E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy

E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy

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Beginner's Guide To E.Y.E.
By what am i doing
Basic character building information and an explanation of how many basic gameplay mechanics work.

Hi. This guide is chiefly for new players and for people who find EYE confusing. I realize it's fairly long, but, trust me, it's a lot easier than trying to figure this stuff out on your own. EYE is a 90s game at heart. It's complex and it doesn't hold your hand at all.

This guide will help you understand character creation, and also the various things you'll see when you open up the character menu.

About EYE itself: EYE is similar in many ways to Morrowind. Both games have action gameplay that might make you think they're just an FPS and an action-adventure game, respectively; and both of them are actually Classic RPGs that happen to have action gameplay instead of the traditional isometric round-based gameplay that most CRPGs have.

And, like Morrowind, a lot of players go into EYE expecting action, find themselves confused by the vast amount of RPG elements, end up being chewed up and spat out by the game, and never touch it again.

This much must be clear: EYE is an RPG first, an FPS second. With that in mind, let's move onto an important stage in all RPGs.
Character Generation
Character generation is a very crucial part of RPGs. In EYE's case, character generation is fairly brief yet confusing. You're given several DNA types, told to mix and match them, and BAM, that's it, character generation is done.

With that in mind, I'm not going to go into detail, I'm simply going to list the character archetypes attached to each gene. Whichever archetype suits your fancy? Pick three of that gene, click Genetic Fusion a few times if you like, and go.


Slightly weak but clever hacker with good mental health.
  • Gene: Binah

Tough hard hitting melee / heavy weapons guy, your average soldier.
  • Gene: Yesod

Fast, agile marksman or ninja, a bit frail.
  • Gene: Netzah

Psychic with calm, balanced mind, bad with technology and guns.
  • Gene: Tiphereth

Extremely tough, strong, agile berzerker, terrible with technology and teetering on the brink of madness.
  • Gene: Guebereh

Powerful, resilient psychic who can't handle a gun and teetering on the brink of madness.
  • Gene: Kether

Highly skilled hacker/healer, great with guns, a bit frail.
  • Gene: Hochmah

The MetaStreum and Normal genes are a bit different. MetaStreum randomly gives you a bunch of really high and really low stats; Normal puts them close to their default value of 30.

I personally recommend Hochmah as it gives you high bonuses with minimal penalties, and the attribute bonuses it gives you are really great, as you'll see later in the guide. No matter what genes you choose here, you're free to boost any attributes you want whenever you level up and gain attribute points; these genes just determine what your character will be like for the first couple dozen levels

Note that if you're the powergaming sort, the best way to achieve high overall statistics is to select all MetaStreum genes and then click Genetic Fusion until most or all values are high. Due to the way skill increases cost more at higher levels, this isn't really going to yield a benefit in the long term, but if you don't mind some boring clicking it can give you a leg up early on.
This section covers your character's attributes and their functions.

When feeling indecisive about how to spend points, Endurance is generally the safest bet, as it benefits just about every sort of character due to increasing both health and energy.

Strength increases melee damage, and lets you carry more (or move faster with the same amount).

Psi Force
In a nutshell, Psi Force makes your spells more effective. But also, some enemies can resist offensive spells; the higher your Psi Force is, the less likely for them to resist.

Increases your health, and reduces energy consumption of implants. This bolded part is really important; if you plan to use cyber implants a lot, Endurance is really good!

Boosts ranged damage, makes shots more accurate. Doesn't sound very impressive but makes rapid-fire weapons extremely effective.

Hacking makes it easier to hack enemies. And less likely that they can counter-hack you. Lacklustre, boring, but if you're going to be hacking a lot, you need to pump points into it.

Mental Balance
Fighting certain enemies has a chance to drive you insane, which will make you hear explosions, see some freaky stuff, and more importantly, can make you unable to shoot, or shoot at random. Mental balance makes you safer from this. This is recommended to be a dump stat (don't spend anything on it) as a later research in the game makes you immune to insanity anyways, rendering it fairly useless.

Makes your medkit more effective, makes Maintenance faster, may increase health gain from Maintenance. It's required for unlocking psychic powers, so psykers will want to raise it at least enough to buy Dragon's Breath.

Makes you move faster, lets you attack faster. Also, I'm fairly certain it boosts your chance to do a critical hit or dodge an attack.
Research confuses a lot of people, so I'll try to explain it as simply as possible.

Remember how I said EYE is an RPG?

You know how Dungeons and Dragons, and games based off of it like Neverwinter Nights, have something called Feats?

In case you don't, feats are certain bonuses that may be selected when leveling up, and they will do things like unlock the use of new types of equipment, or buff your character's stats... things like that.

