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The Sandbox
Category: Education
Platforms: PC
Languages: English, French, Spanish
Players: Single-player
Mar 5, 2013 @ 4:31am
Apr 22, 2014 @ 9:20am
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The Sandbox is now available on Steam in Early Access!
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Release date: April 22nd, 2014
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The acclaimed world-building game featuring a unique mission-based approach is coming onto PC via Steam Early Access. With over 10 million players on mobile & tablets versions and 550,000 pixel blocks creations shared in the Online Gallery to date, this PC version is taking world crafting simulation to the next level!

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The Sandbox is a unique world building & crafting game featuring over 150+ physics elements presented in 2D pixel blocks that can interact with each others. Players can craft amazing worlds, create pixel art, chain reactions, chiptune music, advanced contraptions, electric circuits or just play with physics.

Play with basic elements ranging from simple water, stone, sand, wood, glass, lava, fire, to more complex: electricity, metal, virus, antivirus,heater, cooler, lasers, pipes, gems, sensors, leds TNT, C4, crosswire, conveyor belt, music instruments etc.

That's not all, The Sandbox features also a wide range of casual elements, just for fun! Fish, bees, lion, flamingo, humans, zombies, robots, aliens, dinosaurs, monuments, tanks, cars, trucks!

Steam Exclusive Features
The Steam PC version of The Sandbox is a Premium adaptation of Pixowl’s famous HIT! No microtransactions, the player will unlock access to all the elements by playing. This Steam Version of our World builder Game propose all the basic elements and the 11 original campaigns to explore: Initial Story, Dinosaurs, Pixel Art, Music, User-Created, Lasers and pipes, Contraptions, Humans, Zombies, Robots and last but not least, the Alien Invasion!

A few thrilling features of the PC version:
  • Exclusively on Steam, our new HD FREE MODE will allow players to craft virtual worlds at 4x the resolution of the mobile version
  • 150 physics elements are available
  • Ultra-precise controls with mouse, trackpad or touch support (for touch-screen only)
  • Windowed display or fullscreen mode
  • Cloud saving of your progression online and syncing across multiple PCs via with Steam Cloud
  • Cross-platform compatibility of your worlds: create on PC, view on Mobile or vice-versa
  • No advertisements or interstitial screens
  • Access to the Online Gallery with more than 500,000 creations

Game Features
  • Over 150 elements you can combine for different physical effects
  • A classic/retro 8-bit interface
  • Easy to understand tutorials get you started building worlds
  • 11 Individual Campaigns: Initial Story, Contraptions, Pixel Art, Dinosaurs, User-Created, Lasers & Pipes, Music, Humans, Zombies, Robots and last but not least, the Alien Invasion!
  • 161 puzzle Levels in total -- dozens of hours of mind challenging content for your brain!
  • Compose your own chiptune melodies you can play in-game. You may choose the following instruments: Note, Guitar, Bass, Trumpet and Drums
  • Add advanced elements to your worlds:
    • Vehicles -- Cars, tanks and trucks are all available for your use within your world!
    • Contraptions -- LEDs, conveyor belts, lasers, pipes and multiple sensors are all available to bring your world into the age of technology!
    • Bring life to your worlds: Add humans and use Magic Job Powders to turn them into miners, builders, hunters, woodcutters or… ZOMBIES!
    • Zombies -- Turn your mild-mannered human into a brain eating beast that wreaks havoc on your world!
    • Robots -- Have robots taken over your world? You better obey your metal masters, puny human animals!
    • Add dinosaurs and protect them from extinction (or, recreate the BIG BANG and wipe them from the face of the Earth - the choice is yours!)
    • Add animals, fish and fireflies to your worlds and watch as their behavior creates “natural drama” that rivals any reality TV show!
    • Use our decorations and add awesome real-life wonders to your landscapes: The Eiffel Tower, a crashed UFO, the pyramids, futuristic buildings and a giant robot are all available at your fingertips!
    • Use TNT or C4 to wreak havoc with powerful explosions or light up your sky with meteors and fireworks

Share your creations with the world
Share your favorite universe in The Sandbox’s Online Gallery (
Search the gallery to see the creations of other players (550,000 worlds and climbing!)
Rate other players’ worlds and add in your own elements to give them a surprise effect

Are you stuck on a level and need help?
Check the forums:

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Arnas Dah Xenomorph :3
Feb 16, 2014 @ 2:27am
Microtransactions comming to Steam?
Apr 22, 2014 @ 2:30am
Would you make the Humans fun?
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its free on mobile wait.... are you retarded?
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yihuu i played on iphone very nice game
Element Oct 4 @ 1:05am 
Mutasm Sep 26 @ 1:40pm 
lol Awesome play
Bear The Dog Jun 23 @ 5:10pm 
I played this on my phone and its cool.
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она уже должна была выйти а не вышла уже 2015 год
The Sandbox  [author] May 4 @ 2:49am 
Sure, but there are more in-app purchases in it! ^^
danielholmes098 Apr 28 @ 5:45pm 
If you have a Mac you can find this game on the Apple app store for free
Drawen Feb 23 @ 10:16am 
ℊ➁ⓐ.com | I ♡ BANANA™ Nov 10, 2014 @ 10:32am 
love all of it