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DaMaGepy #4: cube training
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Feb 25, 2013 @ 8:07pm
Mar 4, 2013 @ 11:10am
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A large medium-difficulty map to teach some cube trick. 9 testchamber plus an optional hidden test with some bts exploration. Since its a training map, there are hint buttons at the entrance of each room in case you need help. Don't spoil your fun, only use them if you are stuck for a while and don't know what to do!

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This single-player map includes:
- 9 small / normal chamber with very easy to medium puzzles
- Optional hints for those who don't know the tricks yet and got stuck easily
- At the end of the map an optional achievement to escape outside and find the secret testchamber
- Optional behind-the-scene exploration
- Direct download link (with hammer .vmf source): http://heroes.hardwired.hu/-/portal/sp_damagepy_04.zip (10MB)
- Youtube walkthrough video, in case you stuck...
- Youtube speedrun vid (4:50), if you can beat it, I'll link yours :)

Hints/comments about the map:
- The map was made with Hammer editor (Portal 2 Authoring Tools - it's free)
- You don't need ninja skills or luck. If you are clueless, check the signages first.
- The map was made in 16 day
- Some custom texture and sign plus skybox (Karatekäfer)
- Special thanks for testing: tmast98, lpfreaky90, josepezdj
- You can download most of my Portal 1 and 2 maps and their hammer sources from here[heroes.hardwired.hu].

- Fixed elevator tube opening/closing, and some missing texture (nodraw)
- Added a hint and a mark to the hidden testchamber's angled surface and moved the 2 cube a bit closer to the edge plus some mark
- Made the vertical hatch after the bts sewer and the portal surface above more visible
- Fixed room 8 where the cube could be picked out thru the grate, plus could be dropped into the hole under the arm. Also fixed indicator
- Fixed a missing indicator in room 5, and moved a portal surface in room 9 up so the only way to disable the red field is to... use the tactic from room 7 :)
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Neuropunk Jul 18 @ 1:14pm 
thanks bro, very good job! Was interesting and kinda challenging
BlupHox Jul 14 @ 3:10am 
@Seattlegamer wat
CrazyContraption Jul 12 @ 1:21pm 
Really great job :D enjoyed new types of tests that actually puzzled me a bit!
Seattlebronygamer Jun 26 @ 5:42am 
reminds me of portal 3.
Seattlebronygamer Jun 26 @ 5:41am 
@DaMaGepy: i'm back! i herd you made pictures of... no money for chambers 2.
but i have finished the cube puzzle map. includind the secret test. and parkour.
dadipadi Jun 21 @ 7:31pm 
Yes. I am in agreement that this was a fun map. Well done with lots of details, and textures. I enjoyed the puzzles. They weren't brain melters, but they were creative. I love the extra map, because walking around the parts I thought I couldn't go to is fun, because I love to explore. Thanks for making this.
robin_z Jun 5 @ 5:34pm 
This was a lot of fun! I like some of the transition corridors with cube shapes sticking out of the wall.
StraightFlame Jun 1 @ 2:52am 
Certain areas reminded me a lot of Q.U.B.E.
Belthazar May 3 @ 5:46am 
Wow. Such wow. I'm not normally the sort to gush, but... wow.

This is the sort of map that makes me wish I could rate with more precision than just pass/fail. I'd give it seventeen and a half. Out of five. Designs were absolutely superb - especially the antechambers - and the puzzle designs were heaps of fun too. Very inventive.

Just gotta say, though: you know the thing that happens right before you enter the secret chamber? Yeah, that. You are a horrible person. That's what it says here. We weren't even testing for that. =P
Dr. Kenneth Noisewater May 1 @ 7:25pm 
Next level of coolness 11/10