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Expanded Bound Weapons v2.2 (inc. Bound Shield)
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Apr 19, 2012 @ 7:14am
Nov 23, 2013 @ 2:12pm
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Adds the missing bound weapon types and enhances the enchantment to make them a bit more useful at higher levels.

Weapons are balanced at the same level as the current bound weapons. Adds Bound Dagger, Mace, War Axe, Claymore and Warhammer spells and tomes. Also adds a Bound Pick for miners (Note: the War Axe will also chop fire wood).

Tomes are added to the leveled lists so they will appear anywhere spell tomes of the appropriate level are available. One-handed weapons are Novice and Two-handed are Apprentice.

If you have Oblivion Binding, it will add a chance to cause undead to explode on 'death' in the same way as Dawnbreaker.

3 Apprentice level spells (and tomes) now provide 1-handed weapons and a Bound Shield. The shield has the same stats as a Daedric Shield and provides a basic 15% fire resistance. With Augmented xxxx perks, the appropriate resistance is increased by 15% for each perk (so max 45% fire, 30% frost and 30% shock). The Soul Binding perk gives 15% poison and disease resistance and Oblivion Binding gives 15% magic resistance.

(Note: to make the Bound Shield work, the spells will only equip in the right hand. The spell tomes for these will only be for sale when your Conjuration gets close to 25).

v2.2 - Fixed the issue with the weapon and shield spells leaving your left hand empty after the spell expires. I have also removed the fire / frost / shock damage from these bound weapons to balance them against my new fire / frost / shock bound weapons.
v2.1 - Fixed the random disappearing Bound Shield bug
v2.0 - After much messing about, I have finally(!) managed a functional work around for Bound Shields that I am happy with. 3 new spells added at Apprentice level to introduce bound shields
v1.3 - Adjusted the flames mesh on the mace and warhammer to fit better
v1.2 - Corrected a bug with the two-handed weapons and spell descriptions
v1.1 - Added Bound Pickaxe and modified the one-handed axe to work on woodcutting blocks. Spell tome for Bound Pickaxe added to spell tome sellers
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Apple303 7 hours ago 
So I was testing this out, having been pretty bummed at the lack of cool bound weapons in the vanilla game. I didn't run into too many problems, but when I conjured my bound sword and shield, it told me I was carrying too much to be able to run all of a sudden (which was a little problematic mid-combat) which I thought was odd.

I guessed maybe the sword and/or the shield have a 'weight' assigned to them, despite being spirit weapons. So I tried 'sheathing' the spell to make it go away like normal, but the shield remained in my hand. I thought that was odd, but I just manually re-equipped my normal shield. This did not, however, lower the weight I was carrying. Upon further inspection, I found the bound shield (and all it's delicious enchantments) had been placed into my inventory.

I'm not sure if that's supposed to happen, but I assume it's not, so I figured I'd let you know.
danielreyes0707 Aug 2 @ 11:59pm 
Perfect for a battle mage!
ƒαtαl_εrrΘrŽ Aug 1 @ 12:04pm 
can you tell me how you made theese? i've been wanting to create bound spells with more weapon types maybe even armors
Venomousbeetle Jul 30 @ 2:59pm 
Uh why does the bound shield have weight lol

that defeats the purpose of bound items
MadMarbleHead Jul 16 @ 2:36pm 
Bound Crossbow!!!
MadMarbleHead Jul 15 @ 9:11pm 
You should work with Sir Smiles to make his Bound Weapon Tweaks mod work with this one.
MadMarbleHead Jul 15 @ 8:58pm 
This is beautifully done! That said, the descriptions could use a little tweaking.
Vextin Jul 13 @ 1:17pm 
This is just the mod I was looking for! I like tha you added bound tools as well!
Warden  [author] Jun 23 @ 11:45am 
not specifically... they should appear at all conjuration sellers once you reach the right skill level (about 5 below each of the thresholds)
[MLP] Graf Eisen V17A Jun 22 @ 7:57pm 
Does anyone specifically sell the tomes?