also, please do not re-upload this without my p...
Skeleton Player Model
Created by Sam
Complete skeleton model and player model from Half-Life 2: Episode 2. Features hands and feet, works as a ragdoll too. Hold C and click on the player model icon to use. Also seen in Elevator: Source.

NOTE: This player model was uploaded before the s
Crysis 2 - Nanosuit 2 NPC and Playermodel
Created by Nightmare Ω
*UPDATE: Playermodel currently cannot be seen in the C menu due to one of garry's recent updates. Just open up your console and type "cl_playermodel Nanosuit 2". Should work.
Door STool
Created by OLD SOH
==== END OF SUPPORT ====
I am no longer putting time into this addon.
Feel free to pick up development on your own.
Link to source: http:// /va1h
==== END OF SUPPORT ====

Version: 1.7 (fixed for gmod 13, by me)
Not originally my wo...
Dr. Matt's Cores - Base
Created by Dr. Matt
This addon is needed to make the cores work properly. It is in a separate addon so that the Base Code and the base animation file can be updated without having to update every single Core pack, which serves as a favour for me and you both.

Dr. Matt....
Easy Bodygroup Tool
Created by Rubat
An improved bodygroup tool, also supporting skins! And it works on effects too!

Right/Left click on an entity to select it.
Reload to select yourself

If the entity is highlighted with halo effect, then open context menu and ma...
Emplacement Gun
Created by Zaubermuffin
Who could forget the famous emplacement gun from Half-Life 2? Because the mapped ones seem to have broken in GMod, I decided to realize them as a SENT.

  • Working emplacement gun almost like in Half-Life 2
  • Searchlight to m
Erectin' a Boom
Created by uacnix
The well-known Uber-radio comes back to GMOD 13.
Primary Fire: Unleash the Power of TECK NO

Of course, I'm new to 1. Porting, and 2. Lua Programming, so please post comments about all your problems. :D

PS: The video isn't mine, so its authors may f...
Created by TurtleHx
Note: Will not work on servers with sv_allowcslua 0 unless the server also has this installed.

Dynamic Error Models
ErrorCleanse changes the default error model to a new one representing it's size, color, material, and lighting. Does nothing ...
Fallout SNPCs
Created by Silverlan
I'm done with gmod and I don't take requests, so please stop spamming the comment section. There won't be any updates or new packs.
If you want to check out my new projects (Not gmod-related), you can go to:
Fire Extinguisher
Created by Rubat
Extinguish fire! A classic fire extinguisher, just like in Half-Life 2: Beta. And it pushes physics objects too!

It uses custom ammo, which can be replenished by jumping into water or picking up another fire extinguisher....
Firearms Source Weapons For Gmod 13
Created by Simi

Gamebanana[] *NOT UPDATED


To Switch weapons, you must first holster the weapon, then you are able to switch to another weapon.
To use...
Flashlight SWEP
Created by Mitselplik
This Addon by devilsson gives the player the ability to see there flashlight in an amazing modification. Best used for slender maps. Let me also give the much deserved credit of the model to id software. I love id games i even own a signed copy of rage so ...
Flemeth (Dragon Age 2)
Created by Chrysaetos
Flemeth and her dragon form ... or her human form. (I don't really know what she is.)


Both models have eye posing

Both models have finger posing

Both models have toe posing via the toe poser

Human has face posing

Dragon has fo...
Created by [MGSFC] Maniac

Left Mouse Button = Middle Finger

Right Mouse Button = Thumbs Up

Reload button = Cross your arms

Originally made by: TechedRonan...
Freeman's "Model a Day" Pack
Created by The One Free-Man
Here's a pack of models I made over the summer because I was bored.

Everything here was suggested in a thread on Facepunch, and all the props in this pack where made in less than a day each. You can see in the images what exactly this pack contains.
Freeman's "Toybox" Pack
Created by The One Free-Man
Here's all my old public models I made for the toybox in my first year of modelling when that was still a thing, now reuploaded from the GM13 Beta workshop.

Look at the images to see what's in this pack, it's a little better than just listing them all h...
Freespace 13
Hello and welcome!

This is the whole new, fancy and clean Freespace_13!
I worked the last 2 months on this map. And finaly, it's finished!

