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Music Plus
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Feb 24 @ 2:34am
Mar 7 @ 8:38pm
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Music Plus

ID - 1311735130

This mod adds 2 Structures a Record Player and Records to the game.
These structures are designed to allow the player to select and listen to music in game via placement of records upon the record player.

Player - This structure provides a solitary snap for the records you play.

Record - These structures hold the songs/tracks played each record holds logic for up to 40 tracks each.

Bell Lyra - similar to the war drum seated players may use action bar 1 - 0 to play different notes.

Using the Graph Editor i have created a fair amount of custom logic that you would expect to see upon a musical structure.
all of these functions are accessed via the Activation Wheel when holding E.

Volume Options - Raise, Lower, Maximize & Mute.
Track Controls - Direct Set 1-40, Skip, Reverse.
Play Control - Cycle whole album, Shuffle play tracks at random & Repeat loop a song indefinitely.

Rough Roadmap.
Phase 1 is to try establish logic through the graph editor to change songs via a new UI(Established).
Phase 2 following the establishment of new graph logic Records to house Multiple tracks in their category which are selected and played through new UI.(Established)
Phase 3 expand graph logic to include control aspects such as volume pitch & looping.(Established)
Phase 4 add 1 record per category & structure the mod.(Current)

End Ideals - To provide a discussion detailing all tracks their names, albums & artists. Also to provide in game reference of tracks & the records they play from(probably note form similar to recipes).

To give u all an idea of the potential of this mod i have listed some of my track sources below.
Given the file size demand for audio format files i will not be able to add all songs but instead a few albums.
Also worth noting that not all tracks are viable some are simply to short or to long to be included & others which simply lose to much quality.
Tracks Added Via Category Count.
Total Time in hours.--------------------------------------------------09:50:20
Happy--------40/351--------------(Checked 91)--------------------02:09:30
Calm---------40/382--------------(Checked 70)---------------------01:41:34
Dramatic-----40/407--------------(Checked 112, 40 reserved)------02:08:34
Inspirational-40/220--------------(Checked 60)---------------------01:57:15
Romantic-----40/77---------------(Checked All)---------------------01:53:27

Owing to the fact i have over 17 instruments to experiment with i have decided to leave this for a seperate mod upon completion of this mods roadmap.
until then the bell lyra will remain part of this mod.

this mod was initially going to be part of my other mod Resource Plus but given the level of data involved i think its best the 2 are made seperately.

If you discover any bugs please feel free to use the comments to report it does not hold so much logic to warrant an entire discussion.
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In-Game Mar 9 @ 8:18am 
perhaps take a look at the how the glider atches to your chest armor. perhaps it can be teathered to a peice of chest armor on the offhand item slot.
McBane  [author] Mar 8 @ 5:53pm 
Presently it would require taking the structure with you in some manner, it is why i have given it such a high range for now. i am considering possibilities for a portable radio but i first need to determine how to tether structures to one another via the graph editor.
In-Game Mar 8 @ 9:58am 
is there a way to take the music with you when your out farming?
McBane  [author] Mar 7 @ 8:43pm 
this update adds the new action bar cycling logic for bell lyra with use of the tilde ( ` ) for advance and hyphen ( - ) for reverse. Added inspire album with 40 tracks.
McBane  [author] Mar 6 @ 11:57pm 
Changed logic for bell lyra to allow for action bar cycle, to allow for a total of 29 notes, Seated players can press keys to advance/reverse the bar.
` Forwards (tilde)
- Backwards (hyphen)
following this i am returning to my initial goal of adding albums, Instruments is something i will return to in the future in the form of a new mod as i have so many of them(17 total).
McBane  [author] Mar 5 @ 12:06am 
Cooking an upload which adds a new experimental structure to the mod Bell Lyra a new instrument similar to the Wardrum, Seated players may play musical notes using action bars 1-0.
McBane  [author] Mar 2 @ 4:16am 
I have expanded the graph logic to incorperate alot of what you would expect to deal with on a musical device. these are all set via Activation Wheel.

Expect the update in the next day or two as i still need to finalize attentuation(Fade over distance settings) & further expand the depth to volume control.

Volume Control
Raise - raise volume by 10
Lower - reduce volume by 10
Max - maximize volume to 100
Mute - minimize volume to 0
Track Control
Skip - Advance the album to next track
Reverse - Revert the album to prior track
Play Options
Cycle - which is on by default(this option plays tracks in succession)
Repeat - Loops the current track.
Shuffle - randomly play songs through the whole album indefinitely. Additionally i have raised
McBane  [author] Feb 27 @ 6:18pm 
@Hexx, Honestly this is something im still not sure about, considered that it would be a good addition to allow players to load in there own music in a fashion similar to paints. but as i have only just begun to learn the more complex side of ADK i still don't know what i will or wont be able to do with it.
H3xx Feb 27 @ 7:49am 
I don't suppose the audio files are loose in the download and not baked into the mod? I know how Unreal likes to cram things all together, but it would be nice to have maybe one or two included songs, and a bunch of blank .wav files we could replace for our own music.
McBane  [author] Feb 25 @ 5:02am 
The audio files are WAV unfortunately since other file formats do not appear to be compatible with ADK.