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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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The North Guards - Chapter 1 A Nordic Tale

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The North Guards - Chapter 1 A Nordic Tale

The description is very long and it does not fit here on Steam, to read all the details about this mod go to my website.

Where do I go to start the mod?
Go to Gjukar's Monument, near there you will find a new port, on your map there is also a new location, once you install the mod near Rorikstead called The North Watch.

Jedo_Dre for the Historical Revival - The Roman Era
Facial Piercings by Regn
Insanity Sorrow - For the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Sword, Insanity's Shields, tapestries, the red rug, art tapestries. etc
bretifor the amazing Rochester World Modder Resource
Locaster - For The Assassins Hood used in this mod
RichardPelletsfrom the Paxton series for voice acting Patrick and Dante
Sorapis for voice acting Sigrid
newermind43for the amazing mask and sword used in this mod, it's from the Soul collector armor.
GendunDrupGendundrup for the Nexus Creature Resource
Vicn for the Vicn Creature Resources
OutbreakDV and MTindle - For the Albion Swords - The Chieftain
futoshisan for the Creepy zombies
Nernie - For the Nernies Ranger Pack
L0rd0fWar for the Witcher 2 Models redxavier for the Witcher 2 Shield Pack
d2web for the Skull Helmets
steelfeathers for the Death's Head - Skull Mask
Rizing and jjim83for the Rizings Bow Collection
Marstonn for the Hook and Cleaver
Corvalho1 for the Valiant Nord Bow
Stroti for his resources
sa547 for the Ulfric wanted poster
Vicn for the creature pack
Tamira for the Antique Statue
Brendan for the beautiful sexy painting.
Darkrder for the Celtic Decor for Skyrim I
kensmalice for voice acting Raddin the Skyrim thug
zaldiir, SabotageSam, Psykolabe, NellSpeed for the viking voice acting and the viking mod
Malo for the warrior statues
BrownPastel for the Throne seat, CN Resource pack
Blary for the Ingredients Drawer Resource
I want to thank this awesome community
finally want to thank Bethesda for giving us such an open ended game such as Tes V Skyrim one of my favorite RPG games up to date, keep up the great work Bethesda!
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DJ Red Rad  [author] Feb 16 @ 2:54pm 
@svenlindstrom1 Thank you so much really appreciate it. the problem was resolved thankfully. I'm back on Steam now. Thanks everyone for the support. :UniversalLove:
svenlindstrom1 Feb 15 @ 10:10am 
I am sorry to hear that about quit on steam you doing great mods . I will send you money when I can . PS! dubbel sunshine to you BUDDY .
i will be looking forward to it.
DJ Red Rad  [author] Feb 11 @ 5:47am 
Thank you. Chapter 2 will be much more dynamic, I made this years ago.
Shrapnel Feb 10 @ 6:31pm 
holy crap looks ambitious!
Lonely ODST Feb 9 @ 7:57pm 
in the fifthpicture is that a separate armor mod...or does that come with this mod
holy moly adding it and gunna have more fun in skyrim now i love to have more armor weapons and fights to keep the action coming to test myself in my reflexes another awsome mod Red keep it up
smushing pampkins Feb 8 @ 6:45am 
Looks pretty cool. Hopefully I'll see this on the Nexus sometime :)
Dragon Killer Feb 7 @ 4:50pm 
Разврат молодёжи.
Looks amazing installed it instantly