So why don't you take a look at it, explore it and enjoy it?


- Lakes!
- H...
Freespace Revolution
This is the Workshop version of Freespace Revolution, it's pretty old and not good looking.

Head this way for a better and newer Freespace map!

Gmod Legs 3
Created by Valkyrie
Gmod Legs
Now works with all custom playermodels

Its just like the Battlefield 3 Legs system or the Left 4 Dead leg system but this time it's in Garry's Mod.

[ADD] Legs now support SubMaterial
[ADD] cl_toggle...
Garry's Mod Stranded
Created by Rubat
Welcome to Garry's Mod Stranded! In this gamemode your sole purpose/aim is to survive.

You DO NOT need Counter-Strike: Source for this gamemode unless a map you are playing on needs it.
This gamemode has built in prop protection, so don't scr...
Gas Grenades
Created by []
Poison and Health grenades

Poison Grenades take health overtime (5 hp/s) Long duration 300 seconds, Short duration 60 seconds
Health Grenades give health overtime (1 hp/s) Long duration 100 seconds. Short duration 30 seconds

Thumbs up if you like ...
HK HK416s
Created by MikeyPoo
Three HK HK416s with different sights. You need the Insurgency Weapons pack to see this! Please rate this with a thumbs up! Could this get 100 or more thumbs up?...
HL2 vehicles with guns
Created by yackson
Airboat and Jeep with added guns, like in HL2. Also contains a Vehicle Gun tool which can be used to add guns to a normal Jeep / Airboat (I don't recommend using it on other vehicles).

Note: This does NOT replace the normal HL2 vehicles. It only adds 2 ...
HUNK Player Model (Resident Evil) v1.1
Created by Diem Robo
My very first mod!

So one day I saw a HUNK NPC on (it was also uploaded here on the Workshop), and I wanted to actually PLAY as it. However, no such mod existed. So with some tinkering around, I managed to get this to work. It took a while...
Half-Life 2: Beta HUD
Created by DyaMetR
Fon't download shouldn't be necessary anymore, but in case it doesn't downloads from the workshop:!jdwiWBaA!XDmoT66jggHSztseSPavSFYlnX5gusoezqpuxV33Yxo

Hello users! I present you a replica of the HUD fro...
Half-Life: Opposing Force HUD
Created by DyaMetR
Fon't download shouldn't be necessary anymore, but in case it doesn't downloads from the workshop:!6YpWTYRb!kQYoe3m3rr1Khgri02qf5ub8NjSmaK935U2ZFhlxyKE

Hello people! I present you a HUD replica from Half...
Halo 3: ODST NPS
4 NPCs from Halo 3: ODST
Impala SS police skin pack
Created by LoneWolfie
Heres a few police skins for TDM's Impala SS, A Seacrest County state trooper, And a Minnesota State Patrol Car.
I may include a black wheels thing with this at a later date.
Seacrest County car is based off of the NFS police, Minnesota car was made fro...
Insurgency Weapons Expansion Pack
Created by Simi

Gamebanana[] - Not Updated


To Switch weapons, you must first holster the weapon, then you are able to switch to another weapon.

To ...
Left 4 Dead Driveable Vehicles
Created by Doc
First pack of what was the "Source Vehicles" pack, now splitted in 4 smaller stand alone packs. These are all the "standard" Left 4 Dead vehicles, are all driveable and doesn't require anything, only Garry's Mod. Credit go to Valve for the original static ...
Lens Flare V3-EXT
Created by Shell
Hi everyone,this is Shell and my 3rd addon,hope you like it!XD

This is an addon which can display Lens Flare when you face the sun.I just made the new effects and changed the script a bit.

Q:The sun is over-bright for me,how to...
Light Effects BETA1
this is my frist Original
I hope you like :D
1.Scanner lights and normal light
2.Lamp lights...
Created by Daladexed
you will need the pony pack and minecraft swep...
M9K Heavy Weapons

Ajit Pai wants to allow ISPs to decide what you access on the internet. They want to charge you more to access different content!

