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Immersive First-Person
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Mar 20, 2013 @ 5:55am
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Immersive First-Person

Ever wanted a script that would enable full body awareness and immerse you in Garry's Mod? This is exactly what you're looking for!
Scripts like these have been done numerous times, but I still wanted to give a shot at it myself.

- completely client-side, which means that you can play with it on any server that allows clientside scripts
- enables full body awareness
- has multiple anti-clipping measures (that can be customized and turned off)
- has a custom crosshair which can be customized
- is toggle-able with a console variable
- is customizable in the Spawn menu (Q > Utilities > IFPP)

Console variables;
iv_status <default - 1> - set to 0 if you want to turn it off, or any value greater than 0 to turn it on.
iv_viewsmooth <default - 0.2, maximum - 0.8> - view smoothing for the script when it's turned on, recommended value is the default one.
iv_crosshair <default - 1, maximum - 1> - crosshair status.
iv_znear <default - 0.4, maximum - 1> - near clipping value.
iv_pitchlock <default - 1, maximum - 1> - pitch lock status. (view lock when looking down)
iv_pitchlock_max <default - 65, maximum - 89> - pitch lock amount.

iv_in_r <default - 255, maximum - 255> - red amount for the inner part of the crosshair
iv_in_g <default - 255, maximum - 255> - green amount for the inner part of the crosshair
iv_in_b <default - 255, maximum - 255> - blue amount for the inner part of the crosshair
iv_in_r <default - 150, maximum - 255> - transparency of the inner part of the crosshair

iv_out_r <default - 255, maximum - 255> - red amount for the outer part of the crosshair
iv_out_g <default - 255, maximum - 255> - green amount for the outer part of the crosshair
iv_out_b <default - 255, maximum - 255> - blue amount for the outer part of the crosshair
iv_out_a <default - 125, maximum - 255> - transparency of the outer part of the crosshair


Q: When I turn the script on, I don't see my head on my shadow
A: That is one of the anti-clipping measures. I have made the head really really small, to make sure that there is no clipping with the head.

Q: Sometimes when I walk up to a wall, my view goes back to standard first person view.
A: That is also one of the anti-clipping measures. If I had removed this feature, and you walked up to a wall, you would see through the wall.

Q: There's this small cube-looking crosshair, what's it for?
A: The default crosshair is just placed at the center of your screen. The cube-looking crosshair displays where you really aim.

Q: Does this work with PAC3?
A: Yes.

Q: The models look like absolute♥♥♥♥♥
A: Nothing I can do about it, as HL2, CS:S and other models from Valve games were never meant to be used with a script like this.

Q: The flashlight is acting really weird when I use it with the script turned on.
A: Again, nothing I can do about it. The flashlight ignores the viewmodel by default, but it doesn't ignore anything other than that,
and since your own body is an obstacle, it will render the shadow as if it were against your body.

Kogitsune - helping me out in various ways, suggesting the viewsmooth feature
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Hamzak Dec 9 @ 10:03pm 
Could you please make a version without you being able to see your body? I mean, save camera attaching to your actual head position without switching viewmodel off
Anarky Dec 8 @ 4:04pm 
whats the name of the mod that puts all your weapons that are in your hotbar onto your body?
Bobby Nov 12 @ 7:45am 
faketale35 there is a different addon called 'Enhanced Camera' that use the normal models but also shows your entire body. Maybe give that a try.
jinvahn Nov 11 @ 3:26pm 
my head disapeared ;-;
deathgun Nov 11 @ 8:33am 
эта дич а не мод камера вечно их жопы , оружиея выдает ошыбки , отсуствие прицеливание , постояное звлезающие текстурки скина , невазможная стрельба и многое другое это не мод а высер воркшопа
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Why does the camera have a siezure when I look down?
faketale35 Nov 2 @ 3:10am 
well this is good, i wish this was with good models, so i can feel true hl2rp but this pistol and 357 makes me sick
Professor Fuzz Oct 31 @ 12:13pm 
Another note, sitting in chairs is weird, the entire character turns. It's like the character is on a swivel chair.
Professor Fuzz Oct 31 @ 12:08pm 
Currently running this alone places the camera above my playermodel head. It might be a conflict so I'm experiementing with trying various different combinations.
Professor Fuzz Oct 31 @ 12:07pm 
It's good but I advise you should combine it with a camera positioner, I use it along with a customizeable third person (I just move the camera to the head) This combination works well, but it causes lots of twitchyness