Dota 2
Sivart's Spear
Heroes: Enchantress
Slots: Weapon
Non Hero: Wearable
Utility: Imported
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Feb 25, 2013 @ 5:50pm
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"The ambers of Sivart hold the life-force of whatever creature trapped inside to slowly release the poor animal's energy to bring life into a weapon embedded with its ancient power. Sivart himself helped forge and coax the energy to create this leaf bound spear. For Enchantress's news of the world beyond his home, Sivart gifted the spear to her - to help her push back the oncoming destruction of the Dire's thirst for domination."

Another creation, this time an overall more complicated design for Enchantress. I worked much harder on the texture this time, adding more hand painted details to compliment the overall motif of flowing leaves around the spear. The masks itself weren't as good but I am improving with every completed model in different ways.

I appreciate any and all feedback, please leave a comment wherever you think I can improve - whether it is skill, design, or just overall.

Thank you!