Watch Netflix or Hulu? Subscribe to the Movies and Film Package. $19.99 per month
Play on St...
M9K Assault Rifles

Ajit Pai wants to allow ISPs to decide what you access on the internet. They want to charge you more to access different content!

Watch Netflix or Hulu? Subscribe to the Movies and Film Package. $19.99 per month
Play on St...
M9K Small Arms pack

Ajit Pai wants to allow ISPs to decide what you access on the internet. They want to charge you more to access different content!

Watch Netflix or Hulu? Subscribe to the Movies and Film Package. $19.99 per month
Play on St...
Created by SoloHeisbeer
It's the Melon Splasher, now as traitor weapon

it's an RPG that shoots melons

Primary fire: One shot, 2 seconds delay between shots
Ammo: 10 melons
Secondary fire: Nothing (For now)

Link to sandbox version:
Metropolice Pack
Created by DPotatoman◤
Click green subscribe button under the addon media. Make sure that you've restarted the game if you subscribed while running it. Make sure that you have read F.A.Q.

Visit F.A.Q. in the disccusssions section for answers and t
Minecraft Doomsday Map
Created by Cowsaysmoo
An almost exact replica of mission Monkeynaut (exept the lighting, i'll fix it if this gets popular enough). Originally made by drwhut, edited by me for GMod from Minecraft...
More Materials!
Created by Dr. Spicket
This simple little addon adds many stock materials to be selected on your material STool list.

All materials come from either HL2 or Garry's Mod. CSS materials are also added, but only if CSS is mounted. You do not need CSS for this mod to work.

Simple Sound Browser
Created by SparkZ
A simple sound browsing menu that lists all sound files that are available to use in-game. The menu also includes buttons for copying the filepath to the clipboard, playing/stopping the sound, and binding the sound to a key.

To use, type 'soundmenu_open...
Simple Material Browser
Created by SparkZ
A simple material browsing menu that lists all material files that are available to use in-game and shows a preview of it. The menu also includes buttons for copying the filepath to the clipboard and for using the material with the material and trails tool...
Created by Elec
Original from Ha3, fixed by Elec.

SharpeYe is a first person mod which tries to simulate head bobbing, breathing and all other "first person effects".
It's highly modifyable and not wanted features can be changed/disabled....
Star Wars Lightsabers
Created by Rubat
Fully working Star Wars Lightsabers with a lot of customization options.

SMOD: Tactical NPCs
Created by Mr. Addict
Another addon I released several years ago that I've remade and improved. This time, it's the SMOD Tactical models.


OneManShow: He created SMOD, it's a really great mod I'd highly suggest taking a look at it
SMOD: Tact...
SCars Extra
Created by Sakarias88
SCars Extra Version 1.2.

Make sure you have subscribed to the SCars Slim workshop addon.
This car pack uses ...
SCars Slim
Created by Sakarias88
SCars Version 2.3.5

Don't like normal hl2 vehicles?
Then this addon is for you!
With SCars you can customize your car in almost any way you want.
Everything from paintjob and handling to suspension height and wheels.

Keep in mind that this ...
SCars Basic
Created by Sakarias88
SCars Basic Version 1.2.

Make sure you have subscribed to the SCars Slim workshop addon.
This car pack us...
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Radio mod and Items reskins ®
This addon added new medical models from stalker

-replaced hl2 medicals items

stalker radio mod by makarov.
Music list:

-Clear sky radio
-Russian rap disco
-Russian red army theme
-Freedom radio
-Guitar soundtrack
Created by Rantis
Support me on
If you have any outdated versions of the portal 2 cores, either the ones from or the old toybox ones ...
Resistance Turrets
Created by AnBro-ID
Adds the spray painted turrets from EP2 to your NPC menu. (Humans + Resistance)
Добавляет дружелюбные турели из HL2EP2.
Автор - Kokopelli1330.
Для уничтожения турели используйте аддон -
Resistance And Liberation Weapons For Gmod 13
Created by Simi

Gamebanana[] - NOT Updated


To Switch weapons, you must first holster the weapon, then you are able to switch to another weapon.

To ...
Relay Core
Created by Rantis
Support me on
This core is unlike any other

how is it different?

