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Enhanced Cities: Fort Winstad
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Mar 1, 2013 @ 5:05pm
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Enhanced Cities: Fort Winstad

This mod adds a Perimeter Wall, with Patroling Guards and a Sprawling village to Winstad Manor, of Hearthfire.

If you don't have Fort Heljarchen yet, go check it out!!
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Hearthfire is Unfortunately Required ... lucky for you its only $4 or something on Steam!


NOTICE: Recommended that you fully build Winstad Manor before Subbing to the Fort


Fort Winstad Features:
-Walkable perimeter wall with 4 Gated Entrances.
-Cleared out all the Dead, Ugly trees and Grass and Planted fresh Aspens and Lush Grass!
-LOTS of Landscaping and Backfilling to accomodate the amount of construction. As a result, the Marsh is now a Lake; Go for a Swim!
-Full Black Smith [Added 1.1]
-6 Guards on Scheduled Patrol (Eat, Drink, Sleep)
-Town Hall (with a Golden Throne just for YOU!)
-Guard House
-Ocean Breeze Pub & Rest
-3 Towers for Surveylance (and jumping off of into the Lake ...) Lakewatch Tower, Swampwatch Tower & Mountainwatch Tower.
-Gated Lake Entrance

& MUCH more to come!! Including...
-Thriving population of NPCs
-More Guards
-Your own personal Boatman and Dock crew, who will take you to several Coastal Cities.
-More detailed interiors
-Possible Quest lines

Update 1.1
-Black Smith area added
-Several Navmesh issues resolved
-Crashing fix for those without Dawnguard
-Wall access added near Lakewatch Tower.
Update 1.1.1
-Minor bug fix - Duplicated Log Pile/Stable.

Update 1.2
-Lakewatch Tower converted into Lighthouse.
-Balder the Blacksmith and his lovely wife Olana, who has taken charge of the local Farmers Market, have become the first inhabitants of Winstad! Please welcome them with open arms!
-Olana has made some drastic changes to the market. Must say, I like what shes done with the place!
-Minor improvements throughout (lighting, clutter etc.)

**FINALLY**Update 2.0**
-Balder and Olana have returned!! And they've brought company!
-Stella will be watching over the newly minted "Winstad Fox in Fort - Pub & Rest" (that's right, the 'Fox in Fort' brand of Pubs is Franchising!). You will notice that the pub is now generally quite packed in the evening, so they are now currently looking to hire some entertainment! Also if you're too drunk to wander back to the house, you can always rent a room - directly left of the bar.
-The Hunter has taken up residence in the house furthest to back of the Fort, and made it quite comfortably his own. He spends the day out in the Woods.. hunting.. but he will always be back to the pub to finish up his night.
-Lord Commander Ulrich was hired to transform the motley-crew of Merceneries that were protecting the fort, into a more organized Force.. the DragonGuard; a highly skilled, highly trained fleet of Guards hell bent on protecting these walls. They'll all be into the pub after their respective shifts for Pint.
-Have also made some minor adjustments/improvements near the front gate.

More to come! Promise! ;)


The Story behind Winstad
Upon purchasing the land from the Jarl of Morthal, the Dragonborn knew exactly what he wanted to do with it.
Starting by tearing up all the existing sod and trees, he tediously transformed the terrain from an uninhabitable wasteland, to the rolling, majestic village you now see before you.

Rock and Stones were in large supply, once the dragonborn started dredging up the Marsh, so the Walls and towers were only a matter of labor, as the materials were readily available.

The wood and thatch for the buildings was also quite abundant having chopped down numerous trees and dried grass.

Finding Guards to secure the Fort wasn't to be a problem, as Mercenaries around Skyrim are a dime-a-dozen.
Give them somewhere to Eat & Sleep.. and Drink, and they'll give you their life.

This Town is young, but it is growing. And thriving. And can provide Protection from the growing threat of Dragons unlike any other. "If you build it; they will come." The population will flock to Fort Winstad in due time. And they will look to you as their new Ruler. For their lives may depend on it.

Hope you All Enjoy!
Feedback/ Suggestions are welcome below!



