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Serious Sam 3: Extended
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Feb 26, 2013 @ 11:56pm
Aug 14 @ 11:14pm
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Attention! You need the Jewel of the Nile DLC to play this mod!

Attention! You need the FULL Ultimate Resource Pack (including Devostator's and Nhunter's packs) to play this mod! THE LAVA GOLEM PACK IS A MUST NOW!!!


This Extended Project is a serial-kind of project, that will exist for SSHD, SS3, and every Serious Sam game of the future. My goal with this project is to create a Serious Sam game that is of my own vision. The Extended Project in general is about extending the game, fixing issues, expanding the story through added levels and lore. Serious Sam 3: Extended is kind of a black sheep when it comes to that: I add no new levels, but change the old ones to play a lot better, with a few new added extras, like secrets, traps, trapped secrets or even a slightly extended ending.

Overall, I consider this mod to be a sort of Unofficial Patch to the main game.


- The main campaign and the Jewel of the Nile DLC have been merged into one long campaign. This merged campaign is called as "New Game" in the menu (because that makes perfect sense, really). The original campaigns are removed.
- Beheaded Firecrackers and Bombers return. Zorgs also return, replacing the Cloned Soldiers during the 3 levels taking place in the ruins. In "Last Man on Earth" and "Silent Riddler", Zorgs appear alongside the Cloned Soldiers. Gnaar Males also get mixed in. Among other things
- There are Netricsa entries for these enemies, and for the Scrapjack Boss as well, courtesy of the upgrades I made for the URP. There are also two new campaign specific Netricsa messages.
- New secrets and trapped items placed on some levels. Some older lame secrets have been booby trapped as well.
- A slight change to the end game cutscene to emphasize a better continuity with SSHD. (Wait a little after the credits!)
- Added a few physics enabled barrels (mostly near exploding barrels because it looks cool) and flags.
- Added Netricsa Analyzing effect just for show (not a real one). Only works if you play the campaign from the beginning to the end.
- A big surprise at the end. :P
- Many other smaller things here and there.


If you find any, let me know in the comments, I'll fix them.

V1.5 Changelog:

- Removed any mentions of a Part 2, as it is cancelled.
- Added a secret Rocket Launcher on CairoSquare
- Changed how the biomech is being launched in CairoSquare secret, making sure it works in multiplayer too
- Fixed wrong secret sound in CairoMuseum
- Fixed blurry Abu Simbel Netricsa message
- Sniper weapon is now officially available from the level CairoTown. All Sniper weapon secrets have been changed.
- After Nubia, Sniper will be available on the level Nubia, while the Laser is available again in Ramesseum.
- Added unused Ramesseum music from the SS3 soundtrack
- More ammo and health have been added to some specific problematic locations
- Serious difficulty now have double ammo like back in the days
- Lava Golem enemies added! Make sure that you have the required Lava Golem pack from the Ultimate Resource Pack!
- The level "Gathering of Gods" have been majorly changed. Now, after placing the Isis statue in the temple, all four statues will appear and you can get them in any order you want. Significant portions of the level script was changed to do this.
- Added some extra Serious and Coop-only enemies, especially on the earlier levels.
- Changed the middle arena on the level "Guardian of Time". There are only 3 Witch-Brides now, but then a wave of lava golems follow. The canyon exits are also sealed with forcefields until you clear out the enemies.
- Other minor changes and fixes.

V1.6 Changelog:

- Restructured the script files so the mod can be compatible with some other mods, like BFE Enhanced.
- Raised the amounts of Biomehanoid Minors on most levels. It is now introduced on the fourth level.
- Attempt to fix Navigation problems, might not work.
- Other minor changes and fixes.
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Solais  [author] Aug 15 @ 10:07am 
Yes, that works, obviously, just saves not.
Saddam Hussein Aug 15 @ 7:23am 
well, apparently it can load through the start game>chapter selection screen. So false alarm... >.>
Saddam Hussein Aug 15 @ 7:05am 

nah I saved it right after the car gets gobbled up by the siege worm :p
Solais  [author] Aug 15 @ 6:57am 
Yep. The changes to the level were more than just changing the scripts like in the last update, as some stuff was added and some removed. Weird that you'd stop playing that level in the middle of it though.
Saddam Hussein Aug 15 @ 6:47am 
alright, I think this new update broke my old saves. I tried loading Guardian of Time and got "unable to load file" followed by "this file has malfunctioned..."

think I'm just going to speedrun through Tourist then (was playing Normal) from the beginning
Solais  [author] Aug 14 @ 11:08pm 
Released a small patch that fixes the wrong fight music used on Ramesseum, removes the back forcefield on the final level, so people won't get stuck outside and added some enemies to the midlands battle on the final level.
Saddam Hussein Aug 8 @ 11:45pm 
gotta say, the final part of Last Man on Earth is bloody hard now with those Reptiloids.
Nevermore2790 Aug 8 @ 6:08pm 
It would have been best if Cloned Soldiers work together with the Zorgs during Unearthing The Sun onwards as well... if possible.. However, their numbers should be balanced in all difficulties... like a 50/50.. Also, I would suggest adding a Juvenile Arachnoid in the game.. and make those Harpies appear often too in the BFE campaign so JotN levels are excluded since they are common. Any plans for a Highlander's Bride in the campaign, and changing most of the levels skybox since they are repetitive (those levels with HDR_ClearBlueSky02)?? :) Good mod anyway...
Saddam Hussein Aug 8 @ 2:47pm 
that's a pretty interesting analysis, Solais. Overbloat of enemies onscreen/types leading to repetitiveness and weaker game foundation. The Cloned Soldiers would be Lv1, whereas Zorgs are Lv2 (their plasma weapons pack more punch. Both of them serve one purpose - grunt type foes with rifles that are a bit more "elite" than the rest; it would be terrible design if one were to mix them up in every level they show up in, since the player will feel like "so what? they are all the same." Zorg appearance would herald the game getting harder, not harder and much more of the same ole
Solais  [author] Aug 8 @ 12:38pm 
Just try to contemplate why is that when the Zorg enemies appear, the Cloned Soldier enemies lessen in number, then completely disappear. Both in aesthetic and gameplay reasons.