*It is not a SENT but an SNPC
*It is the only core that...
Realistic Blood
Created by Head Creeps
This addon replaces the default blood textures with HD and more realistic blood textures. All credit goes to hiphopopotomus...
RT Camera
Created by nrlulz
Fixed up the old RT camera from GM12 which was for some reason removed in the update.

To create a display for it you can:
-spawn the phx monitor (it's in Q > Browse > Games > Garry's Mod > props_phx if you dont have phx spawnlists)
-use the on screen ...
RP_Stalker (Discontinued)
Created by thatmariolover
RP_Stalker map based off of the game stalker, very creepy.
Mainly uploaded for the GModZ server. IP: ""

Have fun!
The original map creator:

[Official] Precision Tool
Created by [XTT] General Wrex

Thank you all so much for subscribing and keep nudgin those props!

Formerly 'Easy Precision', this tool allows exact movement of objects for accurate building. Push/pull, rotate, and...
Portal gun (Being remade!)
Created by widowmainbtw
Original Portal Gun mod
(That unfortunatly broke, but I'm repairing it!)
In progress of writing

If you do find yourself using this SWEP in multiplayer, I'd advise you type 'sv_kickerrornum 0' into the console, ...
Portal Radio
Created by ShaunTheYeep
The radio from Valve's game Portal!
*WARNING* May act strange if you do not own portal and have it mounted in Garry's Mod.
Pony Playermodel and NPC
Created by Pisti01
General Information
This addon add 20 playermodel and NPC to Garry's Mod.
Every model use the V3 pony model[] base by Chrysaetos (ooga...
Pokemon ragdolls pack
Created by Apoc Hedgie
Type of addon: Ragdolls and props

(Extract to your Steam's SteamApps/common/SourceFilmmaker/game/usermod/ folder)

Pokemon ragdolls pa...
PlayerModel Personalizer
Created by Shinji85
PlayerModel Personalizer

Allows you to change your playermodel's bodygroup and skin

Please see the video :)
Select by slider the desired Skin/Bodygroup (if no one is present pro...
Pirate Ship Wars Gamemode
Created by commie
Pirate Ship Wars for Garry's Mod 13.


This is no longer being updated. It hasn't been u...
Pirate Ship Wars Content
Created by commie
Pirate Ship Wars maps, models, and materials.


Made by EmpV, Metroid48, and Termy58.

Pedobear NPC
Created by Buu342
You asked for it, now you are all fucked!...
Order Turret Angel
Created by Jūbei ☕
The 'Order Turret Angel' from League of Legends.

HP: 2550
AttackDamage: 35 (+6 each attack)
AttackSpeed: 2.7 (+0.2 each attack)
Original stats adjusted so it fits with the 100 HP proportion.
Calculated with Akali's HP at lv. 1 (425 HP)

Base model...
Orbital Friendship Cannon
Created by Foxe
(Edit: Hopefully I made this first part easier to read and understand)

Description on how to use and what the SWEP does:
This SWEP will not work unless the area you have shot it is able...
Oracle Turret
Created by CP | Snowblind
Says all the lines from Portal 2!! Special thanks to Dr.matt for debugging the code and made sure that it worked with the current version of gmod!

UPDATE: after speaking with Dr.Matt, I have found out that you will need his "base core" mod installed for...
One Piece Hats and Misc Pack
Created by GigiSpahz
Friendly reminder: We are no longer working on this pack and neither updating it, so please don't ask us to add anything in this pack. Thank you.

IMPORTANT : The models ( whole body) was ripped by 06hypersonic60, we only modified ( Take hat part f
OICW w/ Grenade Launcher
Created by Casternaut
An OICW with a Grenade Launcher.

M1 to shoot, M2 to ironsight, E+M2 to switch to grenade launcher, E+M1 to lower.
Have fun, faeg.

3/20/2013-I updated the model to the latest Missing Information OICW; this should fix any miss...
Nyan Gun
Created by Rubat
The Nyan Gun, the weapon of mass destruction and annoyance, updated!

Now it plays the WHOLE song and you can shoot nyan cat bombs!

To shoot Nyan Cat Bombs press RELOAD key.

Do NOT reupload any modifications of this gun.

