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Master Chief Armor
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Feb 28, 2013 @ 12:33pm
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Master Chief Armor


20/08/2013: Hey guys. Big update for this mod on the way. Check out the first vid above to see a trailer. New texture, fixed normal maps and a big voiced follower coming soon.

This is my retexture of the Spartan Armor mod originally created by darkseeker117. This comes with all the armor and weapons that darkseeker117 originally designed. Only diference is my retexture of the mark VI armor and a change to the smithing requirements. All credit for the original creation of this armor goes to darkseeker117. Whilst the original was white, this version is green so as to look a bit more like Master Chief from the Halo series.

HOW TO GET THE ARMOR: To get it you must have the steel smithing perk and have 2 steel ingots per armor piece. You can then smith it. You'll find it under 'misc'.

Darkseeker117 if you see this and would like me to take it down then you just have to say the word. Until then, enjoy everyone!
(Compatible with all races and genders)

As a side note, in the videos i'm using a nord male with the scale set to 1.1 with the console commands. Makes him just that little bit bigger than everyone else, just like the real Chief would be.
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altair410 Nov 27 @ 8:32pm 
i dont know what it is but i cant see the armor in the blacksmiths anvil and i have all the blacksmithing abilities, i dont knw if its a mod but i dont know why, i have no other armor mods
SantaPopo Nov 4 @ 4:32am 
SantaPopo Nov 4 @ 4:32am 
Wheres caboose? I WANT A CABOOSE MOD!
muy_thaiguy Sep 16 @ 3:55pm 
@ tommyegan04, you press the "subscribe" button underneath the pictures.
tommyegan04 Sep 16 @ 3:34am 
how do i download this mod?
Chomps123 Jul 13 @ 6:51pm 
start the skyrim launcher then u get it
ZombieVoodoo Jul 5 @ 1:23am 
I subscribed, now how do I download? :(
mythbuster01 Jun 30 @ 12:58pm 
Where can i find white versions of the body,boots, and gloves?
Mudzy Jun 5 @ 10:24am 
i know you said you no longer mod but you should make the odst armor
Sgt.walker 12 May 10 @ 12:07pm 
''Suck it blue!''
- red team 2001