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Werebear Non Replacer - Lesser Power Edition
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Mar 26, 2013 @ 2:11am
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Werebear Non Replacer - Lesser Power Edition


This is a lesser power vesion of my other mod, "Werebear Beast Form (non replacer)" which can be found here:


If you like that little bit of extra immersion, the above mod will limit your transformation to once per day. This mod had no such restriction.


This mod will add a seperate beast form to the game that is the werebear form. I say seperate in the sense that it DOES NOT REPLACE THE WEREWOLF BEAST FORM.

The werebear is virually identical to the werewolf in all aspects including its controls, how it is activated, how long it lasts etc. However, the bear is slightly bulkier than the wolf. It has slightly more attack power and health, but its movement and run acceleration is slightly slower. The totems of hircene will also affect the werebear's shout powers as well as the werewolf's.

And also! If you have dawnguard installed, you can use your lycanthropy perk tree whilst in bear form. The kills you make will advance your porgress in that tree and your perks will affect you bear form as well as your wolf form.


The bear form is added by reading a special version of the book 'The totems of Hircine' which is found at Snowclad Ruins of Solstheim (See pics for location).


I would not recommend using this mod with a character that is already a werewolf before installing, it may cause bugs with both of your transfomations.

It is fine however if you install the mod and then later become a werewolf through the companions questline. Or if you remove your lycanthropy, install the mod and then become a werewolf again.


-Yes you can be both a vampire lord and a werebear.

-Does not conflict with any other DLC

-The werebear has the same sounds as the wolf... for now

-This mod shouldn't conflict much as everything in this mod is new content, however I cannont say for certian.

-Do not use this mod with my other werebear mod! You will have to choose only one.

-It is always smart to make a copy of your saved games.

-If you have any questons or fins any issues or bugs please leave a comment
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TheGreyLight  [author] Jun 27 @ 5:08am 
Yeah, thats really wierd man tbh I have no idea :/ Sorry about that!

And thanks :) Glad you like the mod even though there are some strange hiccups with it :)
johnmin93 Jun 26 @ 12:35pm 
Running the other version of the mod doesn't work either... and ALL of my other characters can transform without a problem. There is something corrupted in THIS character's code, I think. I didn't plan this character to be a werebear so it's ok if the mod doesn't work on him. Thanks for the timely responses and feedback! (Also, your mods are awesome.)
johnmin93 Jun 24 @ 9:58am 
Running the character without the other mod didn't work. I'm going to use the other version of this mod. (Non-lesser power)
TheGreyLight  [author] Jun 23 @ 9:23pm 
That's really strange. Does running the character without the other mod work?

If not, maybe try the other version of this werebear mod (the non-lesser power one)?
johnmin93 Jun 23 @ 6:33pm 
Yes, the problem returns even when I resurrect myself. I do have "DG Werewolf perk buff" mod, and your werewolf power mod, I believe that's the mod that allows my character to transform into werewolf multiple times a day. The funny thing is, I've had no problem with conflicts at all with other character... So, I think it's something wrong with THIS character in particular. (Keep in mind, the transformation did work ONCE.)
TheGreyLight  [author] Jun 23 @ 3:24pm 
Hmm okay, so resurrecting fixes the problem, but when you try to use the mod again the problem comes back?

Tbh, no one has had this problem yet so there a good chance it could come from a conflict. Do you have any other werewolf type mods?
johnmin93 Jun 23 @ 7:21am 
No, I did not. He was a regular humdrum Nord. I should mention he DID turn into a werebear during his first transformation. But during the second time, the animation and the sound cue refused to activate. And so, my character was left invincible. (Apparently your character is invincible while transforming into a werebeast)
TheGreyLight  [author] Jun 22 @ 8:48pm 
Okay, did you use this mod on a character that was already a werewolf?
johnmin93 Jun 22 @ 6:33pm 
Update 2: I deleted and reinstalled the mod, but it still does not work on the character. Same bug persists. I'm afraid if it affects all of my saves. This is a major glitch that I can only hope is resolved soon....
johnmin93 Jun 22 @ 5:50pm 
Update: Using "resurrect" command on myself and reloading the game, I was able to take damage and be normal again. But the Bear Form power still does not activate properly. The power goes off, but the transformation never happens and I turn invincible again. I used "removespell *Bear Form power ID*" to delete the power from the magic menu and added the power again via reading the copy "Totems of Hircine" that I spawned using console command (The previous and original book was used up when I first acquired the power, of course.) The power appeared correctly on the magic menu, but the same glitch happened and I turned invincible again, which forced me to reload the previous save. ALL IN ALL, my character is no longer able to turn into a proper werebear.