The map on...
Nuke Pack 4
Created by Techjar
DISCLAIMER: If you have any problems with this addon, it's likely some kind of conflict. Try disabling some other addons you have. Beyond that I can't help you, as my own installation works perfectly and I cannot reproduce any of the issues that have been ...
Created by wrenbow
The Nomad is a basic recharging energy weapon....
Created by applemop2000
Did not make. These are NPC's.Reuploaded from

Simkas's citizen hacked NYPD cop models made NPC as request of HL2rulez. Requires CSS for the holster texture



Simkas-Hacker, modeler, etc

Me-Hexing and ...
NPC village
Created by Crash Can
Yes , yes and yes , it make some lags , ok !
But it is just awsone ! You only need
minecraft swep . Take that save and u will find a litlle village :) . You can find some NPC
villager (They are alive !) 5 batiments , chickens ... A mine too ! Have ...
NPC herobrine
Created by Crash Can
NPC Viper's MW2 Pack
Created by Daryl Winters
Preedator For porting and/or Rigging models.
Viper123_SWE for Making this SMALLER pack.
guigui30110 [ME] : Port to GMOD 13 and upload to Workshop

Also i have plans of making rangers up next, write YES! in a comment if you want that or Write ...
NPC Spawn Platforms v2
Created by Lexi
A highly customisable STool that allows the wielder to create a SEnt that will continuously spawn the specified NPC with the specified weapons until stopped, allowing them to stage huge NPC battles, either against themselves, or against rival NPC factions....
My Little Other Ponies V3.1
Created by Chrysaetos
Added support for the Stand Pose tool.

Lyra, Bon Bon, Trixie, Derpy, Celestia, Luna, Spike, and Gilda.

- KP-ShadowSquirrel - Celestia, Luna, Bon Bon, Lyra, Trixie, Derpy.
- TommoPuppy - Gilda model.
- Benja020 - Spike model....
Created by Spooky Gook
Dismemberment mod reccomended. Murder these innocent people :D...
Multi-National United NPC's
Created by Mr. Addict
Almost 3 years ago I made an NPC pack of MNU soldiers, now in 2013 I decided I'd clean them up and reupload them to the Garry's Mod Workshop.

- Much more organized models and materials (If you downloaded the last ones, tak...
Randomly moving Steve
Created by Pulemetr
A Steve, whos randomly moving in something direction... May be better to change his skin!:D...
Created by Dathus [BR]
Version: 2.8.23

PlayX is an advanced media player that can be used to play video/music from 13 media providers.


Software Compability
Windows: [url=htt...
Playable Piano
Created by MacDGuy
A completely playable piano that features multiple play modes, multiplayer support, and sheet music!

Visit Us

Share Sheet Music
Please post your sheet music on our forums: [...
NPC Tools
Created by Silverlan
I'm done with gmod and I don't take requests, so please stop spamming the comment section. There won't be any updates or new packs.
If you want to check out my new projects (Not gmod-related), you can go to:
Monster Hunter Tri Bosses
Created by Chrysaetos
Bosses from Monster Hunter Tri.

Nexus_Elite did the rathalos, Dragoshi1 extracted the models from the game....
Model Manipulator
Created by PepperPrasinus
Simply a reupload of LuaPineapples awesome tool. For ease of access.

"What is it?"

This tool allows you to modify the model that an entity uses, so for example if you were to right click (select model) on a regular zombie, you could then left click (...
Moe GlaDOS (XenoAisam)
Created by alatnet
(Note from uploader)
This model is not mine, all rights are XenoAisam. I am only uploading it to the steam workshop.
If you would like to know more about this model visit or http...
Minecraft Torch
Created by Rubat
Adds minecraft torch as weapon and entity to the game! Go ignite everything and everyone.

The torch limit
The torch limit is based on the dynamic light limit of Garry's Mod 13, which is 32.

Fire modes
Left click: ...
Minecraft Skin Changer
Created by Foohy
Remember that one game called Minecraft nobody has heard of? Pixeltail does. Now with the latest innovation in web panel technology, you're able to bring your very own Minecraft skin into Garry's Mod! Just enter your Minecraft username, and your playermode...
Minecraft SWEP
Created by McKay
Spawn it first from the Weapons tab, then select it, then press R (or your rebound weapon reload button) to open the menu.

