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Basic L4D2 Terminology / Slang
By 3errick
Common L4D2 terms and their meanings.
I hope that you will find this guide helpful in understanding the terms, lingo, jargon and abbreviations that players use :)

Also, you may be interested in reading a highly detailed versus guide in the link below.
Or a Realism Expert Guide.

Starting the Game

Ready. It is used to inform the other team that you are ready to start.
-1 or -2:
Missing players, teams are not completely filled with human players yet.
To kill/shove the special infected pinning a survivor.
Kill a charger with a melee weapon while it is charging.
To successfully shove a hunter/jockey in mid-air as they are pouncing/leaping towards you.
Cut the tongue:
To use a sharp weapon to cut the smoker’s tongue as it is launching its tongue at you.
Killing a special infected as they are flying in the air towards you.
Crown/ Cr0wn:
Killing the witch in one hit (done with the shotgun).
Mouse button 2, which is the shove button.

To lure the infected to attack/spawn too early (versus mode).
Quickly progressing through the map.
Spawns are down/up:
This is a phrase used in versus. If spawns are down, it means that the infected team are all waiting for spawn timers to recharge and will be unable to attack for some time. Use this opportunity to rush through the map.
Block spawns:
Preventing the special infected from spawning nearby by having line of sight of the nearby areas that they could spawn in- covering all good locations that the infected can spawn from.

B&W/ bw:
Black and white. It means that the next time that survivor goes down, he/she is dead.
Karma Charger:
When a charger appears seemingly out of nowhere, instantly killing you by dragging you off a ledge or just pummeling you into oblivion in a spot where your teammates can't save you. Only used when the person who gets attacked by the Charger deserves it (due to their in-game transgressions).

Survivors and the Tank

To shoot the tank while running away from it, usually around some building(s) or structure(s).
Rush the tank:
Proactively seeking and attacking the tank rather than waiting for the infected to launch the first attack.
Skeet a rock:
Destroying the tank’s rock in mid-air.
To fake out of position. In L4D2, juke is usually used with reference to the tank. Example, to juke the tank, is to cause the tank to miss its punch. Usually performed by changing direction at the last second.

Important places

Places where there is a good chance for the infected to deal a lot of damage to survivors or to kill one or more survivors. E.g. narrow corridors or ladders.
One way/ no return:
Point that where survivors cross, they will not be able to return to the previous area. E.g. places where survivors will jump down and there is no ladder up (No mercy rooftop finale). These places are also usually chokepoints.
Being slowed down by paths that are covered with water. Water will slow survivors down but not infected. Could also mean that the tank is being slowed by survivors’ gunfire.
Sections where you need to activate a switch or event that triggers a large horde of zombies to attack you until the event ends. Some crescendo events will end after some time, others will need the survivors to either trigger the off switch or to reach the safehouse before the horde stops spawning.


Permanent health (perm):
Health that does not drop over time.
Temporary health (temp):
Health that drops over time.
Bleeding out:
Survivors on temporary health. Temporary health will fall over time.
Survivors with above 40 hp.


Hunting rifle.
Mag / Deagle/ Desert Eagle:
Magnum gun.
Tier 1:
Pump/ Chrome Shotgun. Uzi and Silenced Machine Gun.
Tier 2:
Auto shotguns, rifles and snipers. Tier 2 weapons are more powerful than tier 1 weapons.
Tier 3/ Special Tier:
M60, Chainsaw and Grenade Launcher.
Pipe Bomb
Bile bomb

Less common phrases

A person who gives direction to the team.
Ghost/ Ghosting:
For versus mode only. When playing as an infected, the time that before you spawn. When playing as a survivor, it means causing your survivor outline to disappear from human infected players view by not shooting or running for some time.
Competitive server plugin meant to balance multiplayer gameplay in versus.
A scenario where the tank seems to be able to punch further than it should be able to. It is caused by high ping (latency). It can also be caused by changing the game's lerp[www.l4dnation.com] settings.
Large number of common infected
Natural horde:
Horde that is spawned by the game rather than attracted by the boomer’s bile. Natural hordes are spawned every now and then by the game director.
Common/ CI:
Common infected
Special Infected- Jockey, Smoker, Charger, Hunter, Boomer and Spitter.

Cover survivor(s) with boomers vomit.
Catching a survivor with the smoker.
Catching a survivor with the hunter.
Catching a survivor with the charger.
Catching a survivor with the jockey (I don’t think this is a common term).
When a special infected catches a survivor infected capable of pinning them- jockey, smoker, hunter or charger.
To render a survivor incapacitated.
Instant incap:
To hit a survivor in such a way that they are instantly incapacitated (e.g. getting hit by a car).
Scratch/ Claw:
Damaging the survivors as a special infected using the secondary attack button.
Instant Kill, Death Charge, Death Jockey, Death Smoke, Death Pounce and Death Punch:
Instantly killing a survivor by either causing them to fall from a great height or into deep water.

