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Sound the Bugle
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Mar 5, 2013 @ 8:29pm
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leave me lying here ;_;

Death Music
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ProtectedVLS May 23 @ 4:05am 
I tried to use this mod but no music plays
russames Mar 31 @ 4:39pm 
in left for dead 3 i want Bill as a zombie but it WONT happen cause of his heart condition
russames Mar 31 @ 4:36pm 
well not dead yet but acctually dead i a few years if you see him say to him rest in peace D:
russames Mar 31 @ 4:35pm 
plus Bill is dead he died of a heart problem but they let him finish hs last script
russames Mar 31 @ 4:29pm 
true ending song with this addon he starts crawling up agianst the generator with this music playing
russames Mar 31 @ 4:28pm 
Bill the guy ho sacrafised himself and charged three tanks with a single moltov and fought to the death trying to save them and success happened they lived but he couldedn't go on
Bill died a Hero in honour of Bill rest in piece old ma make us proud :)
erson03 Feb 22 @ 4:14am 
:( В!!! Я.!.Р Так
god speed you magnifacent basterd
Angel of Death Jan 19 @ 8:38pm 
Bill died a hero, R.I.P. Bill
phantom7489 Jan 12 @ 2:55pm 
one of the best videos i'v seen so far