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VJ Base

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VJ Base is an addon that is used to create many different types of addons. It's especially used for creating SNPCs, as it comes with one of the most advanced artificial intelligence that exists in Garry's Mod. Check out the feature list to get an idea of what the base does.
Version - 2.3.3
Update Changelogs are located in the Change Notes

Official and unofficial community addons can be found: Here
Made an addon with this base and want it to be listed in the collection? Let me know!
Want to make a addon with this base? Follow these links.

Features may differ between two addons and not all features are listed!
  • Spawn and Settings Menu
    • Automatically adds SNPCs, weapons, entities, etc. to the VJ Base spawn menu
    • Organized and easy-to-use spawn menu
    • Full customization for SNPCs and weapons (To be released: HUDs and Crosshairs)
    • All settings and options are convars that can also be changed through the console
    • Useful Clean up buttons!
    • Report bugs or give suggestions in-game
    • Installed addons tab that reads all installed VJ addons
    • Information and developer tab
    • A lot more!
  • SNPC Bases
    • Animal, Creature, and Human bases
    • Subbases:
      • Tank chassis and tank gunner bases
      • Flying and stationary base
  • SNPC Features
    • Almost everything is customizable through the menu and console
    • Difficulty System (Ex: Easy, normal, etc.)
    • Advanced melee, range and leap attack (Ex: Unlimited number of attacks!)
    • Realistic Behaviors (Ex: Calling for help, pushing certain props towards its enemy, etc.)
    • Realistic Relationships (Ex: Allies helping each other, player allies turn aganist the player, etc.)
    • Realistic Human Reactions (Ex: Seeing a grenade, talking, following the player, etc.)
    • Advance Player Reactions (Ex: Bleeding, slowing down, screen blur, etc.)
    • Advanced Sounds (Ex: Pitch, volume, anti-overlap, stops when dead, etc.)
    • Advanced Blood System (Ex: custom decals + particles, bloodpools, etc.)
    • Advanced Bodygroups and Skins (Ex: Skin color, clothing, etc.)
    • Some Gib depending on damage or death
    • Misc Animations (Ex: Flinch, death, scared, etc.)
    • Advanced Corpses (Ex: Editable corpse limit, bloodpools, etc.)
    • Some have rare drops (Ex: Grenade, health pack, etc.)
    • Beautiful Spawnicons
    • RP-like Notifications (Ex: "Blank no longer likes you!")
  • Weapon features
    • NPC Controller
    • Adds weapons that can be used by NPCs and Players:
      • Blaster, Ak-47, Glock 17, M16A1, MP 40, Flare Gun, SMG1, SPAS-12, .357 Magnum, 9mm Pistol, AR2, RPG
    • Custom effects and particles
    • Misc animations(Ex: Idle)
    • Most weapons have a distant sound effect that gives a war-like feeling
  • Adds Useful Tools
    • NPC Spawner
    • NPC Relationship Modifier
    • NPC Property Modifier
    • NPC Mover
    • NPC Bullseye
    • Entity Scanner
  • Miscellaneous
    • Admin health kit
    • Grenade entity
    • Fireplace
    • Wooden board
    • Flare round
    • Test SNPCs


  • Incompatible Addons: Link
  • Restart Garry's Mod after installing or updating an addon!
  • Not downloading?
    Steam services might be under heavy traffic, so just wait until later or tomorrow.
  • Lagging?
    Lag can be caused when too many addons are installed or your PC isn't powerful enough, enable multicore rendering!
  • How to give weapons to humans?
    Simply select "Default Weapon" to automatically give the SNPC the proper weapons it needs or select a specific weapon. Recommended to only give weapons that run on VJ Base!
  • Why are my models invisible?
    Some models only support DirectX9+ If you have anything lower than that, the models will become invisible. This also applies to the original game too! So it can't be fixed.
    Easiest way to fix it: Link

  • DrVrej(Me) - Everything, from coding to fixing models and materials to sound editing
  • Black Mesa Source - Original non-edited gib models, blood pool texture, and glock 17 model
  • Valve - AK-47, M16A1 and MP40 models
  • Orion - Coding helper
  • Cpt. Hazama - Suggestions + testing
  • BOO342 - Fireplace model

Copyright © 2012-2017 by DrVrej, All rights reserved.
All trademarks are property of their respective owners.
No parts of this coding or any of its contents may be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted, without the prior written consent of the author, unless otherwise indicated for stand-alone materials. Doing so would be violating Valve's Terms and Conditions.
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bonk71774 10 hours ago 
The VJ_AK-47 and VJ_M16A1 spawn on NPCs pants instead of their hands. Please fix it soon.
squartron 14 hours ago 
k thx
DrVrej  [author] 14 hours ago 
@squartron: Yes, it's called settings menu.
squartron 15 hours ago 
Is there any way I can disable npc music?
Derp-kun May 20 @ 2:16pm 
does the AI have automatic pathfinding? that would be great for maps like gm_bigcity and gm_greenland.
smasher May 18 @ 7:52pm 
oh i have a problem i have enabled VjBase but it still says its not enabled.
Preduter May 17 @ 5:27am 
what the hell is the NPC holding the penis AK 47 and M16 ?how to fix ?
GokuDamian May 16 @ 7:58pm 
im trying to use tanks they move but they dont shoot
i Nate Higgers May 15 @ 3:06pm 
Hey Drvrej are you working on any new addons?
DrVrej  [author] May 15 @ 2:58pm 
@MagicalFruitBasket: Currently there is no option for it, I may add it in the future though. But with the current version, you have to code it yourself.