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Additional Island Spawns V.2
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Feb 15 @ 7:11pm
Mar 16 @ 1:19pm
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Additional Island Spawns V.2

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Synergize PVE v2
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This mod adds extra spawns of cave dino's, rare dinos, and DLC Dinos straight to the island with modified saddles for Island resources.

MOD ID: 1302744179

You Do NOT Need The Scorched Earth or Abberation DLC To Run This!

Featherlight, Glowtail, Basilisk and Mantis are all KO Tame with meat! Mantis can even breed!

Beaches: Jerboa, Moth, Roll Rat, Bulbdog.

Mountains: Ravager, Thorny Lizard, Griffin

Swamp: Glowtail , Dung Beetle

Jungle: Featherlight, Shinehorn

Grassland: Vulture, Horse, Unicorn

Redwoods: Morellotops, Moth, Vulture

Carno Island: Mantis, Megalania, Megalosaurus, Basilisk

Herbivore Island: Horse, Sheep, Shinehorn

I will not be adding Wyverns, Rock Golems, Rock Drake, Giant Crab,Reaper,or Phoenix(because other maps dont have superheat) I still need to custom create a few dinos for vanilla taming methods.

If you remove this mod Featherlights, Glowtails, Basilisks and Mantis will disappear as they are custom made, the rest are all vanilla

This mod is a V.2 of my current mod just with Abberation creatures in it.

Official Server Of This & The Kibble Table

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DizZzy  [author] 22 hours ago 
@Jonxed this does not spawn Aberrant versions of dinos. It may in the future but as of right now it does not.
Jonxed 23 hours ago 
Hm okay after searching for an hour and flying over the map i found some roll rats, glowtails ravager, but how about the abberant dino version like abberant raptor?
Wolvenspirits Mar 15 @ 1:23pm 
BTW that worked. I finally got one. Thank you again. :)
Wolvenspirits Mar 15 @ 12:57pm 
I will try that. Thank You DizZzy
DizZzy  [author] Mar 15 @ 12:36pm 
@Wolvenspirits they are just a low spawn so they dont over-run the island. Try killing some of the wildlife there to force a spawn.
Wolvenspirits Mar 15 @ 11:33am 
I have been to Herbivore Island many times and never see one. My daughter and I are on our own server. We see everything else with the mod, just no Shinehorns. Is there particular time of day or night to find them?
DizZzy  [author] Mar 15 @ 10:34am 
@Jonxed - It will work on Ragnarok it just wont effect the whole map as many of their spawns are custom named.

@Wolvenspirits - I run this on my own server and fine Shinehorns most actively on Herbivore Island as they dont get murdered so fast.
Wolvenspirits Mar 15 @ 8:14am 
My daughter and I have not ever seen a shinehorn spawn in the Island. Even after updates and restarting the server.
Jonxed Mar 15 @ 7:08am 
it doesnt work on ragnarok for me... how to fix that?
DizZzy  [author] Mar 9 @ 5:35pm 
@Calismarie No, as thats a modded creature. This is a vanilla based mod just with adjusting taming and breeding of a few creatures.