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Super Hordes - No Bonus - No Special
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Mar 15, 2013 @ 8:20pm
May 29, 2013 @ 10:12pm
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Left 4 Dead not hard enough? Find cutting yourself through hordes of infected with ease? How about up to 400 infected in a wave? This mod adds a large amount of infected for each wave, as well as decreasing the time between waves and removes special infected.
1. Adds 150-300 infected for standard waves and 400 for the finale waves. (Average of 7000 kills per campaign.)
2. Removes special infected (tanks will rarely spawn, usually at finales.)
Thanks to LoadedAK47(on l4dmaps) who I got the Bot bonuses from.
As .ini edits can't be unique feel free to use anything from this mod as long as you credit me if using a large amount of this mod.
Please note, this mod was tested using a i5 2500k 3.3GHz, 8GB ram, GTX 560 TI 1GB computer and only ran into lag if the finale hordes built up. If you have a less powerful computer you will lag and might end up CTD.
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Coprophagial__Asphyxiation Sep 25 @ 9:25am 
this is not working for me
. not sure why . it worked before
Pvt. Paula Jul 14 @ 7:14pm 
What kind of weapon is that in the preview picture?
MLG 420 DepthSurvivor Jul 2 @ 2:14am 
Challenge Accepted.
Buckeyes614 Jun 29 @ 3:32am 
[JP] SenYa Jun 20 @ 1:52am 
oh god that hard but fun
bigdog63 Jun 17 @ 10:41am 
What happens when my game lags to hell?
Clan Wolf Jun 9 @ 8:19am 
works with helms deep map, dont see why other super horde mods shouldnt work the same
SpankyDmonkey May 30 @ 8:48am 
strange, the mod works in every level except the finales. For example, in the No Mercy Rooftop finale there is very little zombies after I sound for the helicopter.
Aizek Mar 10 @ 3:32am 
blackcat12951  [author] Mar 10 @ 2:09am 
to play multiplayer it will only work if you choose to use a local server, and if everyone has the same mods