Portal 2

Portal 2

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The Tests
A collection of all my puzzles, added to the collection in the order i created them! Playing these puzzles in order will help you understand some of the more...bizzare...mechanics used in the later maps!
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A room with a view
Created by Drackvor
a single room puzzle, with many elements, my concept for this room was every action has a reaction that is visible, in other words if you use a cube button or a switch, you can see out of a window to the rest of the puzzle you will see at least one thing h...
Flight of the Test Subjest V 1.1.001
Created by Drackvor
My First attempt at using all 3 gels, and how to efficiently use them in a single room puzzle. It uses mechanics that are fairly common through out the main game, so it shouldn't strain your puzzle solving muscles. So have fun, and please send some feed ba...
Faith V 1.1
Created by Drackvor
A small puzzle orientated all around faith plates, happy jumping!

V 1.1 changes;

1. Changes some angles on the portable sufaces.
2. Lowered some faith plate travel arcs to stop clipping when traveling through portals.
3. Added connections to the switch a...
A quick test V1.1
Created by Drackvor
as the name says a nice quick 2 part puzzle.

V1.1 revisions

1. Added guards to prevent loss of ball at the start of the map.

2. Added more light strips and moved small observation rooms to add more depth to the room lighting.

please feel free to leave ...
light bridge manipulation
Created by Drackvor
Inspired by a level in the single player game, this puzzle is all orientated around a single light bridge to get you to each puzle zone!

Paint everything!
Created by Drackvor
Chariot chariot....chariot, wait am I supposed to say charriot twice or three times, dam i said it again thats four times now! Well i am Cave Johnson, PRIME, you test subjescts should know that the white gel you will be testing today seems to let off a nox...
Jumps, pumps and companion cubes
Created by Drackvor
The first test room that i have really considered how to utilise the companion cubes, having learned the basics to using the gels and faith plates in my first two maps, it seemed to make sense to utilise them, so i designed a 3 room puzzle, the first orien...
Please return that which you have stolen! V1.2
Created by Drackvor
Chariots, chariots, Cave here, it looks like you have found my personal companion cube we have had a lot of *cough* fun together me and...erm...Fluffy. anyway i am going to keep the exit to this chamber firmly locked until you return her back to her bed! O...
Have faith!
Created by Drackvor
Chariots, chariots, Cave here...faith plates, faith...plates, these things are neither religious nor is it recomended that you eat your dinner off of them, so why are they called faith plates? Truth is I dont know, we have over a thousand guys in our namin...
From A - B with one
Created by Drackvor
A fairly simple one room puzzle that has a element of timing....
Watch your step!
Created by Drackvor
As its name states, watch your step! there are a few things here that could potentially kill you, and also frustrate you...this map is fairly simple, and completable. The main reason I made it was to test how well a timing sysetm worked, so please send you...
Test subject and The 3 Faith plates
Created by Drackvor
Once upon a time a Test subject was walking through the Aperture Laboratories offices while taking a portal gun to their boss, seeing a new circular door they decided to investigate, as they walk through the door they realise that they have made a grave mi...
Murder Hole V 1.1.00101a.101
Created by Drackvor
This shouldn't be an overly taxing puzzle to solve, just think in portals! I just wanted to create a murder hole really, and if you step onto the faith plate you will get to experience it...(insert mildly evil, somewhat manical laugh here)

V 1.1.00101a.1...
Ah...lets try that again Version 1.1
Created by Drackvor
Another one room puzzle with annexes, annexi...well what ever the multiple of annex is it has them, so anyway, the goal of this puzzle is...well to open the exit and leave with a satisfied sigh I guess ;)

added a get out clause for people who get stuck in...
Item, Self and goo manipulation chambers! V1.2
Created by Drackvor
ok so this is 3 puzzles I wanted to do and they all went together (within item limit thankfully), anyway they are there to showcase 3 different ways of using the anti-grav field. As goo acts in a bizzare way when in the anti-grav field, it was fun to see h...
You choose, who lives and who dies?
Created by Drackvor
You have a choice of 2 cubes at the start of the map, one will get to the end with you and the other is destined to stay within the first chamber...who will you choose?

I haven't published a test chamber for a while now, and this one has been in productio...
Partial to a fizzler v1.1
Created by Drackvor
My first puzzle that uses the partial fizzler, have a look at my first and second experiments if you would like to see how the fizzler works, more of a logic puzzle with a few portals thrown in, and a bit of laser dodging for flavor!

please leave a commen...
My evil mind! V1.3
Created by Drackvor
Ok so this one is what I would consider Evil! have play and you will see why! rate and comment and tell me if you find any loop holes!


V1.1, my real evil mind at work, the map I intended to publish at the start but forgot to include the final me...
A wave to lasers V1.1
Created by Drackvor
I have been experimenting with wave forms recently and it made me thing how could they be used as a very visual timing system and it has certainly become the central focal point of this puzzle, being able to view it from every major section in the puzzle, ...
laser redirection companion cube V1.2
Created by Drackvor
Cave here! I have been thinking about...Charriots, Charriots...Companion cubes, I love 'em! and I have also been thinking about laser redirection cubes and lasers, I love them aswell...so in this test I asked the boys in the lab to come up with a cube that...