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Anuxi’s Treasure of the Shaper Divine Chest
A collection of all the One off items I made for various heroes in the month of March now all available in game in the "Anuxi’s Treasure of the Shaper Divine Chest"
Items (12)
Leshrac's Crystilline Sickles
Created by Anuxi♥
A rack of sickle curved horns for Leshrac....
Ring of the Storm
Created by Anuxi♥
A fadded alloy ring attracts static built up in the atmosphere. Hat for Storm SpiritUpdated to fit the new model...
Wings of the Ruby Web
Created by Anuxi♥
Wings woven with the silk of the Deep Ruby Spider. Adorned at the tips with the gems hewn from the Spiders body....
Sandking's Cerci
Created by Anuxi♥
Sandking uses the pincers as another set of hands, grappling onto prey as they scuttle above his sandy hideaway....
Molten Fracture
Created by Anuxi♥
A molten sword for Doom that shattered under his power....
Reinforced Ring Spear
Created by Anuxi♥
A spear forged from magical alloys that hone the mind and diffuse the soul....
Slarks Encore
Created by Anuxi♥
He only wanted to hear her song one more time. The dagger was gifed to him, and he keeps it with him to silcene those who wish to silence her song....
Whirling Mind Slicer
Created by Anuxi♥
Blades so sharp, the cut the very fabric of ones mind. Weapon for Silencer <3...
Wicked Horned Mother
Created by Anuxi♥
Wielding this immense weapon, Bradwarden slashes and crushes all those in his wake.An Axe for Centaur Warrunner...
Antimage's Ancient Crasher
Created by Anuxi♥
These dusty old blades find use once more....
Antimage's Ancient Crescent
Created by Anuxi♥
These dusty old blades find use once more....
Feral the WereBat
Created by Anuxi♥
Feral, an uncooth were bat from Down Under, enjoys flaming fruit cocktails and long flights in the radiant forest, leaving fiery destruction in her wake...
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потому что я нищий
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и кто тратит баксы чтоб его открыть?
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Will trade for keys
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da ora
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really want that wings . epic !
Legacy V.2.1 Apr 23, 2013 @ 12:45am 
I have ten of these things now. where can i sell them