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Auriel's Bow upgrade
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Mar 12, 2013 @ 9:12pm
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This is a simple upgrade to Auriel's Bow, added by the Dawnguard DLC.

As an Archer in Skyrim, A bow used by a divine sounded like it should be a bit more powerful than Auriel's Bow really is. As a magical artifact used by a Divine, one would also think that it wouldn't run out of magical energy so easily.

This mod addresses both of these issues.

~Auriel's Bow now has a base damage value of 20 (was 13) This puts the bow on par with the Dragonbone Bow.
~The enchantment on Auriel's Bow no longer consumes Charges.
~The Bow's upper charge limit is now the maximum allowed by the Creation Kit.
~The description of the Bow is also a bit more accurate now, since Sun Damage technically triples when applied to Undead creatures. The Description reflects this.

V1.0: Initial Release

Compatibility notes:

This mod conflicts with
~Any mod that changes the unique enchantment on Auriel's Bow.
~Any mod that changes the bow itself in any way UNLESS the mod is a straight texture or model replacer that does not require an .esp file.

This mod is compatible with
~Arrows and Bolts Tweaks
~Any mod that changes the special Blessed or Cursed arrows Dawnguard adds specifically for Auriel's Bow
~Any mod that changes other bows or arrows.
~Any bow animation mods
~all other mods not covered in the Compatibility Notes
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dalevj Mar 12, 2013 @ 9:26pm 
I'll give it a go. I'm on another play through and thought the same thing the first time through regarding the "weakness" of the bow. I'll be interested to see the improvement once I reacquire it. I'm an archer/thief woodelf so it will come in handy!