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Lizardman - Werewolf Replacer
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Feb 28, 2013 @ 5:27am
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this mod replaces the skyrim werewolf with a "Lizardman"

the Lizardman has custom sounds so he does not sound so "wolfy"

do not install this until you have changed into a werewolf at least once

this is a standalone mod and requires no other files

thanks to chrysaetos for porting the vindictus assets


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Tyga BeastCast Sep 11 @ 8:08pm 
The head looks exactly like a recolor of Zilla's head from the 90s american failure with Matthew Broderick
Lovbi Aug 27 @ 9:47am 
is this the lizardman from Soulcalibur?
Dashing Knight Aug 6 @ 2:12pm 
Any chance you could remove the leather vest? Seems weird to have it there.
these custom sounds you speak of they do not work for me i guess
eslagle7 Jul 15 @ 7:39am 
If you made it a non-replacer and invented a good storyline I would definiitely subscribe.
[AG] Kel Jun 19 @ 2:57am 
in TES it's a curse, not a virus
[RϟG] Tjthelegokid Jun 6 @ 12:03am 
@ Nefnoj

Actually, it's completely lore friendly for Agronians and Khajiits to turn into werewolves.

The werewolf is a strand of the Lycanthropy virus (is virus the right word?) that has many different strands, such as werecrocs and werelions.

It's like an illness having three separate strands that cause a running nose, a sore throat, and a headache. Each strand has a different effect, but one strand isn't necessarily exclusive to a specific ethnicity of person. Lycanthropy acts in the same way: Different strands have different effects and can be present in multiple ethnicities.

Although, I gotta admit, it does look weird watching an Argonian (a being with no hair follicles) grow vast amounts of hair...
Mask The Kid Jun 4 @ 9:10am 
Any chance you could make it to where only argonians have this form? i mean i dont want EVERY wherewolf being a lizard man. so. anychance you could do that? or at least make it a stand alone mod?
LoCo SAin Jun 2 @ 8:48pm 
sorry about their 60 - 110 minute cocktease and underwhelming human character development
Dogtown1  [author] Jun 2 @ 8:31pm 
I just saw the new godzilla movie and that godzilla creature was the best I have ever seen.... but the movie sucked, and you sit through 90 minutes of movie to only see godzilla for maybe 5 minutes of the movie, I was very bummed out