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Heart Breaker - A Killmove Mod
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Feb 28, 2013 @ 10:39pm
Apr 2, 2015 @ 3:22am
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Heart Breaker - A Killmove Mod

Required: Dragonborn DLC

Heart Breaker - A Killmove Mod gives you the ability to go all Temple of Doom on your enemies just before they die. If your enemy is injured enough to fall to one knee (i.e. Bleed Out), you will be able to press the Activate button (Keyboard Default "E", Xbox Default "A", PS Default "X") to rip out his/her Heart. A Heart, based on the race of your enemy, will then be added to your inventory. Any Hearts that match the Heart you ripped out will be removed from the NPC's inventory. (e.g. If you rip out the Heart of a Daedra, then you will no longer find a Daedra Heart on the corpse.)

Turn Heart Breaker on or off and start/stop all scripts from running. Use before uninstalling.

Essential Kills
Perform the killmove on Essential NPCs and Special Essential NPCs. You will receive a message upon killing any Essential NPCs.

Dialogue Menu
Shows a menu that will allow you to select Rip Out Heart as an option when triggering the killmove.

Shield Un/Re-Equip
Automatically Un-Equip and Re-Equip your shield during the killmove.

Draw Weapons
If your weapons are drawn at the beginning of the killmove, they will be drawn automatically at the end of the killmove.

Spell Power
Adds a once a day Spell Power that allows you to put an enemy into the BleedingOut state in one hit.

Enemy drops his/her weapons at the beginning of the killmove.

Broken Heart
Shows a hole where your enemy's heart once was.

Vampire/Werewolf Mode
Killmove can only be performed if you are a vampire or werewolf.

Briarhearts Only Mode
Killmove can only be performed on Briarhearts.

Messages you receive about Essential NPCs and Hearts added to your inventory can be in 1st person, 3rd person, or turned off.

Choose which hearts, if any, are removed from NPCs and added to your inventory at the end of the killmove.

Magic Arm
Choose which glows, if any, are added to your arm during the killmove.

Explosive Heart Breaker
Set the likelihood of enemy exploding into gore upon having heart ripped out.

Compatible Mods
VioLens - A Killmove Mod
The Dance of Death - A Killmove Mod
Better Vampires[]

Incompatible Mods
1. Mods that make you use the activate button on NPCs that are down on one knee (i.e. Bleeding Out), unless that mod has a dialogue menu that pops up first asking you what you want to do. If it does, then enabling Heart Breaker's Dialogue Menu option may allow you to choose between heart ripping and whatever the other mod does.

2. Mods that edit behavior files, which may cause the issue described in A4 in the FAQ to happen every time you try and execute the killmove.

Q1: Are SkyUI and SKSE required for Heart Breaker to work?

A1: SKSE and SkyUI are required for the MCM to work, and I highly recommend you use them. However, Heart Breaker will still function without them.
To toggle features On/Off, use the following console commands:

Set HB_ModActive to # (Default: 1)
Set HB_EssentialKills to # (Default: 0)
Set HB_DialogueMenu to # (Default: 0)
Set HB_ReceiveHeartsCustom to # (Default: 1)
Set HB_ReceiveHearts to # (Default: 1)
Set HB_ShieldRemove to # (Default: 0)
Set HB_ExplosivePercent to # (Default: 0)(0-100)
Set HB_Disarm to # (Default: 1)
Set HB_DrawWeapons to # (Default: 1)
Set HB_BriarOnly to # (Default: 0)
Set HB_VampWere to # (Default: 0)
Set HB_FirstPersonMSG to # (Default: 1)(Off: 0, Third: 1, First: 2)
Set HB_MagicArmVar to # (Default: 0)(Off: 0, Light Glow: 1, Light Glow 2: 2, Heavy Glow: 3, Heavy Glow 2: 4)
0 is Off and 1 is On.

Note: In order to add the Spell Power, you must type help "Heart Breaker" into the console, get the ID, and add it by typing Player.AddSpell ######## into the console, replacing the # with the ID you got using the previous command.

Q2: Why is the Dragonborn DLC Required?

A2: The Heart Ripping animation is from the Dragonborn DLC, Heart Breaker uses that animation.

Q3: Why did I end up ripping a heart out of thin-air?

A3: If an NPC is too close to a wall, or has weird positioning relative to you, it is possible that the animation will play, but you will rip the Heart out of thin-air. This is also a problem with normal killmoves and there's nothing I can do about it.

Q4: Why did the animation fail to activate? Why was I forced into third person?

A4: As of version 3.3 this issue should be mostly eliminated. The animation may still not trigger due to terrain issues, however, if it does fail to trigger you will no longer be forced into third person, and you will not encounter any of the glitches that used to come with this issue. If you cannot seem to get the animation to trigger at all, 100% the time, then make sure to remove any mods that add the files defaultmale.hkx or defaultfemale.hkx. If that doesn't work, or you don't have a mod that adds those files, then try installing Dragonborn Animation Fix[].

Q5: What's the difference between Normal Essential NPCs and Special Essential NPCs?

A5: Normal Essential NPCs can have their Essential Flag turned off while in-game, Special Essential NPCs are flagged Essential by Quests, and cannot have their Essential Flag turned off in-game. Due to this oddity, when Essential Kills is On, Special Essential NPCs will explode into gore even with Explosive Heart Breaker disabled, and leave behind a Bloody Satchel filled with items rather than the normal lootable gore pile.

Q6: Why isn't Vampire/Werewolf Mode working when I'm in Beast or Lord Form?

A6: Vampire/Werewolf Mode requires you to be in human form, not Beast or Lord Form. The skeleton for Beast and Lord form are different from the Human skeleton and therefore will not allow the killmove to work properly.

Q7: Why does installing Heart Breaker make me crash to the desktop when starting up Skyrim?

A7: You don't have the Dragonborn DLC installed.

Q8: Why do I have a Heart stuck in my hand and how do I get rid of it?

A8: This can happen if you have a script heavy setup, it shouldn't be a normal occurrence. To get rid of the Heart, Deactivate and Reactivate the mod in the MCM.

My Mods
Black Mage Armor
VioLens - A Killmove Mod
Heart Breaker - A Killmove Mod[]

Additional Info
For a list of the mods used in the screenshots/vidoes, check the description page of this mod at Skyrim Nexus.
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Dutch Nov 23 @ 9:15am 
What's the armor the character is wearing in the pictures? I'm trying to make an assassin/mage/vampire build, and I think that armor would be great for the look of the set! :3
Uberpowerx Nov 20 @ 7:45am 
cool! i can rip daidra hearts!
ashkaari.talan Oct 22 @ 6:10pm 
ALuX Jul 27 @ 7:15pm 
Are the hearts supposed to be in the player character's hand at the end of the animation?
Joe Snowstorm Jul 15 @ 10:07pm 
any way to make it so the daily power isn't daily?
ruuku707 Jul 14 @ 6:43am 
omfgi saw this mod and i really want it! but why do you need the DLC for this?
Redbaron Jun 22 @ 11:17am 
I have Dragonborn, SKSE, and SkyUI but Heart Braker isn't working. As in, it isn't appearing in the SkyUI mod configuration menu. Any ideas what to do?
Zirados May 28 @ 12:24pm 
ripping hearts out of air is fun tho q&a! its like your oblivion but your a furry weaboo
where i can find it?
xmarikx Mar 21 @ 11:40pm 
I want this mod so bad lol but i don't have the DLC. the sadness is sad