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Improved Interior Lighting (For Realistic Lighting Mods)
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Feb 23, 2012 @ 1:46am
Feb 28, 2012 @ 6:32pm
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This Mod updates certain interior spaces with more realistic lighting solutions to better mimic ambient lighting caused by smaller enclosed spaces. Also adds a few personal stylistic alterations to improve visual interest in certain areas.

This mod is intended to be used with the mod "Realistic Lighting" by Pluto (aka kurtcop) found here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=7648&searchtext=realistic+lighting
(also found on Skyrim Nexus here: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=7654) OR other mods which significantly decrease the game's ambient light in interior spaces.

I have tested this mod without Realistic Lighting, and it works just fine without it. However, the visuals will not be quite what I intended. Overall, you'll be seeing a much lighter and brighter version of the affected interiors, and things will be a bit washed out. I highly recommend picking up the Realistic Lighting Mod (or other mods that darken the ambient lighting) to fully enjoy this!

A Bit of Background
I have enjoyed Pluto's Realistic Lighting mod very much, however, I've always felt he took things a little too far with reducing the ambient light throughout the game. I think it works fine in the exteriors, but in several interior spaces the lighting feels far too harsh. In real life, when light is in an enclosed space, it bounces around off surfaces a lot more, creating much softer shadows and more ambient lighting than what is reflected in-game with Pluto's mod.

This mod aims to fix some of these areas and create a more realistic feel. The first pass of this mod fixes the ever-popular Breezehome. Future updates improve upon further interior areas based on my own personal priority. The most highly-trafficked areas will be given priority. Please see the changelog which lists all areas affected by this mod. (typically each version will add a new area.)

After installation, in the affected areas only, expect ambient lighting to be a tad brighter, slightly more diffused, windows will generally emanate light as if light is really shining through them from the outside, as well as a few of my own personal artistic touches to certain areas (such as the light beams seen in Breezehome's bedroom).

Please keep in mind, this is not a world-wide alteration, but a built-by-hand, per-area, alteration. The altered areas are listed below in the change log.

Please be aware, the following mods are known to modify the lighting in areas affected by this mod. As a result, buggy lighting and strange results unintended by this mod WILL occur. I highly suggest you run this mod without any lighting mods that modify individual lighting in the affected areas.

-More Dynamic Shadows (It will work, but the lighting will not match up with what's in the screenshots and buggy visuals may occur).
-Any mod that alters lighting in Breezehome, Honeyside, and Sleepy Giant Inn (and soon more)

-I plan on releasing this mod to Skyrim Nexus after more work has been completed and it's a bit more fleshed out.
-If you are not used to using the realistic lighting mod, and install both Pluto's mod and mine at the same time, you'll undoubtedly notice that several areas are far darker than normal. This is due to Pluto's Realistic Lighting Mod, not mine. Mine aims to lighten up his mod and fix *some* of those very dark areas. In short, his darkens, mine lightens.
-I've been informed that this mod works well with Climates of Tamriel: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/17802. I have run some tests with this mod and it appears to work well with mine. Your mileage may vary when using other world-wide lighting alteration mods.

Change Log

Current Version:
v1.8 - Riverwood: Sleeping Giant Inn Updated
-Increased amount of sunlight pouring into the main room during the day.
-Added a few shadow casting lights to certain areas.
-Greatly increased the radius of existing shadow-casters
-Added some day/night cycles to certain lights where sunlight shone through.

Previous Versions:
v1.6 - Breezehome Updated
-Increased overall level of light throughout the house.
-Fixed a few lights that were appearing to light the room but didn't properly light the character
-Removed two lights that became unnecessary.
-Optimzed performance for better framerates.

v1.5 - Honeyside
-Added day/night lighting in the kitchen/entry area coming from windows. During the day this area is now flooded with light. At night, its primary light source is from the cooking fire - with reduced diffusion of light coming from the windows.
-Brighened several extremely dark areas in the bedroom and basement. Attempted to lighten these areas while maintaining the original light sources by simulating a more realistic diffiusion of light throughout the room.
-No longer will you have to use a torch to view your weapon rack downstairs.
-Significant fine-tuning of every single light in Honeyside.

v1.0 - Initial Release: Breezehome
-Added several lights, removed a few, tweaked many others.
-Fixed strange, unrealistic light leaks in the alchemy room.
-Added sunlight filtering through various windows and holes in the ceilings.
-All sunlit areas are tied to the time of day and will shine bright during the day and dim at night (see screenshots for day/night comparisons).
-Fixed several buggy light situations throughout the house where lights would randomly blink on/off.
-Added several light rays filtering through cracks in the ceiling (particularly in the bedroom). These will shine bright during the day and less-so during the night. Someone needs to get a better roof on this house - too many holes! (Perhaps that's why it's called Breezehome?)
-Adjusted general ambient lighting throughout. Tried to soften up several darker areas and lighten the darkest areas up just a tad. No more Lydia sitting in dark shadows!

Check out the screenshots for further details. Unless labeled as "Before" or "Realistic Lighting Mod Only" the screenshots display what you should see. The ones labeled are for comparison only. Many show comparisons between day & night. A picture says a thousand words! As always, I look forward to feedback and constructive criticism. Most importantly - ENJOY!
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sKKyMan 9 hours ago 
Knightshade  [author] 10 hours ago 
@Muffina~: That is by design of Pluto's mod. If you prefer the game with just my mod, that is perfectly acceptable to do. I fine-tuned the lighting of my mod to work best with his, but some people just like mine alone. If that's your tastes, then by all means just use the mod by itself. :)

@sKKyMan: I don't believe it is, but you're welcome to try them together and see for yourself. If the mod isn't compatible, it will likely have funky lighting in your player homes (breezehome, honeyside, etc.). Uninstalling the conflicting mod will fix any visual glitches. My mod is pretty safe to experiment with.
sKKyMan Apr 20 @ 5:05pm 
Looks great! Anyone know if this is compatible with the Pure Weather mod?
Muffina~ Apr 20 @ 12:37pm 
When I had the mod installed it worked fine (Very nice BTW)... But when I decided to download the mod "Realistic Lighting" by Pluto with it, its darkened my house. (I live in Honeyside) ;_; Its gloomy now. I'm going to try to unsubscribe then subscribe again...
Alright. Thank you very much! I'll make sure to subscribe right away.
Knightshade  [author] Apr 9 @ 6:16pm 
@MobiusKnight: Thank you very much for the kind words! I'm glad you're enjoying it so much. :)

@WolvenSoul: Technically any visual changes to a location have the potential to alter (increase or decrease) the framerate of the game. In this case, because more things have been added than removed (lights), there is the likelihood that framerates will decrease. By how much, however, is likely so minimal few will notice any difference. Also keep in mind this will only affect framerates inside the locations it alters - which are only a few. So the short answer to your question: Probably not - or so minimally it'll likely not be noticable to you.
I'm sure this is a stupid question, but does this mod reduce anyone's framerate?
MobiusKnight Apr 1 @ 4:54pm 
My house looks so beautiful now! Good job on the mod and keep up the good work! :D
Knightshade  [author] Mar 30 @ 12:50pm 
@[Ps]RoboticDolphin: I'm glad to hear it meets your 'pimpin' needs! ;)
Robotic Dolphin Mar 29 @ 12:15pm 
Holy Shit! Im working on pimpin out my skyrim, and this is perfect!