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Advanced Alteration: Telekinetics
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Mar 15, 2013 @ 10:15am
Apr 9, 2013 @ 3:54am
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New in 1.2.2!
A little more loving for the two hander fans. Symbollic Strategy allows two handers to set up combo attacks by creating levitation runes by smashing nearby surfaces with a power attack, which they can then detonate with augmented parry or master's dynamic entry. The most strategic playstyle got got strategier.

Protip: Get sweep and use sideways power attacks to set up a rune on the floor while simultaneously striking adjacent foes to both damage and lift them to follow up with a combo

New spells
+ Rune of Levitation
+ Symbollic Strategy

+ Lift effects now kick in immediatly when cast


So, what is this mod?
Telekinetic's themed spell packs are nothing new there's plenty of them out there, but balance is something harder to come by. Inherently any spell that can throw around or stagger enemies can be game breaking over-used.
In creating this mod I've endevoured to meet several goals:

Balance: Kinetic spells by their nature can unbalance the game. As a result there are hoops to be jumped through to ensure there is no "push button to win" skill.

Functionality: None of the spells are one-trick ponies like most the vanilla spells, they usually have a mechanic that can be employed in many different ways.

Mechanics: Nobody likes spamming the same spell over and over til the enemy dies, combining different spells and effects rewards the player with combos and utility.

No overlap: There's some great spell packages out there like Apocalypse, I've delibratly avoided duplicating spells already found there, this is a supplemental pack rather than a replacement.

Feel like a boss: I want to reward audacity, so that fighting more or bigger foes in grand battles reaps greater effect then whittling down enemies one at a time


Sound good, so how do I obtain them?
I had some issues attaching them to a vendor, so for now they can be obtained from a lost backpack found outside the Riverwood Trader's front door, in future I hope to add them to the normal spell vendors.
The mod is very cross compatible so it doesn't matter where you place it in your load order in theory.


What's in it anyway?
In addition to each spell being crafted to be multifunctional, it also introduces a combo system so that combining different kinetic spells can shred foes and trigger violent chain reactions that add damage into your control effects. The current spellbook is as follows (And is set to grow further!)

Dynamic Entry:
Launch yourself towards your foes with hurricane force, the farther the distance travelled, the stronger the shockwave.
Tips: Besides the obvious use for rapidly closing to melee, a clever assassin might also use it to teleport up onto high places, across gaps or knock unsuspecting foes off ledges.

Death From Above:
Convert your falling energy into a shockwave when you land, falling farther yields a stronger impact.
Tips: Try diving off a cliff with dynamic entry to create a double-shockwave when you hit the ground, or use a steep slope and Momentum to leap into the air and create shockwaves on demand.

Kinetic Barrier:
Concentrate to absorb 25/50/75% of incoming damage, release to unleash the stored energy as a shockwave.
Tip: This is basiclly the magical answer to a shield, allowing you to block damage then "bash" opponents by releasing the spell. You don't *have* to absorb a hit to 'bash', charging the barrier until it glows!

For a brief period you can move twice as fast and gain the ability to sprint across water.
Tip: Take note, you must sprint to stay afloat! - Also, be wary of zooming off inclines, the fall might be farther than it looks.

Augmented Parry:
Improves blocking by 20% and creates a shockwave when you bash.
Tip: Any weapon that can bash will trigger the effect - including two handers and bows who can't usually "cast" magic

Malign Levitation:
Lifts your opponent into the air for several seconds. Cast again to slam them into the floor
Tip: Held but not helpless, a levitated enemy can still shoot back or heal themself!.

Crushing Weight:
Enemies in the area are slowed for several seconds.
Tip: This spell is perfect for setting up big combo chain reactions as it can hit multiple foes.

Rune of Levitation:
Place a rune that levitates enemies when triggered
Tip: Great for getting some distance when you need to break off combat to catch your breath

Symbollic Strategy:
Power attacking nearby surfaces creates a rune of levitation
Tip: This even works with two handed weapons, allowing you to create combos with both hands full!
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Chiggles6 Aug 26 @ 6:47pm 
japonise Aug 25 @ 3:03pm 
its work thank for mod..;)
alkateltel Aug 3 @ 5:29pm 
um at one point i had to remove it cause i culd not swim...
it didnt let me fal under water any more and im talking about the efects worn off duh.
so how you fix that?
Skin Man Jun 30 @ 8:02pm 
The blink spell is awesome.
ezegames65 Jun 9 @ 10:50pm 
what is the running and jumping mod
The Christopherous Jun 7 @ 2:05pm 
i cant find the back pack
Nove Apr 30 @ 1:24pm 
what mod was thr running and jumping
sgtwinkler Apr 20 @ 2:47pm 
This is a really cool mod! My personal favorite is Momentum, and Kinetic Barrier is useful too. Death From Above is great if you need to jump off a mountain ;) My only issue with the mod is that both Dynamic Entry spells are buggy for me, making the player disappear/go in the wrong direction etc. But really great job overall!
lolekPL Mar 7 @ 1:32pm 
very good mod very good
skeith Feb 5 @ 7:06am 
Where or how or what mod did u use to run like that ?