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Breezehome Fully Upgradable Hearthfires + Dawnguard - READ INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU INSTALL
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Mar 19, 2013 @ 12:10am
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Breezehome Fully Upgradeable Hearthfires + Dawnguard Edition

This is a mod that allows you to slowly upgrade Breezehome from it's humble beginnings as a little shack to a home worthy of a dragonslayer. It adds 14 new upgrades to breeze home including vampire/dawnguard specific updgrades, 3 new fully Voiced NPCs, and a mini quest to find all 9 shrines to the divines. With more upgrades and a quest extension to be added in the future. This mod is for those of you that want a better breezehome but still want to have an immersive game experience where you want to earn all of the various upgrades to your house. You buy the upgrades from 4 different NPCs. The base upgrades you get from the steward of whiterun. The Bulk of the rest of your upgrades you will buy from your old handiman named Garath(some of you might already be familiar with him ;) who spends his time in the bannared mare in whiterun. The final upgrades are dependent on your aliance in the Dawnguard DLC. Either Ceric the thrallmaster's assistant or Henselt the Dog wrangler will provide you with upgrades appropriate to your alliance. You will need to do several things to install this mod properly so read the instructions carefully.


Dawnguard Only Version:

No DLC Version:

For better info, support and optional downloads check out my Nexus page:

Installation Instructions:

1) remove all items from Breezehome (use console command "TGM" to toggle god mod on/off so you can carry all of your stuff)
2) make a NEW save of your game outside of breezehome.
3) uninstall all breezehome related mods (some mods may not seem to be related but actually have dirty edits of breezehome that can cause conflicts so this may take a bit of testing to get it right)
4) Load skyrim again with the vanilla breezehome and make another NEW save. (not always necessary but good to do)
5) Subscribe/Install this mod
6) Set this mod to load last or close to last in your data files load order (if using NMM or SKSE do the same there)
7) Start up skyrim then enter the Bannared Mare. Hit f5 to quicksave then f9 to quick load. (this resets Garath so his sound files are actually loaded. If you don't do this he'll be silent. you may need to repeat this process when first meeting Ceric or Henselt as well. If garath doesn't show up at all quit to the desktop and restart skyrim he should show then.)
8) Enjoy the mod. If you are upgrading from the previous version of this mod you can give yourself $10000 to replace the money spent on your upgrades previously.
9) Buy all new upgrades from Garath in the Bannared Mare

1) Make sure you buy back the original Kitchen upgrade from the steward or you'll have a big hole in your living room.
2) If you purchased the housecarl upgrade do the following:
a) open up the console and type "prid e4eca" and hit enter
b) with the console still open then type "enable" and hit enter
3) empty the house of all valuables.
4) Unsubscribe
5) Delete all Breezehome_Fully_Upgradable mod files out of your Skyrim/data directory

Optional Downloads:
Check out my optional downloads section of my Skyrim Nexus page to get compatible versions of the Towns and villages Enhanced mods (both lite and heavy) as well as an addon for version 1.5 of Enhanced lights and FX:

Recommended mods:
Unlimited bookshelves,
Realistic lighting - Enhanced Lighting & FX version
Enhanced lighting & FX (see my nexus page for ELFX compatible .esp)
Towns & Villages Enhanced Whiterun(see my nexus pg for compatible .esp)


- After each upgrade to the Home you will find a note from "Garath" an old handy man character who runs the crew that upgrades your home. These notes give you backstory, Explanations, Hints & Instructions.

- You can't place any of garath's daggers or any of the weapons found in the house on or in any weapon racks or cases due to a "Donothavokonload" script. They'll just fall to the ground behind you.

- Some upgrades only appear if you have the money to afford them so keep checking back with Garath to make sure you have purchased them all.

Upgrades List:

- Kitchen Upgrade 250 gold (Proventus/Brill in Dragonreach)
- Living Room Upgrade with functioning bookshelves, dump chest, Display cases & weapon/sheild rack 500 gold (Proventus/Brill)
- Dining Room Upgrade with Oven, Butter Churn & More food (Proventus/Brill)
- Loft upgrade with 3 additional weapon Plaques (Proventus/Brill)
- Bedroom upgrade with upgraded furniture, Safe, strongbox & additional chests 500 gold (Proventus/Brill)
- Child bedroom/Replace Study with child bedroom 250 gold NOTE: Does not effect basement alchemy (Proventus/Brill)
- Loft Study Upgrade - The standard alchemy upgrade has been switched to a "Study" to facilitate child adoption. (500 gold)
- Basement tanning rack addon for 750 gold (Garath in Bannared Mare)
- Basement alchemy Lab 750 gold (Garath)
- Basement Enchanting addon for 750 gold (Garath)
- Basement Workbench & Sharpening Stone Addon for 1200 gold (Garath)
- Basement Furniture + Additional Storage and "extras" upgrade for 2000 gold (Garath)
- Housecarl Upgrade Package - adds weapon racks, plaques & mannaquins to Lydia's room + bedroom 1500 gold (Garath)
- Basement Forge addon Purchasable for 3500 gold (Garath)
- Basement Smelting package for 4000 gold (Garath)
- Additional display cases
- Underground Library Upgrade 2000 gold (Garath)
- Bathroom upgrade (Garath, also extends loft)
- Balcony upgrade (requires bathroom upgrade - Garath)
- Exterior Garden Upgrade 1900 or 2500 gold (Garath)
- DawnGuard War Dog 500 gold (Henselt in Fort Dawnguard - Note: only available after moth priest has been rescued)
- Vampire Death Hound 500 gold (Ceric in Castle Voltheim)
- Vampire feeding thrall 3000 gold (Ceric in Castle Voltheim)

