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Mar 13, 2013 @ 6:54am
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Das Orginal der de_train Map bei Nacht .

The original of the map de_train at night.
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in your dreams Oct 7 @ 12:28am 
"The original of the map de_train at night." - It's not original yet. Update map!
GABE LE1TWELL Jun 26 @ 3:59am 
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Shred Jun 2 @ 3:25pm 
Really nice map.
MoSper May 16 @ 7:03am 
FREEMAN# xWheeleBoY Apr 15 @ 12:45am 
more flow into skybox..
Dvivoni Mar 21 @ 2:54pm 
5. More silenced weapons. If we're going to make the night maps stealth-friendly, we need to make new stealth-friendly wepaons for both sides to use. I know that might ruin the advantage that Counter Terrorist got with the silenced weapons in order to balance the game, but you can make these silenced weapons available only on "night mode" or something.
6. Improve the skybox. Make it even darker.
7. Remove some light sources. Some places should be kept dark in my opinion, in order to work with the other ideas I've shared with you.

Some of my advices here are for you (the map-maker) and some are for Valve to consider. I hope I've helped and didn't mean to hurt you or something. I had really fun playing your map and I love it so much so it gave me this idea now.
Dvivoni Mar 21 @ 2:54pm 
3. Use grenades as light sources. We would be able to use flash in order to light the room and give us a very quick peek on the room, high-explosive (or decoys exploding) grenades to give a very quick pick of the area of the explosion, and fire in order to see more of the area of it until it's over (which makes smoke even more useful at night than usual, since fire grenades would be a very dangerous weapon at nights).
4. Stealth-friendly maps with dark corners for players to hide in. I don't think about this one as making people camp in night maps but as making people check every corner in dark maps and hide in them from enemies so you will be able to move without danger.
Dvivoni Mar 21 @ 2:54pm 
I think that it could be fun is Valve will add a night version of each map in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. I think the night maps can be a "harder" version of the current day maps in the game. I have a few ideas for a night mode:
1. Limit what each player is able to see because of the dark. Make the players use the sound in order to detect enemies around you, attack and defend themselvs.
2. Players would be able to use a flashlight. They can turn it on and off by using a key on the keyboard. While the pros of using a flashlight are pretty obvious, the cons will be that by using the flashlight, while you will be able to see other people, they will be able to see you.
T.w² | Chains Jan 27 @ 7:00pm 
It's a good map, but the skybox could be better.
Dec 8, 2013 @ 11:14pm 
Awesome map, I really missed the bigger train map. The dark night theme is great, splendid job!