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DooM 3 Monsters - ScrN Edition
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Mar 27, 2013 @ 3:05am
Jan 20 @ 3:33pm
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This mutator brings Marco's DooM 3 monsters up-to-date.
Version 7.00.
Requires original mod to run!
This version is full compatible with Marco's original Doom3KFBeta4. Before you start the game just choose what version you want to run in mutator list: Beta4 or ScrN.

Major changes:
  • Made fully compatible with the latest KF version.
  • Reworked monster balance.
  • New end game boss behavior.

Compatibility changes:
  • Sharpshooter receives normal headshot multiplier bonus for perked weapons.
  • Fixed burning behavior of all new Firebug weapons.
  • Implemented alternate burning mechanism from ScrN Balance.
  • Players now receive normal bounties for killing/hitting DooM3 monsters (including assists).
  • Last 5 monsters now can be auto-killed by the engine the same way as regular zeds. No more wasting a couple if minutes on looking for stuck doom monsters every end of the wave (but they sometimes they do stuck, tbh).
  • Bosses can't be auto-killed, so they must be defeated.
  • Applied pipebomb treat levels for smaller monsters. Single spiders won't detonate pipebomb anymore.

Balance changes:
  • Big doom monsters get 30% damage resistance to Xbow/M99 headshots on Sui/HoE. Resistance is applied to Bruiser, Archvile, Mancubus, Hell Knight and all bosses.
  • Big monsters' health now is scaled through the number of players. Monsters with scaled health: Commando, Revenant, Bruiser, Archvile, Mancubus, HellKnight. Health of the other monsters remains constant for a given difficulty.
  • Imp's fireballs now sets players on fire (but base damage is lowered by 25%).
  • Imp, Archive and Forgotten are resistant to burning. Firebug is almost useless against those creatures, but from be other side, he is immune to their projectiles (flames) too.
  • Raised Fat Zombie and Boney's speed.
  • Revenant can be raged.
  • Lowered Maledict's health and melee damage. Even after the nerf, he still remains the most dangerous boss.

End game boss
Now end game boss fight against doom boss will be a real challenge, introducing new features.

Unlike Patriarch, Doom boss doesn't heal, but he has more health and from time to time he is spawning sidekicks (regular doom monsters) to help in the battle. Boss spawns sidekicks the same way as Archvile does - they are teleported directly from Hell next to the boss. Sidekick spawn rate depends from two factors: damage factor and time factor.
The more damage boss receives, the higher damage factor raises, meaning more and tougher zeds will spawn. So just spamming shots into the boss will make team surrounded by doom monsters and [probably] get wiped. However, even if boss doesn't get hurt for a while, time factor will still be in place and sidekicks will be spawning. So team must split their resources on both fighting the boss and getting rid of the sidekicks.

PatBossMult variable added, allowing to make Pat Replacement bosses to have more health comparing to regular, in-wave bosses.

If team gets wiped, boss's health will be displayed. Works the same as Phada's PatHPLeft mutator for regular Patriarch.
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AJ the Destroyer Jul 23 @ 2:15pm 
maybe someone might have return to castle wolfenstein monsters
Krayziee Jul 18 @ 2:12pm 
If i want to use this in combination with endless/survival mode by marco how do I make it that the boss won't end the game.
ANWRambo Jan 28 @ 6:59pm 
There is a bug with the end boss.
I killed him on solo mode and the game switched over to 3rd person mode at the end.
The game kept going on instead of ending though.
I was fighting enemies while stuck in the end 3rd person mode.
Game just keeps going after that with no more waves or ending.
Characters just keep spawning after you kill the boss.
[ScrN]PooSH  [author] Jan 20 @ 3:34pm 
Updated to v7
[ScrN]PooSH  [author] Jan 6 @ 11:53am 
Yes, doom monsters spawn together with regular KF monsters, and there are more KF zeds than doom monsters.
You can adjust spawn rates in Doom3KF.ini. But if you want to completely get rid of KF zeds, then you have to use ScrN Total Game Balance.
Shawn the prawn Jan 6 @ 11:20am 
just to ask, are the regular specimens supposed to spawn with the doom monsters? because the doom monsters spawn, but the regular KF monsters appear more frequently.
SugarDick (Ragequit) Nov 28, 2013 @ 9:55am 
Hey Poosh! i'm having trouble to download/find the medic bot for doom 3.. i run scrn on my server and have doom monsters also on it, but would like to add medic sentry bot as a weapon in the trader.. can you help me out with a download link or command?
GrD«Andro Oct 31, 2013 @ 5:10pm 
What happened to my question?
[ScrN]PooSH  [author] Oct 31, 2013 @ 8:08am 
No, this mod isn't whitelisted.
MightOfGuts Oct 30, 2013 @ 9:36am 
can you still earn achievements and rank up perks and all that kind of stuff with this mod?