Other Modifications:
- Autochests: The top chest in the smelter station. The Tanning station chest, the alchemy satchel and the Strongbox by the enchanting table all have auto storage scripts.
- AutoAccess scripts: In addition to the autostorage capability the various crafting tables are tied to their respective chests and will automatically put all items stored in those chests into your inventory every time you want to craft. when you exit the crafting station all of those items are then returned to the chest/storage container. (Note: When you have a lot of items in your containers this might cause you to pause while it loads and unloads items in and out of your inventory.

Future Upgrades:
1) Optional Tower Upgrade Addon
2) Eventual expansion of collapsed tunnel which involves will unlock a whole new series of upgrades (Separate addon mod)

Known bugs/Incompatabilities:
- Stuff may "Havok" or fall all over the place or float in mid air. This is due to some anti static scripts and skyrim "remembering" your old objects from your previous saves. Simply pick those up and sell all your junk to Belathor.
- Not compatible with "DragonBorn House - Casa del Sangre"
- Not compatible with "Dragonreach Hideout"
- Not compatible with "Alchemy incredient sorter"
- Not compatible with "more dynamic shadows"
- Not compatible with the Breezehome option of the "Alternate start" mod as that mod alters breezehome. (the other options work fine)
- Not compatible with Skyrim Project Optimization (changes how cell loads)
- Partially incompatible with Open Cities mod.
- HEARTHFIRES Display cases fix - dirty edits
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Seyvy 11 hours ago 
where is the one for just hearth fire, that is the only DLC I have.... and I really want this :P
.exe 12 hours ago 
When I go to put my weapons on the weapons rack, it throws them. The weapons are mine that I've earned and I have no conflicting mods.
Wadjo Jul 26 @ 7:57pm 
This is an amazing improvement to Breezehome (i was initially only looking for an added enchanting table, but when I stumbled across this mod it took my breath away). I need to grow more thumbs because 2 just isn't enough!
doylevm2000 Jul 25 @ 11:53am 
Beautiful! Garath is a hoot & especially love that Lydia gives me some privancy.
canook Jul 24 @ 3:07pm 
Great work. Everything works good for me so far.
WightKing Jul 24 @ 6:53am 

Five motherfuckin stars. seriously job welldone
Sku11M0nkey  [author] Jul 22 @ 5:59pm 
@hadenvader - negative ghost rider, the pattern is full. That's where the tower upgrades go.

@choulouis4.0 - there will be a guild update that will be a Nexus only part of the mod. (see link in my description to my nexus page)

@[BPK#] Frille - then you have some kind of critical mod or script conflict. The only other thing I can think of is that your system does not have enough memory/processing power to load all of the objects in the house. (particularly the external scenery you can see through the cracks in the roof.
Sku11M0nkey  [author] Jul 22 @ 5:55pm 
@Hooded man - buy the "additional storage & basement furnishings" upgrade. that will make that will clear the wall behind the wardrobe so you can take the tunnel to the waterfall exit. There are switches on either side of the waterfall cave door.

Sku11M0nkey  [author] Jul 22 @ 5:35pm 
@WhoseYurDaddy - That is a known issue and it's requiring me to upload a "walk back" version of the mod very soon. Wife should return home as per usually.

@Ratty - not sure why that is happening and this is the first time I'm hearing of this particular error. I will look into it though.

@JosuahDasHuhn - The Vampire castle. He's where the other thrallmaster is. look for Ceric in where the cages are. He'll be walking around taking inventory and writting in a ledger. can also be up on the balcony areas of that room.

@Awildberry {No Screen} - the rebuild of this mod which will only be available on the Nexus to start will have a more modular structure so you can do any DLC combination. The alpha hearthfires patch I hope to have up soon.

@RaPiDKiller84 - you got to buy those upgrades son... nothing at Skullmonkey productions is given out for free. Talk to "Garath" in the Bannared Mare.
marth6068 Jul 22 @ 4:18pm 
Thank you. I have really enjoyed this mod so far. I still haven't upgraded everything but all the upgrades I have purchased are very expertly done. Garath is a real kick! ^_^