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Rammstein Infection!
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Mar 14, 2013 @ 1:46am
Mar 22, 2013 @ 4:12am
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This mod replaces the infected music with Rammstein music

This can also be found on L4DMaps.com: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=24185

The mod so far:
- Hunter capture music- Der Meister NEW
- jockey ride music - Buck Dich NEW
- Spitter patch music - Links 234 NEW
- Charger pound music - Benzin NEW
- Boomer puke music - Zwitter NEW
- Tank - Rammstein and Du Hast NEW
- Smoker capture music- Sonne
- Witch attack music - Du Riechst So Gut
- Witch on fire music - Mein Herz Brennt
(may change it to Asche Zu Asche)

more will be added

Join my "Left 4 Rammstein" group to play L4D2 with others who subscribed to my mods and or to play L4D2 with me.

Comment if you want to suggest a change, a new infected music suggestion, have a question about the mod, or just want to say thanks. Give me good ratings if you like the mod.
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Travis4113 Oct 26 @ 8:36am 
The tank should be Zestoren
Mr. Pee Pee Toucher Oct 18 @ 2:01pm 
what voice command mod are you using in the video?
Woofdog Oct 10 @ 4:46pm 
Der Riechst So Gut doesn't really fit the Witch. It's not particularly menacing, and the whole German people talking in my ear is more confusing than anything.
47AqUa Oct 1 @ 5:21am 
fox mccloud Sep 4 @ 1:21pm 
all the best songs from rammstein!!!
cool !
I dont really like rock, this is just fitting I guess.
Бобрϟ Jul 19 @ 12:19pm 
Mr. Bones Jul 13 @ 11:39pm 
If I may suggest something music, Zerstören seems like it would fit the Tank as well. Great mod, 10/10, I love it.
Dr. Templar Jul 8 @ 8:50am 
hey, my last comment. ignore that, I can hear it fine. The bots were just killing them before the songs could play. But I got vomited on and I could hear it crystal clear! Well done!