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Minecraft Skin Changer
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Mar 3, 2013 @ 7:25pm
Jun 14, 2013 @ 1:43pm
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Remember that one game called Minecraft nobody has heard of? Pixeltail does. Now with the latest innovation in web panel technology, you're able to bring your very own Minecraft skin into Garry's Mod! Just enter your Minecraft username, and your playermodel will instantly change into your minecraft skin!

- Ability to instantly change your playermodel skin via Minecraft username
- Transparency support
- Completely networked! Everyone can see eachother's skin.
- Custom URL support - link any url that contains a valid minecraft skin.

FAQs - 'help it won't work'
Q: So how do I actually set my skin?
A: Hold Q to open your spawn menu, and click the "options" tab in the top right corner. In it, select "Skin Selection" under the minecraft group. From there, type a valid case-specific minecraft name OR a URL to a minecraft skin.

Q: It says my model is not steve! What's the dealio?
A: Your playermodel must be the steve model. Hold c, go to the top left and go to the playermodel selection button. Alternatively, you can type "cl_playermodel steve" in your developer console.

Q: It won't set my skin, what gives?
A: The skins are case sensitive. If you're actual minecraft name has a capital in it, you'll need to type the capital. For example, a certain player's skin must be typed as 'Sunabouzu', not 'sunabouzu'.

Q: How do I set the skin of a ragdoll with the steve model?
A: Hold C and right click on the ragdoll, and you should see the 'Set Minecraft Skin' menu item. Click it, and a similar dialogue as the player skin page will appear for that entity.

Facepunch thread[facepunch.com]
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Tiny Box Tim Jul 10 @ 10:03pm 
Does this mod add in a minecraftify drawing option cause when i use that while using the
minecraft player model it come out a missing texture i don't know what minecraft mod i
have adds a minecraftify drawing option
Leon Jul 10 @ 9:25am 
cool i have minecraft as game in no steam you can see my Skin on my avatar
{SIC}ddd1962 Jul 9 @ 7:47pm 
When I put in my MC username, It wont load, I tried everything, from case sensitive to different usernames but it wont work. I tried load my friends skins and it worked, but not for me, help!!!! Mc Username:marioxpokemon5
gameranger9000 Jul 8 @ 7:21pm 
When I put in my MC username, it wont load...what gives? My MC name is GameRanger9000
Dr. Duke Jul 8 @ 10:01am 
Jeez, my skin doesn't work. I typed in some of my friends' usernames and THEIRS worked, but not mine! I double-checked that my username has no capital letters, and I STILL cannot get it to work! It used to work for me, but now it doesn't all of a sudden. Please help.
legend.electric Jul 8 @ 9:56am 
my skin loads but the head is white
Kirby Jul 7 @ 11:15am 
Will this have support for the 1.8 new skin thing? (w/ toggleable parts?)
SkyFlash Jul 6 @ 6:47am 
my skin won't load it sais "equested Minecraft skin was invalid.
Skin ('data:text/html,<html><img src='http://s3.amazonaws.com/MinecraftSkins/gaetanMCU.png' /></html>') does not exist!"
SpyderNoir Jul 5 @ 7:50pm 
hey i got a problem, i did load my minecraft skin but for some reason it doesnt look HD can u explain