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Winning Your First Game....
By Kellonie
This guilde will show you how to be a (minor) asset to your team, reducing rage and other unplesant side-effects of jumping into an unfamilliar culture. It covers basic load-outs, teamplay mechanics, and Cyberspace. Further information can be found at http://www.dystopia-game.com/wiki/index.php?title=Dystopia_Manual
Objective gameplay
Dystopia is an objective based game. So the most important thing is capturing the objective and moving up, or defending the objective. Nothing that leads to capturing the objective quickly is bad.

Dystopia maps normally have 3-5 main objectives. Only the final objective must be taken. However, on most maps the final objective is locked, trapped, or otherwise not possible to take until all earlier objectives are captured. As a rule: You should assume that only the next objective is available for capture. Exceptions to this rule will be in a later guide.

Each objective is marked on the HUD and mini-map with a stylized blue/red circle. This is the location of the object you must push, use, destroy, hack, etc. before advancing. Examples of objectives are: cutting power, capturing a spawn, firing a "lazzor", destroying data, destroying equipment, stealing data, escorting a hostage to safety, etc.

To assist you in your fight for objectives, there will also be sub-objectives marked with "!" inside a blue/red circle. Sub-objectives are often optional, but sometimes must be captured before the main objective becomes accessible. Examples of sub-objectives are: turrets, doors, vents, and alternate routes.

The current ownership of objectives can be seen by hitting "TAB." Note that although all main-objectives will be shown, only the current objective's sub-objectives will be shown. For this reason, no sub-objectives are visible in the above picture.

"Backhacking" or the recapture of past objectives by the defending team will be covered in a later guide.
Your load-out for learning
The loading screens have helpful hints, which you should follow. Dystopia is a deep strategy game and although the reason for these hints may not make sense now, there is a good reason behind them. If a suggestion seems dumb, ask your team to explain the reasoning.

One loading screen suggests "play Medium, Assault rifle with Tac-scanner and Medi-plant." This loadout can be selected at the start of a round or by pressing "m". Changes take effect on your next spawn.
  • Medium is a good class, it balances speed and strength, and doesn't harm your team too much if you die. See the Spawn Timer section for more information.
  • The Assault rifle is also the most gun-ish of dystopia weapons. This means an easy learning curve for players from other FPS games. This is the most flexible part of the suggested load-out, consider taking a different weapon if you like.
  • The TAC scanner is a team-wide radar. This means that even if you never shoot an enemy, you can still help by giving the team radar coverage. TAC-scans (or TACs) are an active ability meaning you must press the associated "F#" key to use it. This key will normally be "F1" but might change depending on your loadout. The Image below does not show a TAC, but shows 3 other active implants, and 1 passive implant.
  • The Medi-plant is in the same vein as the TAC. It heals teammates for 10HP per tick, and yourself for 5HP per tick. Again, even without shooting anything you will be helping your team. The mediplant is also an active implant and commonly is in "F2," but again, that can change. The image below shows a mediplant in "F3."
Implants are also flexible for beginners, not as much as weapons, but still flexible. Here are some common implants and counter-implants:
Stealth & Infrared Vision & Cold Suits:
  • Stealth coats you in a glass-texture. Experts and people who know what to look for will still see you, but if you are standing still, in dark shadows, engaged in a hectic katana duel, or in a place no one thinks to check, you are invisible. Stealth will let you sneak past common turrets. Stealth is an active implant, and hard-countered by Infrared Vision.
  • Infrared Vision is not just a counter to stealthers, it is also useful for sniper duels and spotting enemies in the shadows. Infrared Vision is an active implant, and hard-countered by Cold Suits.
  • Cold Suits are only useful as a counter to Infrared Vision. They have no effect on any turrets, doors, etc. However, despite their limited use, they are passive implants (meaning no energy use) and hard-counter Infrared Vision. The first warning an Infrared Vision user has of a cold suit, is a katana in his face. Not even the best Infrared Vision user can see a cold suit. Although, bullets coming out of thin air will tell them something is amiss!
Sound Suppressor & Sound Wave Triangulator:
  • A Sound Suppressor eliminates ALL sound you make. Sound Suppressor is an active implant. The Sound Suppressor is good for snipers and just about all other guns. An enemy that is hurt, but has not heard a sound is that much more confused, and that much more uncertain where to turn to attack or hide. Although your bullet impacts will still make noise, a Sound Suppressor can buy you an extra shot if your first shot missed.
  • A Sound Wave Triangulator marks all sounds on your HUD. This includes footsteps, gunfire, bullet impacts, and spun-up mini-guns. It is 100%-hard countered by Sound Suppressors. Although a SWT will not share the information with your teammates, you can think of it as a second-rate TAC scanner. The SWT is an active implant, but very energy efficient.
The spawn timer
Teamwork in Dystopia can be seen in many places, but the first place you will see the need for working as a team is in managing the spawn timer. Teams spawn together in Dystopia. This timer controls how much quality time you spend together, dead, waiting for the spawn.

