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Werebear Non Replacer - Lesser Power Edition
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Mar 26, 2013 @ 2:11am
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This is a lesser power vesion of my other mod, "Werebear Beast Form (non replacer)" which can be found here:


If you like that little bit of extra immersion, the above mod will limit your transformation to once per day. This mod had no such restriction.


This mod will add a seperate beast form to the game that is the werebear form. I say seperate in the sense that it DOES NOT REPLACE THE WEREWOLF BEAST FORM.

The werebear is virually identical to the werewolf in all aspects including its controls, how it is activated, how long it lasts etc. However, the bear is slightly bulkier than the wolf. It has slightly more attack power and health, but its movement and run acceleration is slightly slower. The totems of hircene will also affect the werebear's shout powers as well as the werewolf's.

And also! If you have dawnguard installed, you can use your lycanthropy perk tree whilst in bear form. The kills you make will advance your porgress in that tree and your perks will affect you bear form as well as your wolf form.


The bear form is added by reading a special version of the book 'The totems of Hircine' which is found at Snowclad Ruins of Solstheim (See pics for location).


I would not recommend using this mod with a character that is already a werewolf before installing, it may cause bugs with both of your transfomations.

It is fine however if you install the mod and then later become a werewolf through the companions questline. Or if you remove your lycanthropy, install the mod and then become a werewolf again.


-Yes you can be both a vampire lord and a werebear.

-Does not conflict with any other DLC

-The werebear has the same sounds as the wolf... for now

-This mod shouldn't conflict much as everything in this mod is new content, however I cannont say for certian.

-Do not use this mod with my other werebear mod! You will have to choose only one.

-It is always smart to make a copy of your saved games.

-If you have any questons or fins any issues or bugs please leave a comment
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superthero1 Aug 15 @ 4:27pm 
You can already add the power via console commands
Bananawolf 64 Jul 22 @ 9:43am 
The Honeybadger Feb 21 @ 10:32pm 
Still works for me, and I agree. Sounds like a conflicting mod.
Soluno Feb 12 @ 8:46pm 
It works for me. You just have a conflicting mod. Anyway, I have to unsub from this mod as it seems to be breaking my game by increasing my base health every time I transform into a Werebear. I'm level 1 and I have 784 health from transforming all the time.
CullySanchez Feb 7 @ 9:28pm 
Doesnt work, i found the location and the werebears were there....but no book
Scorpion Feb 4 @ 6:51pm 
ianmason96 Jan 26 @ 10:09am 
Does anyone know what's going on? My.lesser power transformation uses the werewolf instead of werebear model.
myownterms66 Jan 20 @ 11:43am 
im having a bit of trouble when i first got it i was a werebear but when i did it the 2nd time i was a werewolf and it does that every 2nd time i change can i get a bit of help
[KillJoy] Barron Alpha Jan 18 @ 8:00pm 
can u spam the power or not
Darkash Jan 7 @ 11:05am 
is it possible for it to work with a wherewolf character because I just became one.