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Agent of Hermaeus Mora
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Mar 1, 2013 @ 11:54pm
Sep 3, 2013 @ 3:31pm
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Agent of Hermaeus Mora

Skyirm Nexus Version:

It's obvious to me im not coming back to this sadly :(

Anyone may modify/improve and upload just give me credit please.

DLC's required: Dragonborn

Current version 0.89

[Need scripter to help finish this mod Scripter will get credit due]
New follower sadly cant figure out how to make her use magic at .90 will hopefully fix this. [Is holding all books]

I made this mod for myself because I love Hermaeus Mora and was dissapointed to find you only get a weak conjure Seeker spell and Miraaks gear but am adding it to Steam and the Nexus for any others who want to feel more like a champion of Hermaeus Mora. The spell tomes are able to be found on tables only in the book Waking dreams there are 2 copies of each spell.Excluding the spell tomes the new follower is holding for those who already defeated Miraak.

I Edited the spells to suit a moderate level mage and am trying to keep them balanced
having the spells for a moderate level makes it a bit challenging at a higher level which keeps it fun.

For spells without a tome you will need to use console to obtain the spells/abilities until I add tomes and place them in Apocrypha. [all spells have tomes currently active in Waking dreams And on the added follower]

The spell tomes are inky black books with a hint of green shine

Spells added: 90%= "done" but open for suggestion

[90%]Seeker Drain - Absorb 5 points of Health, Magicka and Stamina per second for 20 Seconds.

[90%]Knowledge Drain - A bolt of pure knowledge for 60 points of damage to Health/Magicka in a 15 foot radius.
[Bolts are slow but great chance to stagger.]

[90%]Knowledge Barrage - Rapid fire bolts of Knowledge for 40 points of damage to Health/Magicka.
[No radius or stagger but bolts fly faster.]

[90%] Conjure High Seeker - Conjure a keeper of the realm of Hermaeus Mora to aid you until death.[Conjured High Seekers now move 150% faster to keep up with you while travelling][Twin souls compatible][Levels up with you from lvl 1]

[90%]Mora's Embrace - Enemies in melee range have a chance to become infected for 5 points of damage per second for 5 seconds. Cloak itself last 120 seconds.
[Causes enemies to stagger]

[1%] Mora's Wrath - Planned-I am hoping to make this summon an area of tentacle traps seen in Apocrypha for an amount of time

Dual wielding causes the spell to become not only stronger but twice the size
Powers added:

[40%]Acidic Spit - fire a glob of poison like lurkers do. [hope to make this have a cooldown instead of near instant]

[90%]Summon Lurker Vindicator - Summon a Lurker Vindicator once a day for 60 seconds.[Is large so dosent summon in areas too small]
Followers added:

Name: Zeramia

Location:Retching Netch

A Khajiit female orphaned as a baby and adopted by Bretons hench her lack of a normal Elsweyr accent. Was never truely a follower of Mirrak but a de-vout follower of Hermaeus Mora she decides after Miraaks defeat to aid the new champion any way she can.
Places added:

[0%]Apocrypha home - Due to problems this will be in a seperate mod complete with quest.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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