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Portal 2

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Adventure Tower

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Adventure Tower

As my sixth map, the Adventure Tower is a scaled down version of a much larger map I want to do based on the idea of "climbing" a tower together. The full "map" will be designed to take an extremely long time to complete, however each floor of the tower will most likely be a seperate level. With the scaled down version here, each individual challenge is designed to take a short time mechanically (so that teams can progress through the tower quickly upon returning to it)

Let me know what you think of the idea and what you think of this map, and if people like the idea I'll make a full scale version of it

Good luck, test candidates!

P.S. I know the lighting is bad, this map comes REALLY close to the entity limit; I've made it the best I can and important areas at lit correctly; this said, if you feel an area should be lit better than it is please let me know where and I'll add some more lights