- Auto block rotation and intelligent placement (fence alignment, torches, etc.)
- G...
Minecraft Player Model
Created by Sam
This is the minecraft player model rigged to Valve's HL2 skeleton. Hold C and click on the player model icon to use. The size of the player model is a limitation of not creating custom animations, which I am not willing to do myself.

Thanks to Ma...
Unofficial Minecraft Model Pack
Created by Dj Lukis.LT
The unofficial Minecraft model pack for Garry's Mod!

Post suggestions and ask for help in discussions - comments are comments.

2017/05/26: :steamsad: Yup, this is pretty much dead, no motivation for this and nobody w...
Metrocopter's buggy
Created by Metrocopter
*No addons or mods required*

It's a classic looking buggy!

Arrow keys.

You need to unfreeze the vehicle before you can drive it (simply look at it with phys-gun and press R).

please do not re-upload this without my permission or ...
Measuring Stick Tool
Created by nrlulz
Measures the distance from one point to another, a handy building tool fixed up for GM13. Now with unit conversions! Originally by OverloadUT....
Mass Effect 3 - Vehicles, Spaceships and Reapers
Created by Bombabee
Alliance/Cerberus APC - Two versions with Alliance/cerberus skins, one with a crew compartment, one with a flatbed.
Hovercars - Bodygrouped doors, several skin groups for tail lights on/off and multiple colors. Grey skin can be colored using the color too...
Mass Effect 3 - Alliance Soldiers
Created by Bombabee
This pack contains:
3 types of Alliance trooper - each with HL2 male and female heads, and all with skins and bodygroups
Regular (Grey with white stripes)
N7 Engineer (Grey with N7 logo on chestplate)
Armored Cavalry (Blue with white insignias on s...
Mass Effect - Human pack
Created by Bombabee
With a total of 12 skins, 6 females and 9 males they have:
9 * 12 = 108 male combinations
6 * 12 = 72 female combinations
108 + 72 = 180 total combinations, excluding helmets

Bloocobalt who let him use his Ehanced Citizens
Huuuuuuuge thank...
Map Icons+
Created by iWasHere
More map icons! This map icon pack contains 139 icons to (most likely) clear out those ugly grey boxes in your map select screen!
I do NOT own the maps these icons are for, nor will you obtain the maps I created icons for by downloading this add-on. The o...
M4A1---CQB (smg)
Created by tonychanczm
M4A1 Smg Replacement...
Half Life 2 Settings
Created by depravity
Half-Life 2 Settings by PowerPC (I do not take credit for this addon)

This addon will allow you to enable Half-Life 2 settings not enabled in Garry's Mod, including changing difficulty from Gmod/HL2/Extra hard. The difficulty changes enemy and friendly ...
Half-Life 2 Driveable Vehicles
Created by Doc
Third pack from the "Source Vehicles" pack. These are all the vehicles from Half-Life 2 and episodes, are all driveable and doesn't require anything, only Garry's Mod. Credit go to Valve for the original static models, and me to have converted them into pr...
Half-Life 2 Tools
Created by Rubat
A set of Half-Life 2 inspired/themed tools. Fully compatible with duplicator.

Tool list
  • Headcrab canister tool ( sbox_maxenv_headcrabcanisters )
  • Ammo crate tool ( sbox_maxitem_ammo_crates )
  • Item crate tool ( sbox_maxit
Harpoon Canon
Created by Cabbage
Harpoon Canon, made for your fun! this is a simple script that was on toybox of Garry's Mod 12 , now it's on Garry's Mod 13! hope you enjoy and like it....
Hit Numbers
Adds damage indicators whenever you hurt something.
This is a serverside (or singleplayer) addon. The server must have this addon installed in order to work in multiplayer.

Console Commands:
Improved HUD 2
Created by WalkerJetBat
What's Improved HUD
Improved Hud is clientside feature pack. It has unique HUD designs with a lot of fuctions.

Sorry guys, no time to do Lua coding :(

Insurgency Weapons For Gmod 13
Created by Simi

Gamebanana[] - NOT Updated


To Switch weapons, you must first holster the weapon, then you are able to switch to another weapon.