Well, Research is basically the same thing. Only instead of selecting it when you level up, you pay researchers to investigate it.

Basically, select a research, move the slider left or right to make it cheaper (and take longer) or more expensive (and be done faster). When the time elapses (it's not realtime, so one day ingame equates to around 8 minutes in real life) you get to see the results.

Some researches are simply marked unknown. This means either you need to do more researches to make them available, or find items dropped by enemies to unlock more researches.

If you liked Diablo 2's grind-for-rare-items gameplay you should like EYE's research. If not... well, Research isn't really necessary. The only research you've absolutely got to grab is Medkit - second on the list, cheap, fast to do, and it's really, really handy.
Cyber Implants
Cyber Implants may be purchased from Asmadai in the Temple HQ, specifically the Medical section.

Each one grants a new ability that may be activated through the Actions menu or the Quick Actions ring. Most may be purchased by default but a few require researches first. All Implants which have a constant effect cost energy to maintain, and will automatically turn off if you run out of energy.

EYE Vision
When activated, EYE Vision applies a luminescent white-gold overlay to your screen. This overlay can make it easier to see in the darkness, and also highlights humans and machines. As a general rule, normal humans appear in the same gold overlay; heavily cyberized humans, however, are covered in bright white with a black outline and a white glow. EYE Vision also reveals cloaked individuals.

Metastreumonic creatures, however, will appear transparent, almost invisible, and so EYE Vision should not be used when facing them.

Cyber Cloak
The Cyber Cloak renders you invisible. However, enemies can still hear you to a degree, and can see you if you get close enough.

Sound Triangulator
The Sound Triangulator covers your screen in a blurry grey overlay. Moving creatures and humans within a certain distance from you are given a distinct "wave" at their feet, even if they are hidden by walls. Like EYE Vision, cyberized humans and regular humans have their own colours, but they are the opposite: in the Triangulator, cyberized humans are golden, while regular humans are grey. The Sound Triangulator can detect Metastreumonic creatures.

Power Conversion
  • requires research: Vitality Converter
Power Conversion instantly sacrifices some of your health and gives you energy. The ratio of health lost to energy gained is initially fairly even; however the Cyber Neuronal Interface can improve this ratio immensely when upgraded. See the CyberTech section for more details. Using the Power Conversion seems to cause the player to lose karma.

Targeting System
While active, the Targeting System gives you extremely good accuracy with little or no bullet spread.

Dermal Sheath
While active, the Dermal Sheath blocks most or all damage (including fall damage, but not protecting from lethal off-the-map drops) and instead directs damage to your Energy. Improving the Cyber Neuronal Interface improves this ratio, much like Power Conversion.

Sensitive Wave
  • requires research: VSZ Sensitive Wave
The Sensitive Wave covers your screen with a high contrast, deep gold, blurry overlay. All humans, machines, and Metastreumonic creatures are highlighted with solid yellow, even through walls. Sensitive Wave can only be activated when you have a completely full energy pool. It immediately takes away a chunk of your energy, does not cost any to keep up, and will automatically turn off after a few seconds.
CyberTech boosts the quality and power of your character's various augmentations, and reduces energy costs for particular implants.

The various CyberTech components are as follows:

Cyber Brain
Gives bonuses to:
  • SuperHuman Reflex (chance to dodge attacks)
  • Medicine
  • Mental Balance
  • Hacking
Cyber Brain also reduces the cost to upkeep the Sound Triangulator.

Cyber Eyes
Gives bonuses to:
  • Accuracy
Cyber Eyes also decreases the upkeep cost of the Cyber Cloak, and improves the duration and range of the Sensitive Wave. It may decrease the upkeep cost of EYE Vision but this is not explicitly stated.

Cyber Arms
Gives bonuses to:
  • Strength
Cyber Arms also decreases damage taken when shot in the arms.

Adrenaline Pumper
Gives bonuses to:
  • Endurance
Adrenaline Pumper also improves the rate at which your energy recovers, making it useful to all characters. Note: you can also recover energy faster by crouching. This stacks with Adrenaline Pumper.

Cyber Weapon Interface
Gives bonuses to:
  • Accuracy
Cyber Weapon Interface also improves the effect of the Targeting System and decreases its upkeep cost.

Wired Reflex
Gives bonuses to:
  • SuperHuman Reflex (chance to dodge attacks)
  • Agility

Nervous Control
Increases the number of resurrectors available. This function may be partly or fully broken. The flavour text attached doesn't seem to bear any relation to an ingame effect. This CyberTech may be useless.

Cyber Neuronal Interface
Gives bonuses to:
  • Hacking
Cyber Neuronal Interface also improves Power Conversion, decreasing the health lost and increasing the energy gain by using it. It also decreases the energy damage taken by Dermal Sheath, and decreases its upkeep cost.

