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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Multi-player
Mar 14, 2013 @ 5:09pm
Dec 12, 2013 @ 6:25am

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Relock on
Let's get animated!
Release date: Beta - 10th June 2014
Relock is a competitive shooter that arms you to the teeth with firearms in a mission to vanquish the oppressive United Orient & Terreloc Corporation. Complex yet intuitive weapon controls enable the player to feel genuine fear as they learn to master their weapons and experience great satisfaction as they eliminate their foes.

You will experience multiplayer gameplay like never before with advanced interactivity and immersion. Everything that you have learned from other games is worthless; this is a different type of game. No regenerating health (because bullets actually kill people), a core focus on team play and unlimited player weapon customisation.

Weapon customisation:
Seriously, you can make any weapon you want.

Current build information (Late Alpha):
  • 24 Player multiplayer mayhem
  • Insane weapon customisation
  • WIP Level Editor
  • Stat tracking

Download the Demo (Seriously out dated and broken, but it shows some of the handling mechanics):


Relock was inspired by 'Receiver' by Wolfire and is being developed by one developer, no big teams, no funding so please consider supporting me as a developer – I won’t let you down.

The Relock Alpha will be available soon at
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Sep 2, 2014 @ 11:19am
What would you like to see added to the next demo build?
< >
FifthRom Jan 17 @ 11:37am 
Haven't seen any news on main site, what is progress status now?

Looking forward to play this game :). And of course I already upvoted.
EngageAaron  [author] Jan 15 @ 4:04pm 
Me too huehue.
MidgetTerminator Jan 15 @ 5:44am 
hoping this game comes out
[vBc]macx Jan 13 @ 11:07am 
Kaboose17 Jan 11 @ 3:37am 
Very good game!!!!
Pezza | Void Stoone = pedo Dec 20, 2014 @ 9:06pm 
How is Linux support so far?
EngageAaron  [author] Dec 15, 2014 @ 3:16pm 
Still alive :)
BadSniper Nov 21, 2014 @ 7:42pm 
When's that kickstarter coming up? I really hope this project is still alive, it has so much promise!
Mr.Panda Nov 3, 2014 @ 2:38am 
Ariche2 Oct 18, 2014 @ 11:09am 
I love Reciever, and something like this would advance the sort of "gun simulator" genre a hell of a lot :D