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Konahrik's Accoutrements - Dragon Priest Armory
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Konahrik's Accoutrements - Dragon Priest Experience
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    Take a journey through time in the lost Dragon Priest stronghold, Revakheim. Unlock unique gear and create armor not seen since the First Era. Gain new powers and become stronger than ever. Fight ancient enemies and fulfill your destiny as the true Warlord.

NEWS: We've hit over 1,000 ratings! Another update is in the works. Besides including some small fixes and tweaks, I am happy to announce that the next update will include new beast race mask models. Thank you all for your support and feedback.

Key Features

❖ Explore a Massive New Dungeon
Find the lost Dragon Priest temple, Revakheim, and uncover it many wonders.

❖ Become the True Warlord
Collect all of Konahrik's armor by traveling to Revakheim's past.

❖ Dragon Priest Armory
Find and craft all 18 Dragon Priest sets.

❖ New Powers, Enchantments, Magic and More
Cleanse the High Dragon Priests' armor and uncover their powerful magical properties using the forgotten Scrolls of Abjuration.

❖ Dragon Priest Rematch
Resurrect slain Dragon Priests by using their masks in a special ritual inside Revakheim.

For all your how-to's, walkthroughs, and item detail needs.

Official Site Quick Links
Armor Item stats, enchantments, and recipe details
Abjuration Scrolls How to obtain the scrolls use them to remove Dragon Priest curses
Revakheim Location and map details
Quest Full quest walktrough

Special Thanks and Acknowledgements
Gechbal's original amulet. Check out his workshop.
WarlordKonahrik's help on the Official Site.
The dedicated BETA testers.
The Youtube channels that have featured this work.
To all the people who have made donations. Thank you for your generous support!
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Apr 4 @ 2:34pm
PINNED: FAQs and Bugs
Sir Edhelsereg
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chippy737 9 hours ago 
nm ive found it
chippy737 9 hours ago 
Theres no door to the nordic ruin. Ive re-dowloaded the mod but it still isnt there.
Sir Edhelsereg  [author] 10 hours ago 
Guys, the answers to all of your questions can be found on either the FAQs an Bugs discussion or the Official Site. Links can be found above.
chippy737 10 hours ago 
I can't get into Revakheim. The path on the north side of the mountain is blocked with a rock and there is no doorway on the nordic ruin place on the south side. Please help. :)
Griffball1438 16 hours ago 
if you cant find out how to start the whole quest story whatever you want to call it try "YOUTUBE" its there for a reason
DatGamingOtaku Jul 10 @ 4:45pm 
how do i have rematches with the dragon priests?
Bluemon Jul 10 @ 2:17pm 
how do i start
Birth-Of-A-Mule Jul 10 @ 12:53am 
If you guy's have any trouble trying to find a specific item. Just click your profile whle playing the game (When you press TAB aND SHIFT) The internet thingy will show up and type Skyrim wiki.com in google. and they'll show you all the codes for everysingle specific item in the game... EVERY game has this. There is ALWAYS a wiki for every game. uR WELCOME IF THIS helps...
EXdevil Jul 9 @ 9:53pm 
At the bridge point , I used the mask, everything worked, I crossed the bridge, but the stage where I have to explore the ancient place wont valide, can you help?
DatGamingOtaku Jul 9 @ 4:29pm