Cyber Armored Skull
Decreases damage taken when shot in the head.

Psi Decupiator
Gives bonuses to:
  • Psi Force
Psi Decupiator also increases your chance to resist enemy spells.

Muscular Control
Gives bonuses to:
  • Strength

Cyber Armored Torso
Decreases damage taken when shot in the stomach and torso.

FireWall decreases the chance of being counter-hacked when you fail a hacking attempt.

Cyber Legs
Decreases sound made from walking, improves speed and jump height.
Cyber Legs also decreases damage taken when shot in the legs.
Guns are really important in EYE! Your character will almost always have a weapon in hand, and no matter what kind of character you're playing, you'll usually end up shooting someone sooner or later. So guns are worth a fair bit of thought.

Most of the good guns need to be unlocked to use them.
And they require sufficient stats to unlock.

In general:

and Agility, but Accuracy is a lot more important

and Strength, and Agility

Hacking and Strength in equal measure
and a bit of Agility

"Do I really need to unlock these weapons?"

No, you don't. Just about every gun in the game is bloody awesome, and the weapon you receive at the start, the Black Crow, is arguably one of the best all-around guns in the game. However, the unlockable weapons are nonetheless quite useful, and if you plan on shooting a lot of people, you should make sure points are going into Accuracy, and a few into Agility. Talk to the weapon merchant to see the exact values!

Armory tip! loading ammo is tedious. Instead of clicking and dragging every bit of ammo, you can click on it once in the armory, and then click on any blank space where you want to move a magazine. It will automatically copy a magazine there, and you can repeat on the next space, and the next. Much faster than clicking and dragging.
Psi Spells
Psi Spells may be bought from Hecathe in the Archives. You also start out with two spells, and can unlock three more in the course of the game's various endings.

Some elite enemies can resist your spells depending on your Psi Force, but normal enemies generally cannot.

Available by default
Alchemy converts a targeted weapon or ammo box into health. It is very useful and players should bind it to its own key.

Available by default
Polycloning creates a number of minions, ranging from 3 to 8 depending on your Psi Force. They will wear the same armour as you; their weapons will vary depending on your Psi Force. In multiplayer/co-op, the number of polyclones is currently limited to 3 no matter what your Psi Force is. Hopefully this will change eventually.

Bought from Hecathe
Transmutation summons a single minion. It always wears heavy armour, and the weapon it carries varies depending on your Psi Force. It is tougher than the Polyclones, but obviously puts out less firepower.

Bought from Hecathe
Madness temporarily causes the target to go "berserk", shooting random targets, even his allies. Note that it does not cause him to break off his current target: an enemy shooting at you will still shoot at you after you cast Madness on him. It is thus best combined with some degree of stealth.

Bought from Hecathe
Invocation destroys the target and spawns a Carnophage (werewolf-ish creature) in the target's place. The Carnophage will attack anything, including you. It will also be a high priority target for enemies and thus a useful distraction. Does not seem to work on vehicles and certain powerful enemies.

Bought from Hecathe
Dragon's Breath destroys the target and teleports you to the place they were standing. The spell does seem to count as damage towards Substitution Gate's health gain. Does not work on vehicles or on the most powerful enemies, but works on close to everything else.

Hypnotic Gate
Given in the course of one of the game's endings
Hypnotic Gate immediately disables the target's AI and renders them catatonic. It also inflicts damage on you and can cause Fatal Wounds.

Triangular Gate
Given in the course of one of the game's endings
Triangular Gate instantly kills the target. Works on all enemies, even vehicles, with the possible exception of the newest boss, the Deus Ex Master. It also inflicts damage on you and can cause Fatal Wounds.

Substitution Gate
Given by a looter named Balthazar in the course of one of the game's endings
Substitution Gate places a temporary curse on enemies. The curse will cause them to take a portion of all damage they deal back as damage to themselves, and will also result in damage you deal being given back to yourself as health, making it extremely useful once you have researched BioRegeneration. Substitution Gate can cause Fatal Wounds, but does not cause you to lose any health.
Armour comes in three forms - Light, Medium, and Heavy.

Armour has three different effects when worn, modifying your speed & jump height, your protection against damage, and your Maintenance healing.

Light Armour allows you to move very quickly and, by extension, carry more and heavier weapons while still maintaining mobility. It also makes you very vulnerable to damage. Light Armour also substantially improves the healing you receive from Maintenance, causing it to trigger at a higher health threshold and heal more.

Heavy Armour slows you down substantially, limiting what you can carry. However, it does protect quite well against damage. As a downside, Heavy Armour reduces the healing you receive from Maintenance to a very low amount and makes it only work when you are near death.

