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Varis Telmon is a Dunmer spellsword at the New Gnisis Cornerclub in Windhelm. He gets tired of hanging around the Grey Quarter and is always ready for an adventure, so no quests or fees are needed to hire him. He will level with the player from 5 to maximum and can be married.

His default outfit is hide armor, hide boots, and hide bracers. His starting weapon is a steel war axe. He also carries a few random items, a small amount of food and drink, and 0-9 gold. His NPC class is CombatSpellsword, he uses leveled combat spells, and he prefers heavy armor and one-handed weapons. He is essential (so you can't kill him) and has a standard Dark Elf male voice.

No known incompatibilities. He has a sleeping bag behind the stairs on the second floor of the New Gnisis Cornerclub, though, so anything that rearranges the Cornerclub too much might conflict with his sleep routine.

This mod has been cleaned with TES5Edit[].

If you find any bugs or incompatibilities, let me know in the comments below!

Also available on the Nexus[].

-- Instructions --

Click the Subscribe button, then run the game launcher. In the load order, put Kolmar after the mods that need to come first (or before followers), and before the mods that need to come last.

-- Changelog --

• 2013-03-12 -- Varis is now friends with Belrand (in Solitude) and a confidant of Revyn Sadri (in Windhelm). Belrand should show up at the wedding (on Varis's side) if the player marries Varis, and Varis should show up (on Belrand's side) if the player marries Belrand.

• 2013-03-02 -- Initial upload.

-- Notes --

This mod's filenames are AoM_DunmerFollower.esp and AoM_DunmerFollower.bsa.

Varis's base info in the Creation Kit is under Actors → Actor → AoMVarisDunmerFollower.

His BaseID is xx000D62 and his RefID is xx001828 (replace xx with whatever number this mod gets in your game; type help varis in the console[] to find it).
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