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Wet and Cold - Ashes
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Wet and Cold Series
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Version: 1.09

See Nexus[skyrim.nexusmods.com] link for list of changes.


Required: Dragonborn
Required: Wet and Cold 1.12+

Optional: SKSE[skse.silverlock.org] 1.6.5+
SKSE is only required for the equipment features and configuration of this addon through the MCM.

  • Any mods that modify Solstheim's weathers should probably be placed after this esp.
  • If using Get Snowy, my dusty shader may get overridden by the snow shader during ash storms.


An unofficial, official addon for Wet and Cold, which extends cold effects support to Solstheim as well as adding various ash related effects. To force an ash storm use console command 'fw XX032336' where XX is the load order number of Dragonborn.esm (most likely 04 if you have all DLCs). Install, update, troubleshooting, etc. instructions are identical to the Wet and Cold mod.

Wet and Cold:
Wet and Cold now recognizes the cold regions of Solstheim. The northern half of Solstheim is considered cold 24/7. The southern half becomes cold at night.

Ash Weather:
Three types of ash fall weathers have been added to Solstheim. They are more likely to occur in Raven Rock while ash storms are more likely to occur outside of Raven Rock due to the walls that were built to minimize the effects of ash storms.

Ash Gear: [SKSE]
All NPCs will equip face covers and will sometimes equip goggles during ash storms if their slots are free. After the storm stops they will not remove them immediately.

Dust accumulation effects play over the entire body during ash storms. The effect is removed over the course of 60 seconds of being indoors/storm ending or if you get wet through rain or swimming. Getting wet from rain to remove the effect relies on either my drip effect or rain blindness enabled.

Watery Eyes: [SKSE]
Your eyes will water during ash storms unless you keep your face down. Equipping goggles from this mod will make you immune to this effect as well as the blindness effects from the core mod. Requires SKSE only because I imagine it'd be annoying without access to goggles. This feature is disabled by default.

  • Options for this addon will automatically appear in Wet and Cold's MCM upon installation. Due to time, addons will not be configurable via any other method.
  • You may disable Ash Gear for a particular follower by crafting him/her an 'Ashen Snowberry' at a cooking pot with 1 snowberry.
  • The face covers use slot 42 (circlet slot) and the goggles use slot 56.


See Nexus link for list of contributors.

Workshop: Russian

My Workshop Mods:

Wet and Cold
Splash of Rain
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Donations are always welcomed.[www.paypal.com]
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The Grand Czar Gaming Oct 7 @ 6:57pm 
this is cool i rate 10/10 AWSOME MOD MAN!

-Balian Of Ibelin- Aug 27 @ 9:15pm 
how can i get the other wetncold mod with out the whole russian language that i cant understand??
-Balian Of Ibelin- Aug 27 @ 9:14pm 
is this only for the dragonborn dlc??????
The doctor Aug 15 @ 9:57am 
how do you get the goggles and other stuff?
Spoiled F. MIlk Aug 8 @ 2:45pm 
Yeah with this mod i couldnt fast travel anywhere without the game crashing to desktop
wolfenburg Jul 26 @ 6:48pm 
This caused a cluster fuck for me. Had to selectilvy uncheck mods until game worked. This turned out to be the culprit. I cannot used this for whatever reason. I've spent so long trying to figure this out.
Fashajualia Jul 23 @ 11:33pm 
found this mod to be incompatible with the rest of the graphic mods in some graphic collections
Kahoshi Jul 10 @ 5:40pm 
@ElderScrollsNerd grab mod organizer from nexus and run the sort function, might help with load orders?
ElderScrollsNerd Jul 1 @ 3:09pm 
I found a rather annoying, well i wouldn't call it a bug. after some time of enjoying this mod my skyrim started crashing on start. After reading forums and watching a tutorial, i found out that this mod was the cause of my constant crashing. I dont know how, but it was, i deselected it and my skyrim worked perfectly.
LarryLongBalls Jun 28 @ 8:50pm 
There is a bit of a problem with this mod. When after 1st seeing Miraak in person my game crashes when I fast travel anywhere is solsthiem or however you spell it. I thought "wow what a waste of money on a DLC". SO I looke in my mods to see if I had any mods that altered anything on solstheim, this mod was the only one that had anything to do with the dragonborn DLC. So I removed this mod and now I can fast travel without crashes, then I redownloaded it and the crashes return. Please investigate this problem because this mod makes solsthiem really immersive.