Medium Armour strikes a balance between Light and Heavy Armour, with its attributes in all areas being somewhere in between the others.

Note that maintenance does not trigger automatically at low health; rather there is a certain threshold where, if you are below that health and activate maintenance, it will additionally heal you a particular amount of health.

As a general rule it is not a safe or dependable method of healing but rather an emergency tool - say, if your medkit is empty, your health is very low, but you're in cover and need a bit more health just for a bit more safety while you wait for your medkit to recharge. It should not be used to stay alive in battle as the health threshold is too low to be safe.
Other Gameplay
This last section is for miscellaneous facts and tips about game game that are handy to know.

Saving is primarily character-based, that is to say, your character's stats are tracked as a file separate from the campaign and your character can freely jump around between singleplayer and assorted multiplayer campaigns. Character saves are done automatically at regular, fairly frequent intervals. Campaign progress is somewhat saved, both mission completion, and sometimes specific points within missions.

Cyber Sprint is the same as simply running (Shift + direction key by default).

Cyber Jump can be achieved by pressing the Crouch and Jump buttons at the same time.

Energy regenerates faster while crouching.

Karma, when low, increases the chance of a Fatal Wound when you die. Fatal Wounds are semi-permanent: they will stay with your character until a late set of researches are performed. Karma is lowered by things like killing the small animals you can find on many maps and by attacking/killing allied NPCs or summoned clones. It is also lowered by using the Vitality Converter.

Karma does seem to reset whenever you enter a new map. It is not known if it can be raised.

Certain weapons, if fired while sprinting, will not fire, but will instead generate a psi-blast. This psi-blast deals immediate damage (based on your Psi Force) as well as causing knockback. The psi-blast can also be generated if you try to fire a weapon while it is lowered (by being too close to an enemy or a wall). Be careful, as the psi-blast can hurt or kill allies.

A safe way to Hack is to repeatedly use Shield a few times, then Overflow, then Attack, and repeat until the target is hacked. This method is time-consuming but seldom fails. For characters with a high Hacking skill, a better option may be to use Overflow three times, then Attack until the target is hacked, adding an extra Overflow if necessary.

Hacking works better the closer you are to your target: your viruses will be transmitted faster.

In case it isn't obvious, brouzouf is the game's basic unit of currency.
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Heeroneko Oct 15 @ 4:03pm 
The best method I've found for hacking is to start out by using mask then overflow repeatedly until their attack is low then switch to scan then overflow, alternating between mask/scan as needed. Overflow will always activate regardless of your defense level. Once your attack gets high enough the enemy will stop attacking for the most part and try to pump up their defense or lower your attack. Since overflow activates at a faster rate than other attacks, by alternating between it and mask/scan you can out hack the enemy fairly easily. I've only tried this at lower levels tho, so no garuntee for higher lvls n stuff.
Jsay18 Oct 6 @ 9:56am 
Actually Rawnrawn, you can Dual-Wield the BK444 and a Sword.
Rawnrawn Jun 23 @ 1:26am 
Oh and another thing, when dual wielding a blade and a gun I have sometimes blocked with the blade, perhaps this is due to the bullets landing close to the blade, so the left side of your body or perhaps it is purely a chance thing, either way it is one of the things which makes gun and blade my favourite weapon. ^^

Too bad you cannot dual wield it with the revolver though...
what am i doing  [author] Jun 22 @ 1:44pm 
Huh. That's never happened to me. I will roll a new character some time as I have a suspicion it might be based on your Medicine level, possibly patched in on the same update that changed Medkits to allow overdose.
Rawnrawn Jun 22 @ 7:25am 
My ressurector has failed when I have died by gunshots.
what am i doing  [author] Jun 21 @ 11:05am 
That's not a chance-based thing, it happens when you run out of resurrector points or for a few specific death circumstances.
Rawnrawn Jun 21 @ 9:31am 
You die die.....Instead of going into a coma you get sent back beyond the portal with mr mysterious.
what am i doing  [author] Jun 21 @ 8:21am 
"It should be noted that your ressurrector has a chance of failing." could you clarify?
Rawnrawn Jun 21 @ 3:01am 
It should be noted that your ressurrector has a chance of failing.
You lose mental balance and experience each time you go into a coma.
The dual pistols and the bear killer can be dual-wielded with the damocles or face mortis.
The grenades only detonate when they hit an enemy or when you detonate them (right mouse button) you can use them as mines (but do not throw them directly at your feet).
You also forgot to mention the ghost Cyber Implant (available by default) which generates a hologram distracting enemies that has not spotted you yet, this could be useful for sneaking up on them, I have found it really useful to get a surprise attack on deus ex machinas.

Great guide!
WolfFlowHiro Jun 19 @ 9:58pm 
Awesome guide. Thank you very much