Stealing another SI’s prey. This is usually a bad idea.
Spawning ahead of time. Usually you want to spawn at the last possible second. Prespawning allows the survivors to know where you are.


Tri-boom or Quad-boom:
To cover three or four survivors with vomit respectively.
Proxy boom:
Covering survivors with bile by exploding on them.
Rocket boom:
Jumping down from a high place on to survivors as a boomer.


Vertical wall climb:
Climbing straight up the wall/pole without the need of another wall.
Wall jump:
Pouncing off from the walls to climb up structures/ buildings.
Damage pounce (dp):
Doing damage from the impact of the pounce. The damage dealt is calculated by using the straight-line distance from where the hunter last pounced from to where the hunter landed on the survivor. Damage is capped at 25.


An item that a tank can punch which will fly towards survivors causing damage. Cars, Baggage Carts, etc
To commit to an attack. E.g. if the tank commits to an attack, the player controlling the tank will attack the survivors without backing out.

Infected team formations

Jockey, Smoker, Charger or Hunter. Infected that are capable of pinning a survivor.
Three cappers and a non-capper.
Two cappers and two non-cappers.
Dual cap:
Pinning two survivors at the same time.
Tri cap:
Pinning three survivors at the same time by any three cappers.
Quad cap:
Pinning four survivors at the same time. Only possible in L4D1.

Sacrifice a special infected that is useless in the next attack, by sending it to die. The special infected that is sacked is usually the spitter.
Advanced Stuff
Curve rock:
Causing the rock to be launched from a point that is away from the tank, usually on the right or left of the tank, allowing it to throw rocks from behind cover.
An action that allows the tank to throw a rock and punch at the same time.
Jump rock:
Jumping and throwing a rock at the same time.
God frames/ Invulnerability:
Time that the survivor takes no damage (always 2s when they are given god frames from either being released from a smoker/hunter/jockey/charger).
Draw crown/ Remote Crown:
Angering the witch from the distance causing it to run towards you, followed by killing the witch when she reaches you.
Sack order:
Order that the special infected should die to optimize the types of spawns that are available for the next attack.

All of these advanced stuff are detailed in the following link
Terms that are not limited to just L4D2
Friendly fire.
Good Luck Have Fun :)
Good game.
Ragequit- To stop playing a game because they are unhappy with something that happened in the game.
Line of sight
Public game. It can also refer to players who randomly join a game.
When an organized team of friends plays against a team of random people who join a public server.
Winning the match against the players who created a game for pubstomping.
Competitive match between two teams (not random players).
Bunnyhop/ Bhop:
Moving faster by using a special jumping method.


I took some reference from this guide http://www.l4dnation.com/wiki/Glossary_of_Terms

Thank you for reading!
Thumbs up if this guide helps :)
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STIFFY GOT THE BLICKY UH Jan 10 @ 11:19pm 
wow this is really cool. thanks for this guide!
no smoochin yall Dec 27, 2017 @ 1:01am 
dead but Warroom:
listen to survivor/infected's communications during tank in comp streams/matches
๖ۣۜPyros Apr 11, 2014 @ 7:29am 
Oh and, i think that M2 is a community term, as it is used even in TF2 and CSGO:
in TF2: the ability of the Pyro to airblast incoming rockets and grenades.
In CSGO: aim downscopes, put silencers and toss grenades.
๖ۣۜPyros Apr 11, 2014 @ 7:25am 
Best way to kill a witch: shoot her in the head with the scope of HR and then, if possible, use Csaw or shoot again.
carrot Sep 16, 2013 @ 9:40pm 
@Griggitygrim 0.15 is 150 lerp.
Glenoz Jul 26, 2013 @ 9:21am 
its crowning because u are shooting her in teh damn face. thats why soh
3errick  [author] Jun 8, 2013 @ 1:28am 
@soh_cah_toa, it's a L4D1 achievement.
@ƤΘЯƬΛ, pcw= practice clan warz, or a match between two teams.
soh_cah_toa Jun 6, 2013 @ 10:32pm 
I've always wondered why one-shoting the witch is called crowning. What does that have to do with crowns?
PIFF Jun 4, 2013 @ 5:49am 
sometimes on l4d2 you can do a quadrapin because sometimes you can get two hunters
Gisko Jun 2, 2013 @ 3:06am 
pls add term "PCW". I heard this somewhere with CONFOGL but i dont know what does it mean