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Imp's More Complex Needs
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See the Discussions tab for the full ReadMe, FAQ, Changelog, and notes on creating compatibility patches for other mods.

IMCN is a realistic hunger/thirst/sleep mod for Skyrim. It assigns real world nutrition information to all foods, giving each item its own strengths and weaknesses, and adding a large array of new stats in addition to the usual hunger/thirst/sleep.

There are two modes available, Basic and More Complex. The general idea is to make it pretty basic to keep your hunger, thirst and sleep taken care of, to avoid penalties. Enable More Complex mode and you'll have additional stats to keep track of, but the potential to earn stat bonuses by taking better care of your character.

More Complex mode keeps track of:

Satiation - Penalties if greater than 100%, increases when eating
Calories - Penalties if less than 0%, increases when eating/drinking
Hydration - Penalties if less than 0%, increases when eating/drinking
Sleep - Penalties if greater than 100% (8 hours)
Blood (if you're a vampire) - Penalties if less than 0%, bonuses for high levels
Protein - Penalties if less than 75%, Bonuses for greater than 125% (based on running average over last 8 hours)
Nutrients - Penalties if less than 75%, bonuses for greater than 125% (based on running average over last 3 days)
Alcohol - Penalties and bonuses depending on level (none for 0%)
Caffeine - Bonuses depending on level (none for 0%)
Moon Sugar - Bonus depending on level (none for 0%)
Mental Fatigue - Penalties to magicka if greater than 0%, increases as magicka is expended, decreases when you sleep or rest
Physical Fatigue - Penalties to maximum stamina if greater than 0%, increases as stamina is expended, decreases when you sleep or rest
Morale - Bonuses if greater than 6.0, penalties if less than 4.0, increases or decreases depending on the appeal of the food you eat

Basic mode, which is similar to Fallout: New Vegas' Hardcore mode, keeps track of:

Blood (if you're a vampire)
Moon Sugar (skooma)

There's a great deal more to this mod than I can fit on this description page (there's a character limit) so check out the discussion tab, and the mod's Nexus page for additional compatibility patches, readme, and changelogs, and the Bethesda forums topic for the latest info on updates and planned features.

Nexus Page: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=10639
Bethesda Forums: http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1440257-relz-imps-more-complex-needs-3/

Basic Tips

Try to keep your hunger and thirst above 0, shoot for above 100% for both after a meal.
Eat before fast traveling if you find you're arriving too hungry.
Ride a horse. This will conserve calories and water, and give you a chance to recover from fatigue.
USE THE TIMESCALE ADJUSTER. It can be enabled and configured in the config menu.
Check out the +IMCN Conditions+ menu to get an idea of the kinds of penalties or bonuses provided.

IMCN supports SkyUI's Mod Configuration Menu (MCM). SkyUI is not a requirement for installation, but some configuration options will be unavailable without it.

The hotkey for checking your needs levels and using water sources require SKSE to be installed. SKSE is not a requirement for installing the mod, but the hotkey will not work without it.

Compatibility Patches for Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn DLCs are available:

Dawnguard: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=126207204
Hearthfire: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=126208965
Dragonborn: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=126209574

!!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!!!

Before uninstalling, enter the foods section of your inventory and click the +IMCN Vitality+ item, go to "Actions" and pause by either clicking the Enable/Pause toggle button, or the Reset button. The button should read "Enabled/Pauses: Paused" when you're done. This will dispel all active effects, making it safe to uninstall without messing up your character's stats. Save, then uncheck the files from your load order.

!!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!!!
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Zombie126 Aug 12 @ 7:38pm 
I just redownloaded skyrim, and for some reason the game is crashing whenever I attempt to eat. Is there a way to fix this?
ryanpercle Jul 23 @ 12:39am 
for some reason the mod will not let me use the "Use water" power. Help would be nice.
brentallen Jul 10 @ 6:53am 
I just had to unsubscribe from this mod, it was interfering with my game play too much seemed like I was always needing to eat or drink and could not fill bottles or drink at water sources if anyone has some number settings that are less intrusive but the given info was too vague to determine weather i needed to raise them or lower them time scale? factor?
and sleep, I want to go like 24 hours before i get penalties.
Dr. Shocks . DO Jul 2 @ 9:59pm 
Try loading IMCN sooner in your load order; like make it mod #60
EmeraldOx Jun 28 @ 4:25pm 
I haven't been able to use the "actions" power, even when I install SKSE and put IMCN at the top of the load list. Nothing happens when I assign it to my hotkeys and use it. Help would be really nice!
Dr. Shocks . DO Jun 27 @ 11:45am 
Not mine; All My Cooking Pots R Belong To Me.

Could be a VRAM problem with mods that add foods to the cooking pot. Sometimes when you try to load all teh foods, it overloads your graphics and crahes your game.

If that's not it, perhaps you have a mod that edits cooking pots directly?
Atlus Jun 26 @ 7:40pm 
hey anyone else's game crash when they use a cooking pot? possible bug?
Rem_the_twilight Jun 23 @ 7:55pm 
Well thats just sad lol XD
Imp of the Perverse  [author] Jun 23 @ 3:05pm 
@Rem - Coding in options like that isn't so bad. Displaying the information for multiple options using the game's built in message system is a bit more involved.
Rem_the_twilight Jun 23 @ 2:44am 
No blood and sleep option for vampire needs, thus i lost interest in it entirely.