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Here There Be Monsters: Call of Cthulhu
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"Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you..."
--Friedrich Nietzsche

They call you the Monster Hunter. You have fought the terrors of the deep. You have faced monsters greater than any dragon. And you have have killed them all. You have slaughtered the Sea herself.

But the final words of Tiamat still echo in your mind. "That is not dead which can eternal lie..."

Strange things have begun to happen across Tamriel. Barbaric cults have began their ancient rites in the dark places of Skyrim. Monsters have grown huge and terrible in the ashes of Red Mountain. And there are whispers across Solstheim of an ancient city name R'lyeh...

Something has awoken in its ancient House. Something the Sea has held for aeons. Something more terrible than any monster on this Nirn. For He is not of this world.

Cthulhu has awoken.

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn...


Do not download yet unless you want to be part of the debug process. This mod is nowhere near complete and is still constantly being worked on. Sorry for any inconvenience.

They have called, and so I must answer. I know a lot of you want to see this, so I'm gonna try.

This mod will function as an extension of my Here There Be Monsters mod. This mod will be based mostly around Solstheim, and will contain a whole new quest, new monsters, and more than a little inspiration from H. P. Lovecraft. The mod will function as an extension of the original mod, and as such will require that one. I'm not entirely sure what direction this will go, but I've got some ideas. I'll keep you posted as I begin to flesh things out. Feel free to give input and ideas in the comments; that's why they're there.

It will be awhile until I actually make some progress with this. I really don't have the time for something this big, but I really want to do it. There's still a lot I need to do on the original mod as well, so these may be a long time coming. Thank you for your support, and please be patient. I know we all want to see Cthulhu.

Also, I'm planning this to be a sort of Endgame quest, so it will expect the player to have beaten both the main quest and Miraak. It's the only way it makes sense in the story, and there is also the possibility of catastrophic devastation all across Skyrim, so I don't want to ruin the rest of the game for anyone. I cannot guarantee the safety of anything you hold dear.

List of Monsters:

Khal-Kru: All-in-All, Greater-than-Gods, dark, octopoid horror (Gigantic Netch)
Mh'ithrha: Arch-Lord of Tindalos
Nctosa & Nctolhu: Twin Daughters of Cthulhu (Giant Ash Hoppers)
Titanic Ash Shoggoth: Giant Ash Spawn


Update#4: The first quest is done, but I haven't had a chance to test it at all so Talos knows if anything actually works. I still don't know how to put somebody in shackles, but everything else is fleshed out. The quest is supposed to start with you getting a letter, but I haven't really gotten that to work yet and I'm not sure why. The second and third quest should be much easier, but we'll see.

Update #3: Most monsters are created and in their proper place. The first third of the quest is 75% complete; I'm having some trouble scripting a sequence where you rescue the Hunter from a cult ceremony. I've added the Plateau of Leng as part of the quest. Still need a Cthulhu and a Byakhee; the Byakhee is easy (it's just a reskinned dragon). Innsmouth, R'lyeh, and Leng are all pretty much done. I've also added a little Dwarven surprise (that I don't want to ruin; look at the pics) and pretty much know where it's all going. I just need some serious questing work. It's getting there.

Update #2: I have the story pretty much completely fleshed out and the physical groundwork is laid. R'lyeh is appropriately creepy. The town of Innsmouth can be found southwest of Tel Mithryn. There are various Cult ceremonies set up around Skyrim. I've begun with the quest, but nothing is playable as yet. I'm still working with Dogtown1 to get a proper Cthulhu and some other horrible beasties. Hopefully I'll be able to jump back into this soon.

Update #1: I have laid a lot of the groundwork and have modeled a lot of the physical additions. I am currently modeling the sunken city of R'lyeh, which you can see in the images. I want it to be a substantial city/dungeon that will give the player a lot of a challenge, but we'll see. That also brings up and interesting idea: Give the player the option to join the Cult of Cthulhu instead of opposing it? That would be another whole quest to work out; we'll think about that if I ever finish the normal quest I guess. I'm finding a lot of things that I have no idea how to do with the Creation Kit, so this may become a lot more of a challenge than I anticipated. If anyone is particularly skilled and wants to keep an eye on this page, I'm going to start posing questions in the Discussions tab for anyone who can help me figure them out. I've been reading a lot of H. P. Lovecraft and I think I've pieced together a pretty awesome story tieing the Old Ones in with Hermeus Mora and the Deadra, and also connecting into the original mod. It should be a pretty awesome quest, if I can ever implement it. Thanks for all the support, I really want this to be awesome. I'll try and work as much as I can, but I don't have a lot of free time these days. Be patient, it will get done eventually.

Note the awesome cover image art? The Cthulhu tribal design was created by Verreaux at DeviantArt. Check his stuff out at http://verreaux.deviantart.com/
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Aug 23 @ 6:14am
how do you start the quest?
Freddy Fazbear
Aug 25 @ 3:51pm
I need some serious help.
Jun 12 @ 9:56am
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ExosDawnwalker Sep 29 @ 12:08pm 
is it possible to move or remove the ship "the Yellow King"? its location is conflicting with other mods connected to the same spot. Stupid question, I know, but i was just wondering.
Daglez Sep 26 @ 2:17am 
@Araanim can you do Sea
Serpent and Maormers like from TESO?
Araanim  [author] Sep 5 @ 1:07pm 
Can somebody test that any of the dialogue for the quest works? Does anybody receive the letter to begin the quest? I think I need to create an SEQ file to fix the dialogue; however I cannot seem to do that (I think) because the quest is servant to the Here There Be Monsters quest, and the finangling involved in doing that keeps it from creating the SEQ. I'm pretty sure I did everything right, but not a single line of dialogue is working and I don't know why.
Araanim  [author] Sep 5 @ 1:03pm 
The posse is an element of the story that appears at a certain point, helps the player, then leaves. But I hadn't set the enable/disable right, so it was appearing from the get-go and following the player non-stop. This has been fixed (I think). Same with the hound.
Kultag Sep 4 @ 9:38am 
Okay, I encourage you to fix it, as this should be awesome.
Araanim  [author] Sep 4 @ 9:18am 

Do not download yet unless you want to be part of the debug process. This mod is nowhere near complete and is still constantly being worked on. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Kultag Sep 3 @ 1:32pm 
Yep, 6 NPC's and invisible wolf or whatever confirmed. Fix this, and make all giant monsters respawn. Does this mod add those Deep One items, like weapons, shield and amulet? I guess this is the mod that adds the Yellow King to the Solitude Harbor, is it? Shouldn't it or the gold bars in it appear only after I've slain all monsters?
SirDuke Aug 29 @ 10:48pm 
Yes I concur with "mahdniss" and "Warlance" that issue has been a real pain in the ass. I had to do the same thing as madniss till I found the problem, it's weird because this would look like the last mod to seem to cause an issue like this. Please fix the mod not for me anymore but for anyone else who wants to play this mod and not receive a head migraine.
asianboy500 Aug 23 @ 10:03am 
Damn I've been looking for a mod just like this for months.
Araanim  [author] Aug 18 @ 6:11am 
@mahdniss & Warlance Yeah sorry I'm still working on that. They are supposed to be enabled only at certain points in the quest. I'm not sure why they immediately spawn and follow; apparently the follow package overrides the disabled setting. The first quest isn't tested yet so a lot isn't working.