The spawn timer ensures that there is always more than 15sec between spawns, and even longer if many teammates die in short order. The algorithm that the timer follows is:
  • When Timer = 0seconds, Spawn all teammates who are dead.
  • As soon as all teammates are Spawned, add 15secs, and restart countdown.
  • When a light teammate dies add 3secs.
  • When a medium teammate dies add 4secs.
  • When a heavy teammate dies add 6secs.
  • When Timer = 0seconds, Spawn all teammates who are dead... ad nauseum.
  • When Timer = 5seconds, and no teammates are dead, pause countdown until someone dies.
To illustrate the way this works in practice consider the following two examples:
1) While no other players are dead, a light dies, moments before the timer reaches 0sec.
In this case the light will respawn 3 seconds later. Their rag-doll may not have even hit the floor before the light returns to the game to avenge her own death! This is the ideal situation to die as you are hardly missed on the battlefield.
Advanced players, who have been badly damaged will sometimes take a suicide by pressing "k" (for killswitch) when no one else is dead, this allows them to regain full health and armor, and guard against the following catastrophic example.
2) With 2sec left on the spawn timer and one light player dead, a team of 4 mediums all die in close secession.
When the first medium dies the light player will wait for an additional 4sec before spawning. When the second medium dies both the light and the first medium will a further 4sec (8sec total for the light). As the remaining two mediums die, their deaths not only raise their own spawn timer, but also the timer of every person who died before them! Dieing in large groups can easily make the spawn timer a full minute long. Think of the poor light who used to be only 2sec from a new life!

The moral in these examples is: Avoid dangerous situations when many players on your team are dead! Sometimes your team is better served if the last player alive hides in safety, rather than attempting to capture an objective single handed.

The spawn timer reenforces team work in two ways.
Firstly it encourages you to spread out your deaths so that no teammate has to wait longer than ~15sec for a spawn.
Secondly, if everyone on your team does die, you will spawn in a wave. Perhaps you will be able to make up for for your absence from the battlefield by overwhelming the other team with a unified attack. This spawn wave is most helpful for attackers. For defenders it should be avoided, as it leaves the objective undefended for a very long time. The best defenders can hope for is that only the current objective will be lost, and their wave will halt the momentum the attackers have gained.
Cyberspace Mechanics and Navigation
Other games require learning a new set of weapons, tactics, and envrioments. Dystopia is not "other games." Here, you have to learn two sets of weapons, two sets of tactics, and two enviroments... One of which has totally different rules of Physics. These "two"s come from the computer world of Dystopia, Cyberspace.

*More comming soon*
Glossary of terms
A full, and likely overwhelming, glossary[www.dystopia-game.com] is on the wiki

A player who has slipped behind the attacking team, and intends to retake a previously captured Objective. Rarely just "BH." Often a cry used to warn teammates "Backhacker!"

A colloquial shorthand for Corporate Security. More commonly just "Corps."

The environment that deckers fight in. Hacking Programs, and ICE walls are unique to Cyberspace.

A player with a CyberDeck implant. Able to hack objectives and defenses.

Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics, prevent Deckers from reaching important parts of Cyberspace. The color of ICE reflects ownership. Red is Punks, Blue is Corps, Purple is all, Yellow is none. See Wikipedia[en.wikipedia.org].

A "Jack In Point" for Deckers to enter Cyberspace. Often a black box with a view screen attached to the wall.

The primary environment you fight in. Bullets and blood are unique to Meatspace.

A Tactical Scanner implant. Also a shorthand request for a teammate to activate this Implant, such as "TAC!"

A "Taunt" from the voice menu, from the keystrokes that trigger it. Properly "Taunt" is "v53" but Dystopia's coding treats v56, v55, v54, and v53 as equivalent. Don't take Taunts personally, Players often Taunt just because it is funny.
Other helpfull tutorials, information, and videos
Everything in this guide can also be found on the Dystopia wiki[www.dystopia-game.com].

The Dystopia Manual[www.dystopia-game.com] is also found on the wiki.

The deffinitive guide to fixing the "Invalid Steam User ID Ticket" error, which plagues many source games (not just dystopia!). Can be found on 9V Chicken's clan page[clanrubberchicken.com].

Dystopia was made by Puny Human Games[www.punyhumangames.com]. Puny Human's site hosts the fourms for Dystopia[www.punyhumangames.com]. There was some Aussie influence early on[punyhumangames.com]... ask a Developer if you want the great and mighty saga of Dystopia's past.

Video Tutorials for the various maps are on YouTube (Thank You WnxKluas!)
These tutorials use version 1.1 of Dystopia. Since 1.1 most maps have been tweaked for better gameplay, and dys_Fusion has been entirely remade. The Instructions are still accurate, so it is worth watching at least the tutorial for dys_Vaccine.
Tutorial Level
1 (Boost Jumping is done by holding both Shift and Space!... Took me forever to find that out when I started....)
Combat on dys_Assemble, by Solstice
High Def
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