Created by Proxima
Controls: Hold space, this will charge it up. After about three seconds, jump and hold down space.

This entity allows you to attach a jetpack to your back and allow you to soar into the sky! Be careful as your jetpack may be damaged which will affect pe...
KAP-40 BO2 Gun!
Hi,its me again.We fixed that code error and it should shoot now!

Any suggestions are welcome

Special thanks to [DayG] Zombie Extinguisher (Be) for making the LUA code of this gun!...
Keypad Tool and Cracker with Wire Support
Created by Willox
Some Information
This is a nifty little tool for creating keypads for use with contraptions or bases. It is compatible with sandbox based gamemodes such as DarkRP and other roleplay gamemodes.
The weapon class for giving the cracker to players or...
Salvation (S.T.A.L.K.E.R)
Created by Denz
by Dawe (i'm just uploader)

Very good and big map! Very good for movies and horror games! Enjoy!...
GMod Tower (CLOSED): UCH - Club Titiboo
Created by Lifeless
GMod Tower has now officially closed. However this is not the end. Join us for our next chapter in Tower Unite[].


Club Titiboo is a map made for GMod Tower's UCH Gamemode.

Inspired by Batandy's original map under the same...
Gib / Gore Mod
Created by Nyaaa
Works in singleplayer and multiplayer

If the addon doesn't work for you it's probably an addon overriding stuff so remove it, it works fine.. if you don't have buggy addons!

V3 List of changes and fixes:

Fixed first person ragdoll death
Added gib...
Created by robinkooli
This just add over 600 icons to Garry's Mod!
You dont need see anymore maps without icon.

And if you have map and it dont have image then
remember tell map name to comments and I add it.


Do you want become admin or w
Glow Sticks
Created by Patrick Hunt
They're back! Good old glowsticks for Garry's mod now in Workshop!
I've fixed some errors and bugs and made this addon available for GMod 13.

You can throw them (right mouse button) and simply toss them (left moust button)
Glow Stick color and it's li...
Created by Combine
Here is my first map for the Workshop. [Like it if you think this map is great ^^,]

This version of the map was created by myself -Combine (コンバイン)-

The Original map (Cs_Compound) by -Valve-


Hey can you also give me a Night version of this?...
Created by nocollidecollision
This is an exact replica of a typical npc village generated with flatworld settings. This map is excellent for sandbox construction due to its size. There are no AI nodes yet, NPC village is what these villages are called in minecraft.

If you have any ...
GmodZ Safehouse
Created by ChristOnline
A safehouse in the middle of a zombie infested apocolypse.

Includes scenic enviroments, sniping postions, an ammo supplier, and a secret room.

The hands, guns, and HUD can be downloaded in my collection....
Gordon Freeman by DPFilms
Created by DPotatoman◤
-First person hands (thanks Classic Spaceman)
-HD textures
-Advanced shading
-Advanced physics
-Separate props for bodygrouped stuff (can be used as a...
Grappling Hook
Created by PresidentFreeman
Its a Grappling hook! NOTE: I DIDN'T MAKE THIS IT WAS ORIGNALY MADE BY Hxrmn REMADE BY HOLOGRAPHICpizz ! I'm uploading it for some people that dont know how to change the folder into the proper file so there. ORIGINAL DOWNLOAD:
Gunkanjima [ttt]
Created by robinkooli
Hi! I uploaded old good map named as "Gunkanjima"
This is TTT map and can play on sandbox too, but now I tell more things.

Gunkanjima means Battleship Island in Japanese
It is an abandoned mining town located on an island west of Japan.
On the island...
HECU marines
Created by DrunkScotsman
this is a small pack of HL grunts remodled. credit to Sabre. Romka, Soja, Holmess...
No Collide Everything
Created by Banhammare
Make an object have no collisions with everything including or except the world.
This tool can also disable self-collision on ragdolls and other objects with multiple collision meshes.
Mane 6 Ponies
Created by Chrysaetos
The mane 6 ponies from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

- KP-ShadowSquirrel - Original base pony models

Newest version, allows support for the Standing Pose tool. Thanks to Nahka for telling me how to fix the models spawning in the floor....
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