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Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, Spanish
Players: Single-player
Mar 25, 2013 @ 2:12am
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Small update and check my other project
Love:DEMONICA is a Escape The Room/Visual Novel, in the vein of 999: 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors and Dangan Ronpa. You must solve complex puzzles to escape the rooms. The story will change depending on what decisions you take and how you solve certain puzzles.


"You are a teacher in the St. Pesci High School, who suddendly awakes in one of the classrooms. You start receiving weird e-mails from someone who has locked you in the building along side other three persons. You know them and they know you but for some reason neither can remember most of their life before being locked. Now, your goal is to cooperate with them to escape before losing your memories for good and solve the mystery behind all of this."

Note: The game, while involving certain sex scenes, they aren't graphic (Think Catherine from Atlus) or LOLPORN (like Heavy Rain) and they are very rare and short, so don't bother commenting about this being a porn game, soap operas are WAY more graphic than this game in that regard.


What I'm looking for

I'm posting this game on Greenlight for concepts because I need feedback from the Steam Community on what they look for, if interested, in a Visual Novel. I've seen other Visual Novels posted in Greenlight but most of them only receive silly comments like "This game is for Weaboos", "We don't want porn here!" etc. - Is the anime style the one thing you don't like? What sort of themes are you looking for in a product like this? What makes a Visual Novel fun for you while remaining within the bounds of the genre? I'd appreciate all the feedback I can have on these matters.
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Diamondzcraft Jun 29 @ 9:20pm 
Wow, this game sounds really cool :D I feel like stalking the page every day now just to see if there's an update xD
Good luck with the game! I'm sure it'll turn out great! ^^
Best wishes,
Kiririn51  [author] Jun 2 @ 9:07pm 
@Curtis@HeroesofTalon Not dead, just going extremely slow, although I really should update with the new art and gameplay, will do so once I'm happy with what I have since a lot has changed, specially the gameplay.
Curtis@HeroesofTalon May 31 @ 5:28pm 
Is this project dead? I feel kind of sad if it is, I was really interested when this was first announced. =(
adleen May 17 @ 6:43pm 
Voted for Ron Paul.
Robin the Tactician May 14 @ 11:26pm 
This certainly looks like an interesting game, one that I would defenitly want to buy.
The whole 'solve puzzle and make choices to affect the story' thing has always been an interest of mine, I'd really like to see this game released.
iMaple May 7 @ 5:00am 
I'm fine with puzzles, enjoyed virtue's last reward quite a lot. Although the puzzles were good, they didnt have an impact on the story at all, which was quite unfortunate. If you are able to implement story and puzzle gameplay I'm sure you'll get some good feedback.
Stefan Apr 12 @ 11:41pm 
Story-wise I think that "Ever17" is still the pinacle in VNs. While 999 had puzzles and was atmospheric it still retained some flaws in it's story. For example things turning to worse without so much as a warning or a hint what could have been the wrong decission - which is quite frustrating and turns it into a trial-and-error type of game.

I like VNs and would like to see more available. Your Art Style (Character-wise) is very good and pleasing to the eye, but the stylized (3D) background-concept doesn't sit well with my tastes.

Concerning the story I think that it will be hard to do a 999 style game in a school building because it was quite a feat to prepare a ship with sealed doors and windows, flooded levels and deadly traps. It might feel a bit silly describing the same in a school building and will leave logical gaps wide open, which could harm atmosphere and believability.

Stefan Apr 12 @ 11:41pm 

Puzzle wise 999 has much to learn from - maybe with the exception that after the 4th playtrough solving the same puzzles again and again becomes rather tedious. The Number crunching fit well into the game and encouraged experimenting to guess certain outcomes.
I think this sets the bar pretty high for VNs following in its footsteps.

I'm ok with romantic scenes, but story should take the lead in this regard. Letting a romantic arc end midway (and picking up on another) for example will add to the unpredictability.

Avoid predictable endings by applying "comprehensible" twists to the story.
Avoid stereotypical characters to distinguish your VN from most of the others.

"Oh look - she can't die - too important!" or "Hey look - a redshirt!"
There is nothing more satisfying than the moment those assumtions are proven wrong.

Looking forward to seeing more VNs :-)



Mezera Apr 12 @ 7:14pm 
This is truely a cool concept. I am really interested in this and would love to play this.
Agent caboose Mar 26 @ 1:51pm 
the charecters seem based off of Weiss and Ruby from RWBY, not that it's a bad thing. I think that a visual novel is a great idea, as long as it doesn't devolve into a hentai thing. also a romance is a good visual novel basic plot, and one that works well in my thoughts, plus steam need s more of something like this. Keep on going, a good idea in my book!
i'm right behind you!