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VJ Base

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VJ Base is used to make my addons work. It can also be used for fun as it comes with player/NPC weapons, and a lot of fun entities. It can also helps out server owners manage their servers. Look below at the feature list to give you an idea of what this base does. Always Remember: This base doesn't affect or change any of the configures from Garry's Mod, unless YOU change it to do so.
Found a bug? Post it in the Bug Reports under Discussions.
Update Changelogs are located in the Change Notes.
Version - 2.1
NOTE: Some features only apply if certain addons are installed!
  • Fully customizable menu
    • Also customizable through console commands!
    • Full customization for SNPCs
    • Full customization for HUDs and Crosshairs
    • Full customization for weapons
    • Report bugs and suggest things in-game
    • Downloaded addon list
    • Information tab
    • A lot more!
  • Advance Notifications
    • Announces any problems
    • Reads all of installed addons
    • Version Detector
    • Fully customizable menu
    • Advance HUD (To many features to list..)
    • Advance Crosshairs (Texture, color, size, opacity and etc...)
    • Disable or Enable Garry's Mod's Crosshair and HUD
    • No need to restart map or Garry's Mod for changes to take effect!
  • SNPC Bases
    • Creature Base
    • Animal base
    • Human Base
    • Includes friendly animals, humans and creatures
    • Test Base
  • SNPC Features
    • Almost everything is customizable through the menu and console
    • Difficulty System (Ex: Easy, normal, hard)
    • Advanced Melee Attack
    • Advanced Range Attack
    • Advanced Leap Attack
    • Realistic Behaviors (Ex: Calling for help, pushing certain props towards its enemy)
    • Realistic Relationships (Ex: Allies helping each other, Allies turning against each other)
    • Realistic Human Reactions (Ex: Seeing a grenade, talking, following the player)
    • Some have rare drops (Ex: Grenade, health pack and etc.)
    • Some attack certain objects (Ex: Wooden boxes, wooden planks)
    • Advance Player Reactions (Ex: Bleeding, slowing down, screen blur)
    • Fully Animated Models
    • Advanced Sound System (Ex: Pitch, volume, sound level)
    • Advanced Blood System (IEx: Blood decals, custom particles)
    • Advanced Bodygroups and Skins (Ex: Spawning with different clothes or skin color)
    • Some Gib depending on damage or death
    • Misc Animations (Ex: Flinching, death, scared and etc.)
    • Advanced Corpses
    • Ragdoll Models For each SNPC
    • Nice and Beautiful SpawnIcons
    • Advanced Notifications
  • Weapon features
    • NPC Controller
    • Comes with weapons that are useable by both NPCs and Players
    • Custom effects and particles
    • Fully Animated
    • Most weapons have a far away sound effect that gives a war-like feeling
    • Ak-47 for NPCs and Players
    • Glock 17 for NPCs and Players
    • M16A1 for NPCs and Players
    • MP 40 for NPCs and Players
  • Extra Stuff
    • Admin health kit
    • Grenade Entity
    • Fireplace
    • Test NPC
Addons that use VJ base
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Help & Support
  • Regular bug fixes
    • Sometimes bugs can get fixed by just simply restarting Garry's Mod or Steam
    • If Garry's Mod freezes or lags to much, then you have a bad PC or too many addons.
    • Many times you have to restart Garry's Mod after you installed or updated an addon
    • If workshop isn't downloading the addon, then try again later or the next day, this is just the Steam Connections being under heavy traffic
  • How to make to make humans shoot weapons
    Simply select "Default Weapon" and the game will automatically give the SNPC the proper weapons it needs or you can give the SNPC a specific weapon, but it's recommended to only give weapons that run on VJ Base.
  • Why are my models invisible?
    Reason is, the models only support DirectX9+. If you have anything lower than that, the models won't work and will become invisible. This also applies to the original game too! So don't tell me to make the models support for lower, it is impossible.
    You can always try this to fix it this way: Link
To Do List - Last Updated: March 27, 2015
  • Make NPC tools
DrVrej(Me) - Everything, from coding to fixing models and materials
Black Mesa Source Developers - For original non-edited gib models, blood pool particle/texture and original glock 17 model
Rogue Cheney - For the rocket particles
Valve - For the original AK-47, M16A1 and MP40
Orion - For helping with some of the SNPC codes
Cpt. Hazama - Helped with some codes
BOO342 - Fireplace model

Copyright © 2012-2015 by DrVrej, All rights reserved.
All trademarks are property of their respective owners.
No parts of this coding or any of its contents may be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted, without the prior written consent of the author, unless otherwise indicated for stand-alone materials. Doing so would be violating Valves Terms and Conditions.
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Norfindel 34 minutes ago 
im just saying that another idea for SNPCs are the fear 1 replica, and atc security guards
DrVrej  [author] 1 hour ago 
@[LsrW] Nathan: Well if they don't see you for a certain amount of time, they lose track of you. As for stealth, I have something like that already, if you sneak, their sight distance is lowered by like 75%.
[LsrW] Nathan 2 hours ago 
Hey Vrej! Love your addons so far, but I'd like to make a suggestion: I know, this might be complicated due to performance issues (Garry -.-) or even just general complications with code. Would it be possible for there to be some sort of stealth system with your NPCs? I mean, being able to run and crouch somewhere and they'd loose track of you? I've seen this happen with your Military NPC's but rarely, it would be pretty fun to actually run away and hide from the Cry Of Fear SNPC's you recently released. I understand if this is too much to ask, just a friendly suggestion. Cheers!
Ghost 3 hours ago 
@DrVrej: Thanks
DrVrej  [author] 5 hours ago 
@Ghost: Scripted NPC
Ghost 7 hours ago 
what is a snpc?
DrVrej  [author] 18 hours ago 
@JohnsonLiveTV: Such a big deal right? Even though it disappears in 2 seconds, but still it ruins my whole experience that's GMod delivers. I think I should kill myself for making it.
JohnsonLiveTV 18 hours ago 
I'd use this if it didn't announce that it was installed on every initial spawn..JS.
the42project May 26 @ 12:21pm 
how do i refill my ak-47's ammo?
DrVrej  [author] May 26 @ 11:58am 
@xentionX: That's not my addon doing it.