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Portal 2

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018: Companion Fling

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018: Companion Fling

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Test Chamber 018/???:
This massive chamber seems to be separated into 3 rooms, each of which requires you to use momentum to reach your goal. It would also seem that you have to carry one cube throughout the ENTIRE test! Good luck!

P.S, there are buttons in the second and third room that allow you to get your companion cube back if you lose it.

P.P.S, You are still getting closer to chamber 020. Be prepared as usual.
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Jade BGE Mar 3, 2013 @ 4:06pm 
That was good. Though not consistent because of the faith plate/cube transfer setup. I have worked with this before and I found the more faithplates used to transfer the cube the greater likelyhood of manfunction and inconsistency. This happened here for me though I carried the cube from room two to room three I decided to press the button anyway to see if I was correct in thinking another would come - I was right but it didn't. So I went back to the second room and pressed that button, the cube came through but got stuck down there so I tried again and it stuck again. Though of course I loved the concept as I have used it in Starkos which I invited you to play and do hope you commenton it - it is not reliable.

I lliked the slippery cube also very nice. Overall creative and enjoyable test. Good job and I hope you like this one.