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Mission Against Terror 2
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Multi-player
Mar 20, 2013 @ 7:31pm
May 18 @ 1:48am
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MAT Serpent Invasion Trailer
Updated game info
Mission Against Terror 2 offers what none other MMOFPS has to offer and on top of that, its casual! Customize your avatar and battle with it in style. There are hundreds of different costumes to choose from, along with different accessories to enhance your looks. The only limit is your imagination!

Plus, in staying true to its casual genre, the MAT game patch is updated from time to time and several major game modes are already available. Modes ranging from the conventional bomb match against other players, racing battles (Yes, there will be cars involved) to battling against mutated mummies! Getting married is also possible in MAT2, and there are pets that can be reared.

- Mummy Mode (I & II)
- Terminator Mode
- Tank Battle Mode.
- Doomsday
- Galactical Damnation
- Tomb Of The Dragon
- Serpent Invasion
- Inferno I & II

Being a team-based FPS game, at least for the most part of it, building a strong group of community is definitely a priority. In M.A.T 2, players will be able to build their own clans, train together and compete against others. Then, given enough training and skills, get serious and compete in tournaments!

For serious FPS gamers who are looking for a serious competition with a serious reward, then M.A.T is for you. Mission Against Terror International Championship (MATIC) is held every year since 2012 and the cash prize are truly lucrative, with as much as RM100, 000 and a chance to represent Malaysia in the International Championship and win more cash prize!

Model: F2P (Free to Play)
Status: Open Beta
Subgenre: First-Person Shooter.

Facebook URL:
(Our servers are located in Malaysia and Singapore)
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ChickenChap Nov 29 @ 4:56am 
It has P2W in it. I've tried it. The only way to compete with the "Pros" is by trying to kill them and after that, take their weapons and use it on them. It's hard to kill the "Pros", but, few hours of CSGO trying to headshot people made it possible to kill someone in this game.
Rion Jul 29 @ 1:10am 
WHY STEAM dont have this game
| ☆proost★| Jul 12 @ 4:46pm 
its too lagy mat 1 is better
Finn Jun 17 @ 4:00pm 
I really want this!
Über Kirbeeh Apr 5 @ 8:44am 
Why you're making this game to be like Microvolts? The Game indrustry has alredy too mutch pay to win games wich are begin milkd to dry. And besieds, why to vote this in steam, if the items would/will expire..
blame me for your mistakes Mar 25 @ 12:25am 
i want this!
[LFLD](-_-)GLADIATOR Mar 20 @ 5:43am 
I look forward to testing this game, I hope it will Greenlighté very quickly.
I voted yes
Thank you not to forget the French language if possible
thank you
dadarkshadow Mar 13 @ 4:21pm 
been years since its make and its still full of damn bugs and glitches! aint going anywhere unless those devolopers get off their asses and seriously focus in making the game better!
C@mbo_$am Feb 21 @ 6:27am 
it fun i been play this game for 3 year the fun part is bomb mode and clan war
GENJohnson509 Feb 15 @ 5:32pm 
Great game, been playing it for years.