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Lord of The Rings | Total Conversion
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Feb 21, 2012 @ 7:52pm
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This is a MOD that i am currently working on which turns the game from Stormcloaks vs Imperials to "The Armies of Mordor" vs "The Armies of Middle Earth"

Current Changes:

Stormcloaks are now Uruk Hai
Forsworn are now Haradrim
Other Small Changes

Currently Working on:

Companions Guild being changed to "The Fellowship"
Giants being replaced with Hardrim & Mumakil replacing Mammoths

Sauron Epic Boss

Current Errors:

Some Uruk Hai guards have no dialogue

For Updates & Information Head Over To:

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lifefacer 1 hour ago 
orks should wear orcish armor
RAVEN SWORD Apr 20 @ 3:55am 
I am insulted about the Stormcloaks to be made as the Uruk-Hai... Ulfric does not approve this shit...
SuperEliteSlayer Apr 17 @ 3:01pm 
Stormcloaks= Gondor/ Imperials = Elves/ Those jackass elves of skyrim Uruk Hai
sovietmustache Apr 15 @ 12:14am 
I feel insulted that the stormcloaks are labeled as evil by this mod
PotatStache Apr 9 @ 8:50pm 
btw, i love this mod.
but out of curiosity, is it possible to turn the Giants into Tree Ents?
masterassassin Apr 5 @ 5:23pm 
make the stormcloaks the forces of gondor becuase i hate the imperials
John Snow Apr 4 @ 7:52pm 
u should make the aldmeri dominion the orcs of mordor/dolgoldur
FusRoPro Apr 2 @ 10:44pm 
aww wut, the stormcloaks are uruk hai? cant the imperials be instead?
Pokey Fluffytail Mar 29 @ 6:11pm 
@amshotwell Why? They're racist douchebags. :/
amshotwell Mar 19 @ 5:21pm 
Can you change or make another version where the Imperials are the Uruk Hai and the Stormcloaks are the Forces of Gondor because i am a very big supporter of the Stormcloaks.