This has nothing to do with my Mod, but "Birds and Flocks" has known bugs with Windstad Manor. Be sure to get the Hearthfire Version of "Birds and Flocks".

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: Do you built the Fort with the Workbench, like the Hearthfire homes?
A1: Nope. Once you sub, it is there.

Q2: Can you make it so you can craft the entire Fort ala Hearthfire?
A2: No, sorry. I don't know how, and there's too much else to do on the Fort.

Q3: Can you make it so we can choose the Guards Armor? Or have the Armor change depending on Allegiance within the game ie Empire, Stormcloak etc.
A3: No, again. I don't know how.

Q4: My house doesn't show up when I build it. Whats happening?
A4: You likely subbed to the Fort before building the House. Just a) unsub the Fort, b) Load from a point before you started building the home, c) Build home (I only had to partially build) and Hire Steward, d) Subscribe to Fort and Enjoy!

Q5: How come no people???
A5: They are coming. I promise. I appreciate your patience.
Unfortunately, I have an actual Job as well; this is just a fun little hobby.
Do know that I will be posting a LOT of updates for this Mod along the way, so make sure you let your updates run every once in a while. Or check back here for Update notices.

Q6: Fort Lakeview??
A6: Perhaps. I'd love to do it, as theres alot of cool things I could do with it, BUT its a lot of work to make these things, and a lot more work supporting them and building on them once I've up'ed it to Steam. We'll see! Never say never!
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jaderive 1 hour ago 
@ cheeseballs, after subbing did you run the play - data load order and let it insitall, Then go in gamer ?

@ Alpha this is just great, hope its still a w i p after real life takes a break o.O ;p - thumbs up -
duaij-wow Apr 10 @ 11:59am 
This is really really cool i mean whooh.. Finaly a mod with stile. I do have a few suggestions tho. You might or might not do them but i dont mind, Any way i know your going to add a population to the town soo i have an idea on who to add . 1- argonians just a few 4-5 occupy the homes near the water . 2-A family of High Elves thay can have like a house where thay live and sell training for us eg. Enchanting-Alchemy. 3-A khajiit karavan who by the dragonborns permission was allowed to set up camp permanently ... i'v noticed alot of free space in the town you could put some tents and a caravan somewere. sooo basically just all the races that are unwelcome in most skyrim citys because honestly im kind of bord from avarege nord towns and villiges. Agen Thank you for this cool mod i'm currentaly populating it with ''summon wooden folowers mod'' . its doing fine i guss.
yahvhecti Mar 21 @ 12:41pm 
From a BOSS run just before the post.
Warning: This file contains 839 deleted NavMesh record(s) that TES5Edit cannot repair automatically and it may cause problems with your game. NavMesh deletions should be reported to the mod author. A guide to repairing NavMesh deletions with TES5Edit is located here.
Wrangler Mar 8 @ 12:59pm 
Can anyone tell me if this mod is still being worked on. I really enjoy the feel of what was done here but the town ouside the housing parameter could really use a population to finish it off.
CheesBalls_FTW Mar 1 @ 5:21am 
the fort isn't showing up. what do i do. i do have the hearthfire and everything.
[BAU]Barrington Feb 10 @ 9:53pm 
Does this clash with Winstad mine?
Touka Feb 10 @ 2:25am 
agreed with cowboy
CowboyTwo1 Jan 16 @ 2:51pm 
Wish this could be made compatible with Winstad Mine mod. Both are awesome mods, and this location seems ripe for a fort to protect the river delta, but the two mods overlap slightly.
THE FOYNES Dec 18, 2014 @ 5:17am 
could you make this mod compatable with the winstad mine mod; unfortunatly the two clash so buildings become murged as one huge mess. All that would need to be done is have the walls moved more to the direction of solitude, to compensate you could make the port part of the fort bigger or more buildings on the coast,

Cheers :P
윌리엄 히긴슨 Dec 13, 2014 @ 4:13pm 
concerning allowing players to build the fort themselves...

you could just ask for help with this on skyrim nexus...im sure people there would be willing to tell you how to do it, i would start by thinking of each part of the fort as lego and then work from there.. seeing as thats how it would end up being built probably lol