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Northern Encounters v2.7b
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Feb 23, 2013 @ 4:15pm
Sep 17, 2013 @ 1:53pm
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Northern Encounters v2.7b

- requires official DLC Dawnguard

== What is Northern Encounters ?

Independed mod. Adds 118 new encounters (places, people etc) to the vanilla Skyrim, mostly to the northern areas of Tamriel, to the Sea of Ghosts*

* Sea of Ghosts is the name for the waters to the north and northeast of Tamriel

This mod adds to the Skyrim (amongst many other things):

- 300 NPCs
- more than 100 houses, ships/shipwrecks, castles, caves, ruins
- lots of unique items
- new tough enemies

All together there's 118 encounters, and many of them are linked to each other so that they can be thought as quests. Because they aren't actual quests, there's no quest markers or compass saying where to go next. This is part of the difficulty, how to find them all.

There is a book in a cavern which reveals most of the encounters. Wouldn't recommend reading it in the beginning tho. Book can be useful if you can't find a certain place, or want to know have you found all of the encounters in this mod.

Where's this cavern ? You can see the ruins which lead to this cavern from the Tower stone, a standing stone in the north. But as said, this cavern and the book in it shouldn't be the first place you visit.

There's a second book also which can be found from Dwarven fort, located somewhere SE from Winterhold, NW from Windhelm.

== Why this mod ?

In vanilla game most northern areas of Tamriel were really empty. Not much reason to go there. Now there's life and places to discover. Planned this mod so that it doesn't shift balance in the vanilla game. No superweapons, endless riches, megaspells etc.

== Where/how to find all the encounters ?

There's often some kind of clue. Some places that are harder to find live in rumors - Nightgate Inn is a place full of rumors, so head there. There's also a quest waiting (in memory of internet phenomena Eduard Khil a.k.a. mister Trololo).

Some tips:
- Head west from Northwatch Keep until you find a house. There's a diary under the bed, although diary reveals only a small portion of the encounters.
- Find a settlement called Highborg. Find out what happened to that settlement.
- Some encounters are located on the edge of the world, if you know what I mean...
- See if keeper of Nightgate Inn has some information to sell.

== Known bugs

None in this mod, but Skyrim updates seem to corrupt often saved games and scripts in mods. I mean in all mods, not just in this one. Seems to be that every update Bethesda makes to Skyrim brokes something.

Most common bug (by Bethesda) is broken dialogs in mods. When you try to talk to NPC and he/she doesn't respond, just stares at you then you probably run into the bug. SAVE/LOAD solves this...

If mod(s)/game seem to be corrupted/not working, try this:
Press ESC and select SAVE. After you have saved the game, select LOAD and choose the save you just made. This seems to correct problems. I assume this procedure makes the game check which mods are present and write save game accordingly. When saved game is loaded values & parametres from the present mods are bought back to active (like dialogs).

Removing a mod (any mod, not just this one) doesn't actually remove all modified values mod made to the vanilla game (because they are in saved games). Hopefully Bethesda fixes that bug someday. I guess only workaround is SAVE/LOAD for now.

== No Steam ?

You can download this mod also from: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/34492/
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i73Fi  [author] Jun 19 @ 6:17am 
Lord Edward Dunmay, music playing on background is something I composed approx 15 years ago with Impulse Tracker (DOS-program). Didn't even name the song, it still goes with "under work" name that's cryptic letters and numbers :)
Lord Edward Dunmay Jun 14 @ 2:40pm 
What is the name of the music that's playing in the videos?
degt1970 Mar 28 @ 12:15am 
не знаю как сам мод но ролик заинтриговал
i73Fi  [author] Jan 6 @ 10:42pm 
To be honest, there's 2 out of 118 encounters that aren't lore friendly :)

When this mod was under work, trololo was quite popular phenomena. And when the singer died, I decided to leave trololo to this mod as respect for his work. Another encounter that may ruin (or not) feeling of lore friendliness is encounter made out of movie Downfall. There's lots of parodies about that movie in internet, and I just couldn't resist making something out of it myself.

Then again, there are encounters that strickly follow the lore and expand it. Lots of new NPCs and places are tied to the lore etc. So I could say this mod is lore oriented, regardless of those two previously mentioned encounters ;)
TheFlyingDixieCups Jan 6 @ 6:37am 
Was going to download, but the comments below me changed my mind. Thanks anyway.
i73Fi  [author] Jan 6 @ 4:33am 
I understand, this mod isn't completely lore friendly because some encounters are based on pop culture; movies, music or - as trolo - internet phenomenas. Some encounters are more of amuzing than serious :)
J.P. Morgan Jan 4 @ 5:33pm 
Sorry, I had to delete this mod because the whole trololo thing killed it for me. Other than that it wasn't bad.
i73Fi  [author] Sep 28, 2013 @ 3:14pm 
Version 2.7b done and first add-on downloadable http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=178601722

Second add-on also under work. Preview www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dtQ5Sk1Qpg
i73Fi  [author] Jul 25, 2013 @ 8:01am 
SkeletonHarvester, I guess Tes5Edit said something about deleted navmeshes that couldn't be fixed or something like that ? Well, those are not a problem. I believe they are from procedure copy cell inc. navmeshes, delete copied navmeshes, edit cell and make new navmeshes = copied but deleted are counted by Tes5Edit.

After installing this mod, did you do SAVE - LOAD (not quick save - quick load) ? If you didn't then try it. Also, if you remove this mod make SAVE - LOAD.
SkeletonHarvester Jul 24, 2013 @ 2:33pm 
After installing this all my games got corrupted somehow. According to TES5EDIT there's a boatload of errors that couldn't be resolved. I'm quite sure this is mostly due to mod conflicts on my side though according to BOSS there shouldn't be any.

Darn shame, it looks so interesting.