Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

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PBS Gameserver Custom Maps
These are the maps in rotation on the PBS Gameteam's Rising Storm 2: Vietnam's server.

I'll try to keep this updated as best I can.


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Border Watch Supremacy
Created by oakts
US and VC forces battle for supremacy near the Laotian border...
Border Watch Territories
Created by oakts
AUS and VC forces battle over territories near the Laotian border...
Cambodian Incursion
Created by Para94
This map is losely based on the famous Battlefield: Vietnam map Cambodian Incursion/Ho-Chi-Minh-Trail. It is more my interpretation how the map could look like nowadays

You can except a dense jungle Map, a nice Temple and Shrine. Some of the other object...
Cousteau Plantation
Created by nymets1104
A map inspired by the John Wayne film, 'The Green Berets'.

Current map name is VNTE-CousteauPlantationB3

Changelog for Jan 5, 2018:
Reduced Map Time to 20 minutes
Reduced Final Cap time slightly
Added cover to final Cap
Added several shallow area...
Firebase Georgina
Created by Zachery Moe
Firebase Georgina

May 5th, 1970.

The Vietnamese dry season is coming to an end, and the monsoon winds of the rainy season carry cool, wet air from the sea to the highlands. On a small hilltop in Gia Lai province, an American platoon sets ...
Jungle Swamp Territories
Created by Amakuni
this is the territories version of the skirmish map jungle swamp,
the map now is bigger with new areas added beyond the river, with 6 capture points, with the vietnamese playing the defense.

Direct link (updated 1.12.2017): https://drive.google.com/fil...
King Of The Hill - Valkyrie
Created by Waitumus
The first new game mode to hit Rising Storm 2, fight to capture randomly spawning objectives and run down the enemys points. But be careful, if a team holds an objective and the game moves to another objective, that team will still get points. Make sure yo...
Created by Waitumus
The first new game mode to hit Rising Storm 2, fight to capture randomly spawning objectives and run down the enemys points. But be careful, if a team holds an objective and the game moves to another objective, that team will still get points. Make sure yo...
Operation Valkyrie
Created by Waitumus
"Today's the day gentlemen. We have received word that a high ranking NVA officer is at a camp just off the shore. You are to drop in on the shore and clear out any defences. We should catch them off guard, as it looks like they are still building their de...
Created by Angola
The Battle of Fire Support Base Ripcord was a 23-day battle between elements of the U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division and two reinforced divisions of the North Vietnamese Army from July 1, 1970 until July 23, 1970. It was the last major confrontation betwe...
Created by Juu
One of Operation Lam Son 719 missions were to drop AVRN and few US troops to three landing zones. This mission required many casualties. One landing zone was called LZ Lolo. This maps follows that landing. Here is link for details about that mission http:/...
Created by Juu
Resort location captured by VC. US Marines have to make attack by the sea and liberate the small city.

- First objetive(beach) must be captured using choppers. Objective set to 15 seconds. When captured, 2 spawns opens to the beach. Leave feedback so I ...
Created by Waitumus
I am pleased to release the new overhauled Operation Irving in territories mode!

Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated, to help the map both you and I want :)

To openthe map in console 'Open vnte-operationirving_B1'

Direct download l...
Created by Waitumus
The Yanks have got themselves in a sticky situation, they were supposed to be delivering supplies to a nearby outpost but they were ambushed when they had to take an alternate route through the swamp. Two of our bombers were taken down escorting them to pu...
Created by IceFuse

This battle is fictional.
VNTE-HoaLu is a Territories map that is out of the normal boundaries of the real war meant to be implemented for Multiplayer Campaign (if Tripwire chooses to involve North Vietnam). It's a work in progre...
Created by PsychoPigeon
Operation Sledgehammer is a single objective 64-player Supremacy map that sets both sides attacking a bombed-out remote jungle base where MACV-SOG have been monitoring activity along the Ho Chi Minh trail. The goal is to create fun, 20 minute rounds, where...
VNTE-Don-Singh (Donner)
Created by Sgt.Nightfire
Donner is a classic map from Day Of Defeat, i recreated it for Red Orchestra 2 and here it is for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!
A few changes have been made versus the previous version, a sewer has been added below the main street and a few more buildings are ...
Created by BOH-rekrut

February 1968 Marines are on the way to recapture Hue. Most of the bridges in Hue were destroyed. except one the An Cuu Bridge over the Phu Cam canal. A Company of the 5. marines are ambushed on the An Cuu Bridge. The NLF could stop this first...
Created by Aapinen
item description...
Created by Ze_Best_Player
This is TanLoi... Welcome to the city of money. From our famous Venus Bar to the high end TanLoi Super-Mart. There is plenty of money to be spent. Explore our surrounding jungles and fine fields. Take sight of the beauty that is TanLoi from the surrounding...
American Rung Sac
Created by [TW]bad@chaos
In this unofficial, modified version of Rung Sac, US Army has replaced the Aussies. Fight across swamps and ruined fortification as Americans.

Download Depot for Server Managers:
Created by Waitumus
Temp file to see if this stops bugsplats...
VNTE Perimeter
Created by Hapless
This is a raid: VC forces have 20 minutes to break in to a US Army ammunition depot, destroy a stockpile of artillery ammunition and then escape.

Was originally based on the Battle of Tan Son Nhut Airbase, Saigon during the Tet Offensive.

Direct Down...
Aussie Cu Chi
Created by [TW]bad@chaos
In this unofficial, modified version of Cu Chi the US Army have been replaced with ANZAC. Fight across rice paddies and sap tree plantations as the Australians. Make use of their unique weapons and Commander abilities. Ask your Server Provider if Aussie Cu...
Created by Juu
Territories version of new updated Lolo. US as defenders. Many changes to the map has been made.

- Territories version of Lolo. Follows real story where US troops crashed on LZ Lolo and needed to retreat to homebase.
- US as defenders.
- 7 objectives...
Created by Yakov
Squad-like Advance and Secure game mode for the Long Tan map. Test version with custom scripts....
Aussie Firebase
Created by [PBS] Topcat
It is the skirmish and territories Firebase map with Australian army....
Aussie AnLaoValley
Created by [PBS] Topcat
An Lao Valley territories with Australian army and bushranger...
Aussie Hill937
Created by [PBS] Topcat
Hill937 territories with Australian army and bushranger....
Aussie Song Be
Created by [TW]bad@chaos
In this Unofficial, modified version of Song Be the US forces have been replaced with the Australian Army! Not only have the infantry roles changed, but the helicopters and Commander abillities have been updated to match. Ask your Server Provider if Aussie...
Gameplay Overhaul Mutator
Created by Joe
A spiritual successor to the ill-fated Immersion Overhaul Mutator of RO2, the Gameplay Overhaul Mutator changes up the core gameplay of RS2 as well as adds new content via weapons, factions, and customization!

One of the major ...
The Map is a fictional AirAssault operation with the La Drang valley in mind.

So bring your yellow askot´s!

map name: 'VNTE-AirAssault1'


The US team spawns at there airbase and need to get droped from the Hueys
be carefull choo...
Created by SU-37 YELLOW
ANZAC forces are retaking a small town from the PAVN

Special thanks to Nymets1104, Tyler E, Uncle Fester, Ice Fuze, Blood Malice and Bloodbath, Powerbits Servers, Tripwire Interactive, and evryone else who helped me with this, you guys rock!

Dropbox ...