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Lord of The Rings | Total Conversion
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Feb 21, 2012 @ 7:52pm
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This is a MOD that i am currently working on which turns the game from Stormcloaks vs Imperials to "The Armies of Mordor" vs "The Armies of Middle Earth"

Current Changes:

Stormcloaks are now Uruk Hai
Forsworn are now Haradrim
Other Small Changes

Currently Working on:

Companions Guild being changed to "The Fellowship"
Giants being replaced with Hardrim & Mumakil replacing Mammoths

Sauron Epic Boss

Current Errors:

Some Uruk Hai guards have no dialogue

For Updates & Information Head Over To:

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Slkfd Sep 16 @ 10:33am 
Oliphants also have no fur, and they're oversized only because Peter Jackson is such a n00b.
Slkfd Sep 16 @ 9:12am 
1. The Uruk-Hai are just plain orsimer fitted with a new set of armor. They also are not a part of "The Armies of Mordor" since their leader is the wizard Sruman.
2. It's immersion-breaking for Uruk-Hai to reside at Whiterun (in the screenshot) without anyone giving a shit. Shouldn't the citizens be worried when their enemies walk their streets? Especially if the said enemies look exactly the same.
3. It's not a total conversion if it simply changes 3 NPCs' appearances, names and (in some cases) dialogue. Including an "epic" boss fight with an oversized Dremora isn't an actual change nor is it worth downloading.

Tolkien is spinning in his grave like a buzzsaw.
=TAF=The Flyer Aug 27 @ 6:57pm 
make the mammoths smaller
wowkid92 Aug 22 @ 1:23am 
When this is done, it will be the SHIT bro.
Mixi Aug 9 @ 3:46pm 
The oliphants (mammoths) fucks the game up. It spawns 9 of them in each other and makes the game fuck up..
ASHMAN23 Aug 2 @ 4:39pm 
I love LOTR
in skyrim ats cool
Orlando Estrella Jr Jul 27 @ 2:48pm 
Am i late that yu discontinued this mod?
Chuck Testa Jul 21 @ 3:50pm 
So im really sad, and dissapointed that you did not continue this mod. :( You make me sad colloxseus you make me sad.
henry111095 Jul 12 @ 10:50am 
i downloaded the mod but all it did was change the names of the stormcloaks, they still look the same
paul.knapman Jul 10 @ 1:50pm 
nice mod but. PLEASE for the love of god make the mumakil smaller the movie mumakil are stupidly oversized in the book they are about the size of a mammoth